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How to get to telogrus rift

Travel to Telogrus Rift and complete the scenario.

How To Get To Telogrus Rift

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Explore Wikis Community Central. Telogrus Fathom's Edge. Drathir's notes say that an ancient world existed within a rift in the very fabric of reality of which Telogrus Rift is that world's fragments. History Talk 0.

Telogrus rift

The land itself is largely soaked in void energies that can often be seen emanating from the surface of the planet. World of Warcraft.

The first Azerothian to discover the existence of Telogrus Rift was the high elf necromancer Dar'Khan Drathir through his studies of the void, believing the rift held an ancient object of unspeakable might. Classic Vanilla The Frozen Throne Reforged. Anduin Wrynn. Telogrus Rift.

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There, ed by the legendary Alleria Windrunner and her allythe elves began trying to open an unspeakably ancient and mysterious cube they discovered in the area. Telogrus Riftor simply Telogrus[2] is the fragmented remains of a destroyed, Void -infested worldhaving recently become the base of operations for the Void elf race. Led by Alleria Windrunner, a group of the mortals managed to defeat Durzaan and his forces, including the void monstrosity Nhr'gheshand free Umbric and the other elves.

Umbric and his followers, having been banished from Quel'Thalas for their experiments with the void, built upon the work done by Dar'Khan Drathir and succeeded in reaching Telogrus Rift, entering the world in search of the powerful item that eluded Drathir in the hope of using it to finally harness the powers of the void. Razak's Roughriders S. Blackmaw tribe Blackwood tribe Grimtotem tribe.

Telogrus rift

In the aftermath of these events, the new void elves decided to make Telogrus Rift their new base of operations, as they pledged their loyalty to the Alliance. Worlds category. Fort Victory Shatterstone Harbor. Teetering on the brink of the Void [1].


It was not until the end of the Argus Campaign that a group of blood elf exiles from Silvermoon City led by Magister Umbric once again investigated the possibility of reaching Telogrus. It was here that the original void elves underwent their transformation from sin'dorei to ren'dorei, and it is here that they would eventually pledge their loyalty to Alleria Windrunner and the Alliance.

An Umbral Ranger overlooking part of the rift. Many void elves, as well as individuals from Azeroth[6] conduct research and studies in Telogrus Rift, with a focus on better understanding and harnessing the powers of the void.

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The landscape is rocky, and is almost devoid of life apart from the void elves themselves, though a breed of warp stalker known as the voidstalker does appear to inhabit the area; the void elves have since succeeded in taming these animals, turning them into pets. Register Don't have an ? Worlds of the Warcraft universe. Gryphon Hippogryph Horse.

Universal Conquest Wiki. Common Alliance organizations Alliance technology Alliance territories. Flight Master s Mass-transit Portal s. Magister Umbric Alleria Windrunner. Inn Mailbox.

Scenario: telogrus rift

Telogrus was destroyed long ago by a being full of hatred, slaying great Void creatures in the process. Wowpedia Explore. Void elf Void ethereal Blood elf High elf Voidwalker. Doing so, however, opened the way for Nether-Prince Durzaanwho overwhelmed those gathered and began a ritual to transform many of them into servants of the void.

Alleria also remained on Telogrus to continue to instruct her new kin in utilizing and controlling their new powers. Void elvesAlliance. Void Initiates receiving instruction. This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials.

ThalassianCommon. Main All s.

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Though Durzaan's ritual was not completed, the process had permanently changed Umbric's blood elves, turning them into the some of the first void elves. It should not be taken as representing official lore. View source.

Based on what is known of its history, as well as references made relating to its past, [3] particularly Locus-Walker describing the world as 'broken by rage', Telogrus is highly likely to have been the Void -corrupted world destroyed by Sargeras to prevent the Old Gods present from completing the transformation of the world-soul into a dark titan.

Cities and towns. Currently, the Telogrus Rift consists of six major islands suspended in space, with numerous other fragments floating in the immediate area.