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How to tie up breast

Super sensitive, not to mention fun to play with, breasts can greatly enhance any sexual encounter. Most people are familiar with traditional modes of breast play but not everyone has an understanding of how to tie tits to mutual pleasure.

How To Tie Up Breast

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Perhaps you have heard about bondage. Maybe you would have seen the movie 50 shades of grey and wished that your boyfriend or partner made some of those interesting moves with you. Yes, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with few things in life. This is one of the most popular forms of bondage in BDSM.

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This is also important when you release the breast bondage. Then, fold it to the other side, pull it up under the bottom band but leave it over the top band. Fold the rope in half and pass it over the top of the breasts so that your hand and the bight rest at the spine. As you gain more experience, you might use thinner or thicker rope for the different properties or appearance, but start here. This also helps you get used to your rope. For some people, this pain can be a treat. Tuck the ends of the rope underneath the loop you just created and pull up.

For this breast bondage, your partner should hold her hands at the back of her head so her arms are lifted and elbows bent. When it comes to harnesses, you want a piece between 20 and 30 feet long. Repeat for the second breast with a new piece of rope.


Create an overhand knot by pulling the ends around the base of the ropes that go over the shoulder and pulling it back through the loop you just made. Breast circling is a type of breast bondage where you bind each breast. Even basic breast bondage highlights the breasts by surrounding them with rope lifting them up and separating them.

This is about five arm lengths; however, you may want to opt for extra rope if your arms are short or if your partner is thicker. Unfortunately, plus-sized women and those with an ample bosom might not find a pre-made chest harness that works for breast bondage. Place the bight at her spine above her breasts.

Extending rope

Bring the ends back around to the bight and pull them through the loop before you reverse tension once more. Close search. Pull the ropes toward the middle and through the loop with the ends pulled toward you. Pass the rope over the other shoulder to the back. Some even connect to a chain with a clitoral clamp attachment.


You buy them in pairs, and some have a connecting chain that you can tug on or add weight to for more stimulation. Many kinksters recommend having two long pieces of rope for use in harnesses in your kit, which can also include four pieces of 6-foot 2 arm lengths rope and four pieces of 9-foot rope 3 arm lengths.

This is preferable for suspension. Otherwise, your rope will fall in a loose tangle. Breast bondage leaves boobs open to stimulation, including but not limited to nipple sucking, massaging and pinching.

This is a simple chest harness tutorial provided by Twisted Monk, a site where you can also buy rope, accessories, and kits. Your local sex shop or BDSM club might offer classes on bondage and ropework, including breast bondage. More extreme types can cause the breasts to become swollen and darker, which some people like. Breasts should never lose feeling or be blue. Before you start using the rope on a body, make sure you are able to quickly cut it with the shears. Essentially, a nipple clamp pinches your nipple. The finished appearance does not separate the breasts like the other tutorials here.

Tug the rope and pull it up.

Make another pass over the top of the breasts, returning to the bight in the back. There are a few types to choose from, including clothespin, tweezer, clover and magnetic clamps. It can be quite intimate for someone to tie you into a harness.

Pull both pieces of ropes over one shoulder and move to the front and run the ends of the rope underneath the top layer of rope. Almost all harnesses involve folding the rope in half to create a bight. Being tied into a rope harness can be invigorating and arousing. Accessible breasts can be flogged or slapped, too! But when do you need to use it? Keep it over the top and bottom bands, but tuck it around the bottom band and pull the ends back up. Once you get your rope, it might be a little stiff or even crinkly. More intense breast bondage should be worn for a shorter period than less intense bondage.

Thread the ends under the band above the breasts and pull the rope up. It looks good, which is why so much bondage photography features this type of bondage.

This makes for extreme breast bondage! Breast bondage is a fairly common element in BDSM.

But you can also add pair nipple clamps with other breast bondage, which typically leaves the nipples accessible. Rope bondage inspired by eastern countries such as Japan is often known as shibari and sometimes Kinbaku [ 1 ]but western-inspired bondage also exists. Consumer breast bondage harnesses and bras are available. Binding too tightly or for too long can lead to nerve damage [ 2 ].

You can also create a Figure 8 style wrapping around both breasts or tie the ends behind her back to separate the breasts. Some people also find it relaxing as someone creates a piece of rope artwork around their body. Some do have rings to which you can attach other bondage straps, however.

Wrapping the rope around each breast is easier if you grasp and pull the breast. Pull the ends out through the side, then fold them back over the strap. Wrap the ends of the rope under the vertical strap you just made. Pull the rope in the opposite direction creating a loop around the bight and make a loop around her body beneath her breasts.

If this happens and you cannot quickly undo the breast bondage, cut it off. Secure loops will cause the breast to bulge outward, and the breast will immediately begin to darken. Layers of rope sit flat on top of each other or next to one another. Rope harnesses can be intricate and beautiful. However, you might How to tie up breast realize that nipple clamps can be painful when you take them off because of the blood rushing back into your nipples.

Pull the rope over the opposite shoulder toward the front. Nipple clamps can range from pleasantly snug to quite uncomfortable so that they may be used as torture devices in some scenes.

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to rope. Pull the rope down and run it beneath the band beneath her breast. For many people, breast bondage is a low-risk way to add a little kink into their lives. It could be a show or power on the part of the dominant person or a way to inflict torture and punishment.

Grab one breast and wrap rope or string around the breast for two loops. This can make it uncomfortable for the person who is tied up. These devices are often made from leather, PVC, or faux-leather; although, you can find them made with other materials too. Learn more. Fold the rope in half to create a bight. In fact, chest harnesses have become available as fashion pieces, which can be worn alone or beneath other clothing. Run the rope through the middle by pushing it up under the band you just made and pulling it through and in the opposite direction of the loop.

Wrap the rope around the center strap once or twice and reverse tension to pull the ends over the other shoulder. The ends could hit you or your partner, potentially causing injury. These harnesses often connect to collars. Binders lack straps and fit more like a tube top around the chest and breasts one type of binder simply consists of metal bars that you can attach tighter or looser along the top and the bottom of the breasts. Obviously during times of emergency such as a heart attack, stroke or even a fire alarm.

Finally, having a pair of scissors or shears on hand in case of emergency is a necessity.

These are just basic harnesses, but breast bondage can be complex. However, you should become comfortable with breast bondage and ropework before you even consider that! Another con to these pieces is that quality might be low, and they lack the versatility of a piece of rope that can become a different style of breast bondage every time you use it. You might like sensual domination, instead For the person who is into breast bondage, the feeling can be anything from pleasant to painful depending on your preferences.

You can cut someone out with shears quite easily. Pull the ends through the loop and reverse tension, pulling the ends in the opposite direction and down to create a loop beneath the breasts.

What are some of the reasons for doing breast bondage?

After you remove rope, there may be marks, but there should be no bruising. Some rope sellers even offer kits with shears.

Two popular material options are cotton and nylon, the latter of which you can buy dyed or color yourself if you want a certain aesthetic with your breast bondage. Run the two pieces of rope through the bight, tightening the loop if you need to. Start by having your partner bend over slightly with her hands behind her back. Pull the rope beneath the first strap and the top band. For the person who is into breast bondage, the feeling can be anything from pleasant to painful depending on your preferences. Run the rest of the rope around her body over her breasts, bringing it back to the bight at her spine.

If you have excess rope, you can let it hang, add decorative knots or reinforce your rope harness.