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Hunter little red riding hood costume

Once upon a time, there was a story about a girl in a red cape. Little Red Riding Hood has endured throughout the centuries, and her encounter with the big, bad Wolf of the nearby forest continues to be told to subsequent generations. Despite the various interpretations, one characteristic remains relatively intact with each version: the importance of clothing.

Hunter Little Red Riding Hood Costume

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Bringing a fairy tale to life is easy if you have the right costumes! Fairytale birthday parties and school literacy events are great reasons to break out the red dress and cape, once again.

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The only problem was that I had to cap a few more werewolves off before the end of the night. Notify me about new comments to this costume.

Little red riding hood

It was camo, so I spray painted it black. A word from Jamie, the 'Red Riding Hood Wolf Hunter' costume creator: A werewolf ate my Grams and my anger turned this sweet little basket-toting girl into a hardened wolf hunter. Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf.

I cut up a red sock into strips and stitched them to the red fabric to make it look like stringy guts hanging from the neck. Votes: 6.

It was off a tad, but nobody noticed but me. The wolf head is a mask from the costume shop. I just tried to make sure the fur was about the same color as the wolf head. Privacy Policy. I just used modeling compound and make up to create claw marks across my chest and fake blood spatters on my face and arms. This homemade costume for women entered our Halloween Costume Contest.

Womens little red riding hood wolf hunter costume ~ medium

No comments yet Be the first who commented this costume! It's just a regular Red Riding Hood costume.

Red Riding Hood Wolf Hunter. The costume was a hit at the party I went to.

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I also used a piece of vertebrae that I had from a "bag of bones" to make it look like the wolf's neck bone. The shotgun is my weapon of choice and the wolf head is my trophy. I killed the wolf and turned his pelt into leg warmers and a shoulder wrap to keep me warm while I hunt for other werewolves.

This photo was taken for my dress rehearsal, but on Halloween night, I included some wounds from my battle with the wolf. I got the dress and cape from a costume shop.

All in a day's work for a wolf hunter though. A werewolf ate my Grams and my anger turned this sweet little basket-toting girl into a hardened wolf hunter.

Little red riding hood costumes

I found the fur leggings and shoulder wrap on eBay. I dyed the white parts of the costume with black dye, but they turned out grey, which was still fine for the dark look I wanted. Rating: 4.

I got the shotgun from the costume shop. I stuffed it with old dish towels, put black fabric inside the eye holes, and hand-stitched red fabric to the neck opening to cover the stuffing.

Red Riding Hood and The Wolf.