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I dream of jeannie fan fiction

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I Dream Of Jeannie Fan Fiction

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Classic sitcom I Dream of Jeannie remains one of the most iconic television series to ever be broadcast, thanks in no small part to its convivial and arresting star Jeannie, played by Barbara Eden. She portrayed a lovable and coquettish genie who was released from her lamp by an unsuspecting astronaut, Major Nelson. He became her master and as such became involved in a variety of magical adventures. Genies or djinns have been used in numerous television series and films as tricksters, heroes, and villains. They possess a wide range of supernatural powers that both help and harm those who release them from the preternatural objects cursed to hold their forms. Jeannie had a heart of gold, but often used her powers to play practical jokes on her master.

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Gee, just think of it, me working side by side with the likes of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but why do they need us?

Darrin walks into the same kitchen followed by a black cat, stands next to stove. If that doesn't prove how much I want us to have some time alone, I don't what will.

Jeannie's bottle sits in kitchen on table, stove and sink in background. And at the same time we manage to get across the message that it's every patriotic citizen's duty to support NASA's efforts. We'll be our own best advertisement. Samantha and Darrin do not notice as pan on stove bubbles over with smoke and fills scene.

Just make us lots of money, Darrin. He'll be profiled every step of the way, from kissing the wife good-bye in the morning to a blast-off right from the launch pad. Cork on table next to bottle. He's one of the top brass at NASA. Who am I to argue? And hurry up, this news is big! Will do, chief. Larry, I don't know how to thank you. Every night I turn on the news and see a story about their progress. That certainly would put a new spin on it, wouldn't it? I'll see you later. General Peterson.

Cat jumps onto table. Pan on stove. Really big! My campaign!?

Close up on bottle. Who could do a better job than the current advertising man of the year? And what an endorsement for the agency! The High Llama. Cork flies into place. Darrin, my boy, have I got news for you!

Larry says hi, Sam, and that he wouldn't dream of interrupting our evening with business. She kisses Darrin, notices bottle on floor. Cat changes into Samantha. Tell Samantha I say hi, you lucky son of a gun. I love you, too. You'll see each other in a whole new light.

I dream of jeannie

What can I say? That got my attention. Well, honey, if she's our only runner-up I'll even settle for your mother. Larry, this is great. Because, my boy, they want something a bit more sophisticated than the TV news and papers have the time or space to provide-an in-depth look at one of NASA's top astronauts, going through his paces in training for a manned space flight.

Neil and his crew are too busy to devote time to our campaign.

But I will be home on time, so you go right ahead and contact Aunt Clara about babysitting. Darrin, as a capitalist I'm world champ. Jeannie comes out of bottle in puff of pink smoke. Go on, Larry. They turn into smoke, go into bottle. She kisses him, blinks. This old gray fox knows how to take a cue. Does that name ring any bells? Oh, no, Darrin. A day in the life of a true American hero.

Madison Avenue has spoken.

You mean you're giving me the ? And the print news is getting just as much access from the government. Two pairs of frantic eyes blink inside. I don't understand, Larry. I know! You and Sam going out on the town tonight? So clear your schedule for the week and head to NASA to get your campaign started.

Guess who I was just on the phone with?

As it jumps into Darrin's arms it knocks bottle to floor. And hands down the most prestigious we've ever handled. With Louise it would have to be a solar eclipse.

We'll also be rolling in more dough than we ever have before. Oh, okay then, darling, coincidence it is. He wants us to spearhead a Zen Yogi advertising campaign. NASA has selected another man who's just as popular and visible, but not involved with Apollo You'll be working with a Major Anthony Nelson.

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Larry, let me shake the hand of the man who asks not what he can do for his country, but what his country can do for his wallet. It's just that we haven't spent much time together lately.

You and Louise should try it sometime. We have reservations at the same restaurant where we had our first date. I'm guessing it's not Shelby and Associates.

So guess what agency they hired to do that little task for them? Of course. Has anyone ever told you your timing is eerily impeccable? Larry raises an eyebrow in disbelief. I figured we could have a romantic evening alone.

It seems they're too involved with getting to the moon to spread the word as effectively as they'd like. She twitches her nose, bottle floats back onto table. No, Samantha, I promised you I'd be home in time to take you to Sorrento's for dinner and I meant it, even if Larry barges in with some earth-shattering news. Major Nelson walks in, Jeannie dances over to him.