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I impregnated my sister stories

Last year I did something I never thought I'd ever do -take advantage of my younger sister, Amy. My name is Danny. I had just turned 25 when this all started.

I Impregnated My Sister Stories

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Little do I know, my brother has planned a big surprise for us. Every so often, he gently but firmly tweaks one of my very erect, pink nipples, making me arch against him. All that toying with my body is distracting me from the action on the screen. It feels super amazing, just like it always does!

Age: 31
Caters to: Male
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got misty gray-blue eyes
My gender: Woman
Favourite drink: I like liqueur
Hobbies: Drawing

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She came to give juice to that guy and exactly bent in front of rakesh, facing her butts towards him. Rakesh entered his sis room without knowing that she is only in her bra and petticoat. Grooms were started coming to their house to see kavya for marriage. Kavya noticed that her brother looking at her boobs. Guys family came and waiting for his sis to come out from the room. After some days they got a call from grooms family that they all liked kavya and can proceed with marriage. Rakesh: fine sister. That night her brother was imagining fully about his sister only.

Kavya started crying again. Kavya had other plan for rakesh which could disappoint him.

Kavya: next week mom and dad going for a marriage programme to dheli. Nothing dirty between them. She was wearing only petticoat and bra, as blouse had some issue with the buttons. When do you want it to be happened. Rakesh started seeing his sis more than the groom who came to see her. That guy was sitting just opposite to where rakesh was standing. Rakesh was thinking looking at her beauty in her saree from back, her butts, her exposed waist and her boobs from side view.

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Her brother took her out in his bike and had nice snacks, all the way he was nervous and avoiding to bring that topic itself. So he started asking the reason and she was not telling anything. Kavya was very happy but she wanted keep that in limit and told her plan that she just wanted him to insert his cock and inject his sperm and get her impregnated. She had a fantasy about her sex life that she wanted her hubby to treat her roughly and give a wild fucking session.

At any cost he wanted to fuck his hot sister. Kavya had nice structure, very hot and she resembles kajal agarwal, she just finished her eng and her parents searching groom for her marriage.

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After few seconds she tried to cover her boobs with the blouse in her hand and asked why did he come. Now he stopped thinking about right or wrong. But he was in a doubt that will she allow him to enjoy her or she just want him to inject his sperm into her pussy and get her pregnant! In the report she got to know that the issue is with her hubby, she told her mother in-law but scolded her back saying that she is telling lies, later she accepted by seeing the report.

He was just imagining and fucking his sister in his fantasy world and never thought of fucking her really. She started thinking how she could take help from her brother in this case. But anyways he definitely has to insert his dick into her pussy to get her impregnate. But he was very gentle and fast. I am ready to get you pregnant.

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She then explained her real problem that she has to save her in-laws prestige by getting pregnant from an impotent hubby. She kissed on his cheek and said thanks for his understanding. Rakesh started thinking about his sister whole night, is that right or wrong. She said ok and asked him to send mom.

Rakesh recalled her tight buttocks with only petticoat, he started imagining her only in petticoat on that spot. She was supposed to leave to her hubby house that evening. And thinking about fucking her in all the angles how he fucked her in his dream.

Kavya: I know. He suddenly got his tent. She was coming to her parents house frequently,whenever she come everyone was treating her nicely, rakesh was very happy to see her sister and her assets more frequently even after marriage.

After sometimes she came with red saree with red matching blouse. One day she was getting ready with her favourite saree to see a groom and mom was preparing snacks in the kitchen, kavya called her mom for help and opened the door expecting her mom and got busy in her dressing.

Her marvelous boobs was visible from the side view and butts were well shaped and looking tight with only petticoat.

She tried to control and continued. Rakesh was little disappointed but still he was happy that he is helping to save his sister and not enjoy her body. Everything went as expected,her marriage got over and she was into her first night. Then suddenly he imagined her hot skinny body, her boobs and her tight butts.

Rakesh become silent by listening to her problem. She also told that reason behind it is known only to her, mil and now to her brother. He wanted to hold her waist from back and pull her on his dick and fuck her there itself.

My elder sister impregnated by me

When she comes home he used to take her out and has lot of conversation just like before. After all she loves him and he too loves her a lot. He ran to her and hugged her. She also felt hot at her thighs for showing her assets to her brother. And requested her daughter in-law to not to reveal this to anyone as her family and her son social prestige will be spoiled. Kavya: with low voice.

Please bear with my english and the screen play of the story.

While coming back she asked him to stop the bike on the flyover after getting down she asked him, what did you decide. Or can he fuck me himself and get me pregnant!! Thinking that he fucking his sister in his dream in all her holes imagining her stunning beauty and tight ass cheeks. He was imagining being in place of her newly married hubby. Kavya noticed the same. The guy siddarth was well settled and she was very excited about her marriage and post marriage life.

But rakesh started looking at her assets and imagining fucking her in all his dream positions. He masturbated thrice imagining as if himself fucking his sister in that first night room. If he was his hubby he would have fucked her nicely and got her pregnant for two three times already. When rakesh was imagining hugging her sister with only bra and petticoat,she stopped her cry and hugged him tight.

Impregnating my unsuspecting sister

Next day everything was normal, mom called for breakfast, both brother and sister was talking normally. You only tell me is there any other option that I could get pregnant? She was looking damn hot with her exposed navel and her milk bags. Is there any other alternative options and all. That night he masturbated twice thinking about the plan. Kavya was crying and rakesh came to her and hugged, her boobs touched his chest, suddenly those boobs with only bra images hits his mind.

She was busy fixing blouse issue turning her back towards door. There was a family with 4 members, father avinash 45mother rashmi 40daughter kavya 23 and son 20 rakesh. His one hand fallen on her exposed back and one on her exposed waist.

I am fine with it. This is my first real story. Kavya: she released herself from his arms and said. She felt something between her thighs by just thinking about that plan.

You have something with you by which you can help me. Two years passed, no of pregnancy everyone started talking about kavya that she is incapable of getting pregnant and suggesting both of them to get tested.

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After groom family left she was removing her dress and thinking what has happened with brother. Rakesh was very friendly with his elder sister, she was sharing most the things with her bro like about proposals she got and about affairs of her friends. Looking into his eyes said. She will be leaving to her hubby house next day he should tell his decision before she leaves. She got it done along with her hubby. Rakesh was very handsome guy, many times she had told him that if she get a son he should be like you only.