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I love my wifes boobs

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I Love My Wifes Boobs

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Fucking my wifes bestfriend 68 sec. My wifes sex prelude in public 5 min.

How old am I: I'm 21 years old
Nationality: Colombian
Sexual orientation: I love shy guy
Gender: Fem
Hair color: Fair
What is my favourite drink: I like tequila
Music: Pop
I like: Shopping

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Thanks for sharing your and mine wonderment. The intoxication reaches levels that would make it unsafe for me to drive.

My wife's breasts and me

Nice job. Yes, I get intoxicated by her boobs! I also liked what you said about just watching our wives. She quickly lowers her tits to put my cock in-between — for a titty fuck. Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be intoxicated always in her love. I love the smell of her skin. She gives her boobs to me because she is one with me.

There is so much to do at this amusement park — I can hardly choose between such fun rides! I am a husband who is a fulfillment of this!! Her nipples send me into delirium.

We know and trust each other. I am not looking for any 12 step program to be changed from this. The oneness and vulnerability that we are engulfed in at this moment is more than just sex. I alternate between palming both of them and taking her nipples in my mouth at light speed going from one to the other and back again!

It brings me pleasure to pleasure her. WIthin 10 minute of moving from one to another, gently sucking and nibbling, we were both so calm and relaxed we were able to fall asleep. Well written and funny. God is amazing! We were naked and just lying down trying to figure out how to get to sleep. They are part of the fuse that makes me intoxicated with her love.

He made her two glorious globes to have this profound effect on me. My cock gets hard just thinking about them. She loves me to grab her butt cheeks while I do this — and trace her crack with my finger. We are sorry that this post was not one of your favorites! After 28 years of marriage, they are not sagging yet. By now, she is masturbating against my belly button area. I rest my face there — content to be touching both.

Then, I tease her asshole — and I hear her moan. Intoxicated, Lovinghusband. Erotic with just a touch of humor. This can go on for 20 minutes! If the air is a little too cold — I will get a little nipple show. We are in a love fest where we both win in giving love. I am grateful to God for keeping me content in her love. Very original. She kisses the tip of my cock after a few thrusts. I wet my finger from her wet pussy and stick it in her ass. Then you gotta see em again, and again, and again, over and over and over and over and over and over and … … …. Yet, He has made the marriage bed such a wonderful playground.

I love my wife's nipples

In stores and around town I look at them in total wonderment. I am not looking for another woman. I asked her to lay on me but move up my body so I could lick and suck her yummy little, fun, playtoys. I texted her later to tell her how much I enjoyed them.

I love the pleasure she derives from this.

I love my wife's big tits

BOOBS are awesome. This enables her to feel some friction on her clit. Vote count:. God made them to bring intoxication to husbands. The side view stirs me greatly. How much blood must be pumping in our bodies to make our sex organs so pulsating? We go crazy! And you even referenced my … well, your amusement park. We are so intoxicated with love and eroticism that we are confused about when we are giving or receiving. I think they are perfect. When I sit in our living room and view her reading in her chair — I have the perfect angle to see them hanging so attractively. Click on a heart to thank the author of this story!

Just kiddin. It brings her pleasure to pleasure me. What a fun story, I loved it.

I love the space between her tits, too. Be the first to rate this post. She dresses with class and modesty — yet, this does not mean that she hides her form. So, I am a witness to the wonder of boobs. I loved the humor in it. I love to lick all over them. All the while, boob play is continuing. It is now time to flick her nipples with my tongue.

You gotta see the other one as well. She brings her boobs back up to my mouth — and I give her extra hard sucks.

Last night I was feeling pretty crappy after Heather and I made love. I lust at them during the day — and yearn for the moment when they will be freed to slap my face in the night. Great post. View. They are perky. I actually feel sorry for the rest of you husbands that you have to settle for the boobs on your on wives. You can pick two! You sure know how to put a story together.

Again, I am amazed at how God wired me. I love to stare at them during the day. When I release a nipple, the hardness of it turns me on even more. Great story! No votes so far!

We are givers and recipients. Her boobs prominently display the perfect form that God blessed her with. Her boobs are not big nor small. When I lie on my back with my bride on top — we prop the pillows just right so we can enter into a long boob-fest. Which of these assets do you admire the most on your wife? I can feel her pussy getting drenched. We have time to fuck later — this is boob time!