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I sucked my cousins dick

My Girlfriend's cousin Sucked my dick while she was out Andy Savage 10 min. My cousin sucks my cock in exchange for doing her homework 13 min. Sneaking with my cousin while our family is in the other room.

I Sucked My Cousins Dick

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Introduction: I had just turned fifteen.

Years: 32
Ethnic: I'm german
Sex: Lady
I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen latin

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Most Comments. I've posted two stories on here now as By Anonymous 5. Another fake cousin in the barn story.

Not with a guy but a 10 year old I would love to suck, feel his soft, warm, wet, young mouth milking my cum out from mine, enjoy the pleasure of how tight his pussy would be and how good it would feel to fuck him then feel his hard cock in my ass. Stay logged in. Delete this post? When I raised back up he asked me to do it again so I did and put it in my mouth and ended up going to my knees and sucking him for quite awhile.

We sucked each other off all the time for over a year then one day he actually stuck his dick in my tight young asshole and came in me.


Wish I could post a pic of the feet Growing up one of my closest friends Someone left a note on my car window a I recently found a purse like thing in We were staying in a fairly large hotel I cheat on my husband every week. After that first time I asked him to do it to me all the time and he was always ready to do it and for many years even after we got out of High School he continued to fuck my ass and cum inside of me. I am a woman, 27 years old and live in My husband loves to tie me up to the I came to confess that my son and i So this happened a few weeks ago.

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I sucked my cousin’s dick!

Report this comment. Can you guys come up with something new perhaps? Screen Name shown to the public. He kept moving his hips and moaning then put both hands on my head and shot his tiny load in my mouth.


You will enjoy it, if in the right atmosphere and slowly. It was the very next day up in the barn loft after we spent most of the night before playing with each other.

My cousin and I first tried sucking each other when we were 10 years old. Yes No. Screen Name or. That afternoon he asked me to suck him again so we ran out to the barn and locked the door to the feed room and I sucked his dick on my knees again. Password Forgot?

We were just going to stroke each other some more up in the hay loft and we both had our jeans down facing each other stroking one another when I leaned down enough to lick the head of his dick a few times. Most Popular. Cancel Post.

If you do not receive your shortly, please check your spam folder. Want to read posts and comments uncensored? We got naked real late that night in my bedroom and quietly stroked each other and played with each others nuts for hours.

All Posts. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. Now we get together about twice a month if not more so he can fuck my ass and get off inside of me like he did when we were young.

Sucking my cousin’s cock

How would you make NaughtyPosts better? We were both very curious and even took turns laying on top of each other rubbing our dicks together and humped on each others ass quite a bit. When I finished he wanted to suck my dick and he did.

optional - for password recovery. It felt great and I shot my tiny load in his mouth and it really felt good. Is this post inapropriate?

It is fantastic. Random Post. Sort Newest.

I was very anxious so we headed back up in to the woods and found a very private spot to undress and he fucked me good and hard on my hands and knees on the ground.