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Jane and sif fanfiction

Lady Sif is a beautiful warrior-goddess of the Vanir. Heimdallher brother, was the sentinel of Asgard's Rainbow Bridgewhich connected Asgard and Midgardthe mortal realm.

Jane And Sif Fanfiction

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I do not own this video. Jane-as-Thor really lets Jane shine, and gives her a much stronger character than she has in the past. When Thor launched as a feature in Journey Into Mystery, one of the recurring subplots was that Don Blake Thor's secret identity had a nurse named Jane Foster who was in love with Blake, but also felt that Blake was a wimp.

Please don't get married. So she also fell in love with Thor, who was so much more manly than Blake.

Thor, you and Jane, are going to have to break her! In they married everyone was there to witness the advent of the Thunder God getting married to a Mortal. Looking down, Thor took in Janes side profile.

I really don't know though. Odin entered the conversation. He started mocking Thor and even threatened to kill Jane Foster, which inspired Thor into a fit of aggression, throwing Mjolnir at Loki and pinning him beneath it.

However, on the night of their official engagement, Prince Thor says something to upset his fiance and causes the young man to leave the party, and to subsequently go missing. Becoming Thor. A Blackfrost fanfiction. Thor and Loki Married I'm looking for fics where Loki is Thor's husband wife spouse, whether it follows canon and the Avengers didn't know or an AU where Loki isn't the bad guy.

Thor and Jane meet again and Thor explains to Jane why he didn't return sooner. Jane snatched her hand away when he tried to tenderly lace his fingers with hers. When given Sif's sword Jane and Sif switched places and Jane was trapped in another dimension.

Please enable Cookies and reload the. Though it isn't until Thor shows up and Loki is forced to keep Thor there as well, that Loki becomes fully aware of his growing affection for the scientist. From what we can gather from various interviews and reports from pre-production, behind-the-scenes drama is solely to blame.

This isn't much of an action book but more romance because it outlines the relationships, weddings and children in the future. Thor-Elizabeth Bennet. No spoilers. He loved to set her off. His gaze dropped to his lap, and for the first time, Thor could see how old his oldest friend looked.

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Hits: 1 And when life throws the intrepid duo a cancer diagnosis for Jane, will it be too much? The boys never shared a bed because Odin and Frigga wanted to make sure nothing inappropriate could happen while they were still young. The fourth installment of the Marvel Studios' Thor movie series. She quickly got bored, though, and grew frustrated that Thor had only affections for Jane Foster. So when she and Thor decided to get married, they chose to hold it in Puente Antiguo and they just wouldn't have anyone but Darcy and Erik Selvig in attendance.

I … Thor returns from Asgard to see how crazy Jane's life has become. I look forward to hearing from you. Following this tragedy, her father, a plumber, worked two jobs in order for her to go through medical school, exhausting himself. Jane Foster had always wanted a quiet wedding, especially after the debacle that was the Potts-Stark wedding which had left Central Park in shambles.

The character was introduced as a love interest of the superhero Thor Odinson until becoming a superhero in her own right. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. The universe. I'm looking for a specific fic where Thor accidentally kills Loki when they are much younger during a sparring match, and he is reincarnated… Kindred spirits. Cloudflare Ray ID: b2d9dfa but when loki starts seeing someone his age, thor gets possessive and wants to stake his claim. The follow up for the series 'The new'.

The two have remained tight, but life has thrown them many obstacles. Thor and Jane renewed their relationship. And at the time I am writing this, its been a year since I completed this.

The first Thor film showcased that love at first sight. Thor, and myself, are not great skalds Scandinavian poets. Sif does love Thor, but their attempts at relationship are always frustrated by the interruptions of another woman, be it Jane or Amora.

Sif (earth)

The Enchantress' parentage is unknown, though it is known she was born in Asgard and has a sister by the name of Lorelei. Jane glared hostile at her brother-in-law, she knew he was referring to New York. The neighboring kingdoms Asgard and Jotunheim have settled after centuries of fighting for peace with a marriage alliance between the two princes, Thor and Loki.

Thor: The Dark World isn't anyone's favorite Marvel movie, but its decidedly 'meh' reception wasn't the driving force behind Portman's Jane Foster being sidelined and eventually, all but written out within the MCU. No copyright infringement intended.

Unknown to both, Sif's spirit was trapped in the runestaff dimension and Jane could call on Sif's experience and skills to fight. First one to kiss him, first one to bed him, and his first love, because Loki had always been caged in his palace in the name of protection. Since her introduction she has often tried to use her magic to seduce Thor and eliminate her competition for Thor's affections. I've read about both Sif and Jane.

The first time the character of Jane Foster ever appeared it was in a comic book called Journey into Mystery Have you ever wondered if Thor and Jane Foster had gotten married and had a kid? He set it down on the floor. Thor and Loki, two of the most popular and most well-known Norse gods in the entire mythology, have been among the many popular deities that have graced the s of Marvel comics for decades.

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Jane Foster is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Well in this book you find out the life of a girl named Aqua who grows up in S. A rumble of thunder announced Thor's arrival at the Avengers Headquarters. But as Jane has married a diplomat, you don't really have a choice. FanFiction unleash You may need to download version 2. She is sometimes referred to by the nickname "Weezie". Thor wouldn't be able to get away from the box fast enough, and Darcy's path would be clear. Things played out much differently in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

Thor: Love And Thunder will see Portman's character, astrophysicist Jane Foster, take up the mantle of Thor after transforming into a female version of the Norse god. The Avengers are put on a mission to capture her and to try and bring her back. But Asgard being a World of Badass and Asgardians being a Proud Warrior RaceOdin felt he had to give her a test—he locked her into a dark room with some form of gigantic monster. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. During a battle against Nick Fury, Thor lost the ability to wield his hammer Mjolnir.

This isn't much of an action book but more romance because it outlines the relationships, weddings and children in … In the Hulk vs Thor movie Sif is married to Thor,in the comics Sif is going from one love to another and its confusing while Jane is thrown out of Asgard. Your Guide to Fiction Books and Series.

Among the newcomers and new mediums being … It is the twenty-ninth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the sixth film of Phase Four. After discovering that Loki is alive, and of the crimes he has committed while pretending to be Odin, Thor returns to Asgard with Jane Foster. She later accepted Thor's invitation to represent Midgard Earth in the Congress of Worlds on Asgard while she underwent therapy, but refused magical treatments.

In the comics, written by Jason Aaron, after Thor is deemed unworthy of wielding Mjolnir, Jane Foster picks up the hammer during a battle on Earth with the … I'll be honest, I'm somewhere between not caring and thinking this is just stupid and forced and done Jane and sif fanfiction the sake of controversy.

Sif (character)

I swear I'm not doing this on purpose. This is a side story of the series, so will stay at the bottom of the story list. Your IP: Synopsis: With Odin having refused to let Thor confide in and marry the mortal Jane Foster, the thunder god asks him to instead transform Jane into an immortal so that they can marry. Jane stands in Odin's presence, not entirely sure how she has reached this point.