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Jolar cinema stories

Originally operated downtown and known as Jolar Cinemathe small building near 63rd and University features an adult boutique in the front and a back room lined with video "peep show" booths and private dancer rooms. From the early '80s until a few years ago, a small stage at the back of the building featured live dancers who could only be seen by dropping money into peep show machines that would open a small viewing window for a moment. Tiny booths lining that stage, and later lining the outer walls, featured the same dancers doing private one-on-one shows, separated from customers by a glass partition.

Jolar Cinema Stories

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There are now two small theaters or "viewing rooms" which play non-stop straight. Pay your entrance fee, go down the hall past the conversation booths, turn right at first hall, then left. Entrance is marked. Buzzer on the door. There are eight or ten chairs in each room and most of the action is in the back of the rooms.

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It got weirder after Lee Bickel took a vacation from which he never returned.

Behind the stage were four private-talk-show booths, where customers could solicit one-on-one performances from the ladies. The threat of jail loomed constantly, and vice cops were always visiting, in particular Officer Goldy, badge One funny week, the City changed the rules for peep-show establishments, as defined in section Suddenly, to keep our permits active, we had to screen at least 51 percent non-X-rated material in our film booths.

Summer Jolar relocates to a former furniture store in the College Area on University Avenue, next to an Amvets secondhand shop. Bouncer skills came in handy, particularly when drunk guys tried climbing over the booth walls to get at the ladies.

He complained about City and zoning harassment, and he proudly defied ordinances he claimed were effected solely with him in mind. Around the same time, another new ordinance required adult shops to take the doors off the booths, even those with live girls.

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It was a constant wrestling match, and vice was getting more aggressive in their patrols. The back of the club had an enclosed stage with narrow booth doors arranged in a semicircle around access windows. I know he threatened a lawsuit and received a sizable settlement. Live strippers performed in booths in the back.

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Bickel told me he was fired. Sturman then sues J. Edgar Hoover -- both cases are later dropped. Besides, I quickly grew uncomfortable being in close quarters with Vasic and Sturman.

I was supposed to keep it a secret that someone outside San Diego owned Jolar; the owner on the business was a woman named Jackie Hagerman, and a company-owned home in La Costa was listed as her primary address, though she spent no more than a few weeks a year living there.

Federal authorities later accuse real owner Harry Mohney of using trusts and corporations to conceal his business interests and to avoid taxes.

Sometimes, they even arrested clerks or patrons, usually Jolar cinema stories lewd conduct, drug possession, or intoxication, or whatever else they could come up with to keep us in court and, I suspect, to scare away customers. Customers entered a booth, dropped tokens or quarters into a slot, and a little hydraulic door rose to reveal one or more "totally nude" dancers on a stage.

Vasic eventually runs nearly a dozen F Street bookstores, including shops in El Cajon opened inMiramar, Chula Vista, Escondido, North Park, and Leucadia, with all but the latter including peep-show booths. It was an odd job. I rebuilt the dancers' stage, installing flashing built-in lights on the floor and ceiling.

Instead, the following Monday morning, all the peep-show store managers in San Diego were running around to camera and hobby shops buying out the all-age-appropriate 8 mm and 16 mm film footage. On one of my worst days, a half dozen FBI guys showed up in my office. Deloach, badgeticketed second-shift clerk John for not having a Misc.

Sturman was easily the most mysterious and deferred-to figure at the merchant co-op meetings I attended most held in closed, windowless bars, after-hours, in places as remote as Ramona.

I refused to provide, he left without further incident. By law, the girls were restricted in what they could do during private-booth shows, and vice officers, posing as customers, would arrest the girls if they caught them crossing the line, doing shows with two girls or with foreign objects against company rules, and a firing offense if caught, but big tip generators nonetheless.

He once arrived with an expensive-looking briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. Goldy once cited a married couple for sharing a booth, even though they were only watching a movie, not screwing.

Me pimping it up. I was instructed to fire anyone caught taking a cash tip in her hand. I stopped going to A. The latter knew they were doomed; it was only a matter of when. I wondered if someone had been following me up to La Costa, perhaps on occasions when I was asked to prepare company houses for company guests.

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This lasted almost a month, and strangely, some of the non-X-rated movies earned as many quarters as the porn loops black-and-white boxing films were inexplicably, disturbingly popular. The duties on my solo p.

The following year, Mohney launches a distribution hub that specializes in importing European porn films, and he hires over people, becoming a major local employer. Me with Patti Petite at Jolar's first porn star ing, Honey, and 2 shots of Tory, including one in my office - note Buddy Holly Story poster, which has hung in every office I've ever had. By that afternoon, the sounds of Donald Duck, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and King Kong clips boomed from within peep-show booths along with the usual moans and groans of porno loops!

If it was all for show, it was a damned good one. The company told me he quit. Manager Lee Bickel hired me as a clerk. Evidence surfaces that he may have skimmed over a million dollars a year from some operations. I used to drive new girls there and sit outside the police trailer where courses were held. I had to acknowledge that I had one weird gig. At more than one of these odd functions, I found myself mentally Jolar cinema stories the Godfather theme, though I saw no outward evidence that such paranoia was justified.

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Nude dancers had to be d, which required attending a downtown class that Goldy taught. The company had a stake in porn videos produced by Caballero Video, and Mohney was sole owner of Caribbean Films whose corporate address was an L.

It was stunning to see how much money was pouring into the company. My old Chevy Monza parked under the new Jolar I'd just installed and me in my Jolar office, muttonchops and all Another project was replacing the creaky old film projectors with video decks and oversized TV screens. Los Angeles police estimate Sturman owns of the adult peep-show booths in the city.

English, Robert Butler, Paul Shuster, and Paul Bekkerson of Russian immigrants and a onetime distributor of candy, tobacco, and comic books, is indicted on federal obscenity charges. They open another porn drive-in in Durand, a small town near Flint. I got an instant sense of the power he seemed to hold over everyone. Women kept their cash tips, while Jolar kept the money from the machines operating the stage and private-booth shutters.

I recall one meeting at which vice cops sat down with local strip-club operators, though Sturman was a no-show, as were the other bigwigs. Dancer and customer communicated via boxy old phone receivers, though few dancers did much talking. I found this out from two guys who visited my Jolar office. Girls scared Officer Goldy styled himself as our nemesis; often, to my mind -- and perhaps his as well -- playing Holmes to my defacto Moriarty.

This was surely enacted thinking it would shut down the Jolar cinema stories.

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My old work files show ten official visits from police between August 10 and October 16,including:. He also wrote a littering ticket to a guy who dropped a tissue on the floor. Encompassing everything from production to retail sales and novelty production as Doc Johnsonhis empire financially controls around businesses in 19 states, 1 Canadian province, and 6 foreign countries.

I remained friends with him until he passed away a couple of years later from AIDS-related illnesses. Merchandising on display. Hand-delivering my unimpressive took me to a round, one-story building at University Avenue, where a out front informed that Jolar Cinema was a bookstore of the adult variety.

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ByMohney has bought out Bloss and bought up over businesses in 10 states and 20 cities, including San Diego. Ancient porn star Helga booked porn stars for ings at Jolar - Candy in front of private show booth, Toni in dressing room, Honey in show booth, and Tara as seen from inside the dressing room, sitting on steps going into her show booth.

This was an amusing cross-conversation. I sat there with my mouth shut a company edict I followed religiously while they tore my office apart and took away files, bankbooks, and records, even my school notebook from a night class I was taking in graphic arts. In the late '70s, a costume-clad F Street penguin mascot shows up at events to pass out flyers and peep-show-booth tokens; efforts are undertaken by some to ban the F Street penguin from public events.

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Vasic preached cinematic peep-show booths as the golden calf of his growing empire. Vasic put out a less peculiar -- and decidedly less La Cosa Nostra -- vibe than Sturman, but his clipped Yugoslav accent caused him to sound mildly sinister on occasion, depending on what he was saying.

Everybody pretended not to notice; as always, they seemed intimidated, if not outright scared of the guy. One reason Jolar paid me so well was that I was legally responsible for anything that happened. Harry Mohney.

Firing the reprobates cut the staff in half; the remaining dozen women saw their daily tips increase. To me, they were just two guys trying to talk me into ing the 20 or so others who belonged to A. I attended a handful of meetings. The charges against me were later dropped, but the FBI visited me a few other times. You can believe I ran a tight ship. Camacho, IDticketed [clerk] John for having doors on booths. Vasic borrows money from his parents to open his first porn shop downtown on F Street, across from the Cabaret Theater aka the Lyceum and Off Broadwaypatterned after a porn shop called Curious Yellow that had operated next to the Pussycat for years.

This staved off citations and possible closure for another few weeks while we wrangled new deals Jolar cinema stories the City. Dancer Shasae in front of Jolar, and 3 shots of Thumper I went on a firing spree, weeding out dancers who were full-blown drug addicts or evincing other unreliable behavior including two I caught prostituting in booths.