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Juicy secrets chapters

These s may be the index for a selection of a of our stories that are favorite at Lesbian Lolita. We also provide another web for extremely hot tales initially posted at Other web web Sites.

Juicy Secrets Chapters

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New stories, chapters, and non-fiction entries over the few weeks:. All you fans of lesbian lovers who have little girls in their beds, get over to the World of Letoria bottom right of the Home here and start reading about Karen and Laci. This author does sex scenes like you have never read before.

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The grownups discuss their new relationship as lesbian lovers with the girls. The girls all start school, where Emma and Madison, the two youngest, make a new friend who is intrigued to learn about the games they play with Gramma Mabel. Chapter 6 Repressed Charlotte wrestles with her attraction to the Carmodys.

Chapter 6 During a fun-filled day at the public swimming pool, Lisa and her little sister Bo grow closer than ever. The others follow, and Cassidy deploys a mental technique to help Kim, then Rachel with their inhibitions. Cassidy pleasures Kim in the kitchen, then lets her know that her niece Emily watched their lesbian foursome from the night before.

Jessie makes her play for freedom, guns are drawn, and our story races to its thrilling conclusion. Very interesting indeed! Chapter 8 Charlotte and Megan indulge their shared desires. Kim and Rachel are now quite interested in exploring lesbian sex with their new friends, and Deena and Cassidy are all too eager to oblige. Chapter 7 Andromeda makes a disturbing discovery, then hastens to the Ruggles mansion to share her news with The Kid, who is in a nasty fix of her own, looking down the barrel of a gun.

Juicy secrets (confessions of a teen nanny series #3)

Chapter 6 The Kid he into town to visit Lady Jane, but makes a grim discovery instead. Chapter 6 Little Katie spies on her cousin Emily while she masturbates.

Chapter 9 The two moms and their daughters have Deena and Cassidy come by for their sleepover. In the midst of their chat, they get carried away… and this time, unbeknownst to them both, their little girls are watching from upstairs. Chapter 8 The day before the girls start school in their new hometown, we see the family settling into their day-to-day routine. Chapter 2 The fun continues between Katy and Sammie, but to say it heats up would be misleading.

Chapter 1 On the way back home to her lover Ann, The Tequila Kid encounters a runaway coach filled with terrified passengers, a dying driver on top. Clearly, a discussion with Karen is needed. A police officer named Deena responds to the emergency call and gives Katie a ride to the hospital. Chapter 2 Her position as au pair now secure, Misty seduces both mother and daughter — deploying very different techniques with each.

Chapter 8 Back home from their day at the park, Bo and Lisa explore their newfound love for one another.

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Chapter 1 Six-year-old Katie gets a scare when her mother Kim falls and injures her head. Chapter 4 The two murdered coach drivers, Bob and Roy, are buried. Chapter 8 Katy and her mom have more fun that gets even more intense, and then they begin planning a surprise for someone!! Will she prevail in the face of evil? Chapter 9 Three 7th graders and a 5th grader, along with two grownups, have fun playing kinky lesbian sex games. Chapter 5 The erotic deliciousness of breastfeeding, woman to woman. This gives Kim and Chelsea a very interesting idea…. Chapter 9 The visit by Aunt Billie ends up becoming very interesting for Katy.

Chapter 4 Misty uses every resource at her disposal to persuade Ursula to let her stay.

Chapter 1 Kim is a closeted fifth-grade teacher with a hopeless attraction to one of her students, an eleven-year-old named Chelsea. Chapter 5 Having used her special talents to assist Kim and Rachel with their repressed feelings, Cassidy explains the nature of her powers. Chapter 13 Katy and her teenage babysitter, Pam, have even more fun!

Chapter 6 The morning after homeless child Madison becomes part of the family, she discovers a different kind of relationship with seven-year-old Emma. They arrive and get their holiday off to a lovely start. Chapter 5 Still struggling with newly-discovered desires for her sister, Lisa indulges in a lengthy bout of masturbation.

Chapter 3 Accepting the fact that she is probably gay, Lisa finds herself feeling desire for her year-old sister Bo. Chapter 4 For the first time in years, Lisa takes a bath with Bo, which sends her surprising lust for her little sister soaring. Chapter 6 Leslie, Juli, Amy, and Anita enjoy more nipple-sucking fun.

While soaking, games of seduction commence, and Kim flees to her bedroom. Telegrams fly back and forth, inquiries are made, and The Kid puts the case together. After that, Deena and Cassidy share some very heated quality time together.

Chapter 4 Confusion about free spirit Megan comes to a head. Chapter 1 The pleasures of casual, intimate nudity between a woman named Leslie and her young niece and nephew. Chapter 4 Once the little girls have turned in for the night, sisters Kim and Rachel invite their new friends, lesbian couple Deena and Cassidy, to relax in the hot tub.

But even if she succeeds, what will remain of her relationship with Ashley? Chapter 10 Late at night in bed, the youngest girl, year-old Kim-Ly, learns more about the exciting things girls and women can do together. Or is there?

Juicy strategies forbidden tales of lesbian adore

Nevertheless, she and Linda become friends. Chapter 6 Katy and Mary get little Lucy involved, only to find out she had some fun herself the night before! Chapter 7 After overhearing a conversation, Katy decides to try to seduce her mom. Rachel is experiencing new and unfamiliar kinds of sexual desire, and gets herself off in the shower to some very kinky fantasies.

Chapter 11 Katy and Mary express their desire to get together again, and Katy gets a surprise when her mom picks her up to go to the dentist. Chapter 3 Deena gets an invitation to spend an afternoon with Kim, Rachel, and their daughters.

Chapter 12 The slumber party comes — over and over again — to a very satisfying conclusion. Mabel explores different kinds of lovemaking with her new granddaughters. Chapter 12 The sexy weekend at the cabin comes to a close, but not before a spectacular juicy finish. Chapter 1 Exploring herself as a sexual being for the first time, year-old Lisa masturbates to a porno clip.

Juicy secrets forbidden tales of lesbian enjoy

Chapter 5 Megan and Charlotte explore their excitement together. Chapter 10 The slumber party continues. Chapter 5 The sleepover le to a lot of fun for Katy and her friend Mary. Chapter 1 Desperate to find somewhere she can afford to Juicy secrets chapters in London, a young lesbian accepts a live-in job looking after a preteen girl — and her life soon gets complicated in a big way. They stop for the night at a motel, where Jill and Linda share a bed. Later, she spends some quality time with Gracie, then drops by the wake for the dead men at the saloon, taking Ann home after her lover has a few too many.

It appears that our plucky Texas Ranger has a brand new mystery on her hands… Chapter 2 Starting her investigation of the stagecoach holdup, The Tequila Kid helps Sheriff Masters question the witnesses, spends some quality time with the little servant girl Gracie, then res the sheriff in the local saloon just in time for another major development in the case before she calls it a night. Chapter 10 Lots of warm, enjoyable family fun for Katy with her mother and her Aunt Billie.

Along the way, they acquire a new family member.

Chapter 2 Leslie teaches her niece Juli, 12, and her nephew Justin, 11, all about their bodies and about masturbation. Chapter 2 Lisa is startled to discover that she is attracted to girls — then adds a daring new twist to her masturbation sessions. Chapter 3 Katy witnesses something sexy, and this causes some changes in her life.

Chapter 1 Charlotte must keep her new feelings a secret. Chapter 10 In two bedrooms, lovers while the evening away sharing affection and pleasure, then awaken the next morning to a brand new day — and a happy ending. Chapter 1 Katy, a young girl, tells about her sexual adventures, especially her first time with someone else, her cousin Samantha, whom everyone calls Sammie. Chapter 11 The slumber party gets wilder still. This le to a crisis at home, which causes Jill to make a life-changing decision.

Big changes! Everyone strips naked, Rachel brings out her bag of newly-purchased sex toys, and the girls learn a few new things. Chapter 2 Jill finds herself falling in love with ten-year-old Linda, and acts on it. Chapter 7 Megan draws Charlotte into her own hidden life.