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Kate gosselin thong

It was to be the greatest display of wanton sexuality and utter perversion in the history of mass media, and thanks to the hour news cycle and Hollywood's cult of celebrity, it was streamed live over the internet and into every household in America, even across the world! People would remember it for years afterwards, keeping it alive through blogs and word of mouth.

Kate Gosselin Thong

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With her oversize glasses, turtleneck and feathered shag, 8th-grader Katie Kreider was ready to study!

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I loved it - thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent recap of the Dutch Horrorland, I mean Wonderland episode I, too, thought the same thing as Kate and kids were on the Turtle Whirl, and Kate is yelling for Jon to help them He's supposed to jump out of his seat and rescue Kate and the kids?? Thanks so much for the recaps, I actually decide whether or not to watch the episodes based on how horrendous they sound in recaps I haven't seen this one and I think that I'll be massively avoiding the rerun.

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So Kate comes up with an equally profitable alternative. Does anyone else ever notice that they never show any crowd reactions to Kate? If Mady didnt want to go to the lil kid park they should have sent her to Aunt Jodi or something for crying out loud. Cara pitches fits and Kate finds one thousand reasons for her fit. She really doesn't act like she paid much attention in nursing school I agree that Miss Mady does not get enough good press.

Kate wants her to wear what I assume must be Kate gosselin thong sandals, but Cara wants to wear thong flip flops After a lot of stupid fighting, with Jon and Kate even going off camera to fight some more I noticed something about the shoes that wasn't mentioned in this hilarious recap.

So Kate, in her own words, is putting "poison" on her 3-year-old's hands. I haven't laughed that much in such a long time. Granted, it isn't good to be licking that stuff but that's a little extreme, especially to such a young child like that.

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Unfortunately, Lacy and Matt Butler were unaware of the dangers of these alcohol-based hand sanitizers prior to a teacher using a small amount of on the hands of their 4-year-old daughter, Holly. Kids get drunk on hand sanitizer!

I have dibs that she'll be the one to write the tell-all book in twenty years. That is poison and you will die,' when Leah or Alexis was licking the hand sanitizer on her hand btw, did anyone else get a bad taste in their mouth after watching that scene.

I love your view on Mady. The favoritism of Hannah and Cara is so obvious it's funny. But the reason Jon and Kate took the argument inside, away from the camerasis because this was a product placement issue.

Kids are strange strange creatures, lol. Mady was wearing her uncooperative persona that day So yes, Mady was over the top and out of line this time. And not on a three year old. Yes, Cara wants to wear thong flip flops and Kate wants her to wear white sandals like the rest of the girls.

According to the parents, Holly licked the hand sanitizer rather than rubbing it in. Even when she isnt thrilled, she would never throw a fit like that. The pica comment is comedy gold. There are some things I would like to mention about this post. Also, how cute that Jon went down the slide with the. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write it and for sticking up for Mady. More, please. This will be one of the few times I stick up for Kate, but I believe she was right in expecting Kate gosselin thong twins to participate in the activities even if the rides were mainly for younger.

I was appalled by her comment, 'Don't do that. I think the poison comment was a bit much and I wouldnt use hand sanitizer on a three year old because we all Kate gosselin thong little kids put everything in their mouth. Is this what Kate meant on the Embarrassing and Favorite episode when she said Jon doesn't 'protect' her??

I think it's perfectly appropriate to tell a three-year-old she's going to die. I too went to Dutch Wonderland every year until I was about 10 since my sister is younger. The twins aren't THAT old! Well, it would be funny if there weren't actual children involved.

Thank you so much for that very funny recap! I dunno', Kate. I don't think enough people stick up for that girl. Carry on. That was Alexis who "crashed" into the wall. Mady seems like a really smart, funny little girl Oh my goodness. Its not like she was saying she didnt want to go to church or school it was an amusement park. OK, I'm done sticking up for Kate. Kate needed to pull Jon aside to remind him that it doesn't matter what the kids want to wear, or if the shoes don't fit--cupcakegatewe must pay the bills and keep the sponsors happy!

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Good old fashioned soap and water. Good going Kate! Side note: you don't want to hear what hospitals tell staff about that stuff I agree, the stuff is nasty and should only be used as a last resort. He makes a point of zooming in on the logo, more than once if I remember correctly. Dew, these recaps are times more enjoyable than the actual episodes. Maybe it's because you listen to her much the way people listen to telemarketers - with little patience and no real interest. Perhaps instead of the constant hand sanitizer why doesnt that Em lady make them some matching ed biohazard suits?

While they were 3 at that point, it terms of development, they were probably still very much in the midst of their terrible twos since they are multiples. Anyhow, hilarious recap, thank you! I don't know if I would blame the crying and screaming all on them being "dragged" somewhere.

She threw her blanket over her head, turned around and Hit the wall. Otherwise, don't buy it because it won't work. When I checked the curriculum at Kate's nursing school prior to the changes they made a year or two ago, pediatric development wasn't on the list of classes. I think the trip was fair enough and I think they had a good time. Madeline is getting hosed. Which Kate does a lot. Its pure ethyl alcohol. Hell -OOO! I am not a Kate hater or lover, I do enjoy the show though. Nurse Kate? I dont know if Madys drama is because she wants more attention, but I wouldnt tolerate that.

Its being together as a family that is important to me and I would bring them whether or not they wanted to go. Now I'll have to backtrack and see the other reviews you've written. It was entirely her own fault. The camera does not show Collin's diaper or waste.

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Not necessariliy the safest thing for your. However if you injest something with this much alcohol in it, it's equivilent to something like three or four shots. Also the only nutrition class, was hospital related nutrition that I was guessing was more what was a liquid diet, semi-solid, reduced salt, etc. It was what you did, Kate gosselin thong if I didnt want to go and I bring along my ten year old when we do things geared more towards my younger children.

The high concentration, say the manufacturers, is needed to kill germs. I can totally sympathize with her, and she seems like a smart cookie when they actually capture her without mamabear over her shoulder. Your recap was hilarious! That might explain Kate's apparent lack of knowledge. They probably screamed and cried a lot no matter what they did and even if they had the worlds most patient parents. Hand sanitizer? I can only assume ESPRIT is the same brand that makes the white sandals everyone else is wearing because when Cara steps out to begin her victory march to the black bus the cameraman is suddenly very interested in her feet.

I'm glad someone posted that about the dangers of the hand sanitizer, I also tell my children that it is poison, not to put it in their mouth. She is one of eight, maybe it sucks, but its life and she needs to learn how to deal. Also, I think my instant reaction to a kid licking sanitizer would have been to grab or slap the hand away from the mouth. Maddy gets upset and Kate always says, "I don't know what she has to be unhappy about.