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Kicked in the groin stories

Add to list. I put my light blue crew socks on my feet and then took a relaxing breath as I sat on the edge of my bed. I was so excited to be invited to my first party.

Kicked In The Groin Stories

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Much like sleepless nights and being touched by what always seem to be the stickiest hands all the time why does it seem like kids always just finished a meal at Shoneys? This, of course, is not news: Everything about little kids, from their flailing limbs to their flung toys are pretty much crotch level. Combine that with developing motor functions and senses of humor and your nethers are in the hot zone.

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It could just be two people who want to get hit in the groin or to hit someone else in the groin.

7 men share exercising horror stories that'll make you so glad you don't have balls

But yeah, injuries happen. Now, I film without her for Kink.

I had severe swelling and bruising, worse than I ever had before. That said, getting punched in the balls is a very different, much sharper kind of pain. But I always kept it a secret.

When I did, though, it turned out ballbusting was a big turn-on for her, too. When did you first realize that ballbusting turned you on?

Have you ever reversed roles? I went to the ER and got things checked out. I also think it comes with more humiliation.

And I usually wait two to three days between shoots to give myself time to recover. For as long as I can remember.

Have you ever been injured? Most definitely. Everything ended up being fine, but it was a huge scare. Are your videos ever faked?

Or does that not interest you? What was her reaction?

Does a specific kind of punch or kick hurt more than another? More Stories from MEL. A couple of years later, we started doing it professionally. A lot of what you see in the videos is never going to be how a real ballbusting session would go.