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Kpop sex fanfic

Admin M and I both agreed that it deserved a place here on our blog. You had gone three long and stressful months without seeing Jimin and on top of that you had finals coming up in two weeks and two essays that you still had yet to finish. You knew he was a perfectionist so you had no doubt in your mind that he was probably working his ass off improving on his dancing and vocals.

Kpop Sex Fanfic

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Hello everyone! This is Kelsey, the sole owner of this. As you may have noticed, I decided to take a break from Tumblr for many reasons, some of which I would like to keep to myself. But after a lot of consideration, I feel like I am ready to embark upon the task of writing more content. That being said, I would like to point out that there are going to be some changes to the way I run my from here on out.

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It was following Monday after your last kiss and like you had guessed Jimin had behaved like nothing has happened between two of you. Your work was to sell tickets and do some office work and Jimin was an actor on upcoming musical.

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He had dark eyes framed by long lashes, straight nose which was lightly pointy on the tip and the most soft looking lips. You squeeze your red cup tighter in your hand waiting for rejection to come. Silver chain glistered in dim light on his ear. When he is leaving from the room he stops by the door.

His bedroom walls are painted baby blue and are full of movie posters. Jimin had round cheeks which were matched with define jawline, those features fitted him surprisingly well despite the unusual mix.

How could I blame you from something that I did? Jimin is sleeping only in his underwear and you are panicking again. Fluffy black pillows are laying carelessly on top of the couch and small living room table is pushed in front of the TV.

Walls of the room are covered with light yellow wallpaper and full of pictures of their friends and family. He is gentle kisser only brushing your lips softly. Jimin laughs and ruffles your hair. You are also only wearing your shirt and panties, your pants nowhere to be seen.

Surely he thinks it is stupid that you are still so inexperienced on your age.

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His body is pure tendon and muscle. Every time when he smiled his eyes turned into half moons. His jaw was sharp and his skin was glowing like sand on the beach on bright summer day. His eyes are mix of warmth and hunger. You are a mess and feel completely bubbly inside. Jungkook is taller than his roommate even though he is younger.

Jimin takes a sip from his drink and small droplets of beer is left on his lips. Surely this would ruin your relationship. Originally posted by lightheartedfun.

There is nothing else to left to do so you give up being happy at the same time. I would never take advantage of drunken girl. No sex involved. Did we sleep together? The message has insisted that it was urgent.

Luckily her friend Jimin along with his six other friends decide to show her what she has been missing. You blamed his last night actions on alcohol.

By your surprise the person who opens his door is Taehyung and not Jimin himself. Plus I always sleep naked, but because of you I at least left my underwear on.

You try to search your phone from bed, but instead of your phone your hand hits something else. You had received odd message from Jimin earlier and were heading towards his apartment. All this had lead to this moment where you and Jimin were lazily hanging on the porch leaning on the railing.

Opposite of his bed is flat screen TV and under it shelf full of movies and video games.

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He said it was urgent? A male is sleeping on your side snoring softly. Jimin surely seems comfortable even though he is almost bare. On the left wall is his working desk and on the right wall is located his wardrobe and full body length mirror. His body is glistering slightly from his sweat and his dark hair is pushed carelessly backwards. His bed is pushed under the window which open curtains explains the amount of light.

Jimin notices your slightly widened pupils and smirks. Even though he has just woken up he looks like he has just came from fashion magazine.

His tongue is so pink and wet that looking it makes something sift inside of you. Surely nothing would happen in the future, right? Everyone seems to be rather relaxed despite of so called urgent matter. Soon his hot lips finds yours. On the floor is huge fluffy black carpet. Jimin groans and finally opens his eyes. You cover your face embraced.

Even his side profile was perfect and you could feel your small crush creeping back. He had luscious lips paired with dark bright eyes.

Everything had went smoothly at first. Hid body muscles are bulking from right places and you have often wondered how them would feel under your touch. You had met him at your workplace at local theater where he had been working a while longer than you did.

In the living room Jimin is stationed in front of TV alongside wit his five other friends, who seems to be almost always around. Jimin was wearing loose gray satin button up shirt along with some pair of tight jeans.

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Mine is broken if you remember. When it had been your turn to pick truth or dare you had taken the truth. You could look him forever and you would never get bored. You were wearing plain white long sleeved shirt and pair of skinny jeans. You had almost arrived home from work when Jimin had messaged to ask to meet you.

And then, there was you. They all are focused on match of Overwatch which Jungkook seems desperately wanting to beat. I took of your pants because I thought you would feel uncomfortable sleeping on them. He has strong jawline, dark brown eyes and straight nose.

His free hand finds your hips and he squeezes them gently. Maybe the questioner had thought that they begun with easy question when they had asked how many relationships you had had.

Last night you got totally wasted and I was hardly able to get you at my place. Everyone in the circle were surprised when you had told the to be zero. He is only wearing a loose tank top paired with basketball shorts. You were sure that Jimin had only wanted to make you happy with his words.

He seems to just recently woken up. Brown leather couch is pushed in front of huge television and on to it right side is brown one person armchair.

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You hoped that everything was okay, at least Jimin had seemed fine at work when you had briefly met him. You had known Jimin for few months now and he had become one of your best friends. You were having time of your life bouncing along the beat and enjoying your drink until someone had suggested game of truth or dare. You had hardly seen the host of the night him being always surrounded by people or already heading from crowd of people to another. Even though he was short his body muscles would make anyone who was obsessed with body height look his shortness trough his fingers.

I mean handsome, not beautiful.