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Lost boys fan fiction

Written along side Melsanfo who writes Jo and her point of view, while Dwayne is written by me.

Lost Boys Fan Fiction

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I've been searching for this fanfic on and off for years now. I know that it was on Fanfiction. I'm also fairly certain it was a oneshot or at least, it was when I read it. The basic plot was that it took place immediately after the movie ends, and it turns out that Michael is still a vampire, because he killed Max.

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Dont like this type of smut dont read. Multiple POVs.

A girl that would prove that love is a real thing, in both friends and romance. Judging by flashes of the past that hit her out of nowhere, she knows them.

Also Dwayne finds out Anna is his mate. It's about a nineteen year old Wendy who's studying at Oxford University and who dreams of meeting with Peter again. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Could he save his sister? She doesn't know their secrets, or the fact she has a secret of her own to find out Would her existence possibly save the Lost Boys from their tragic fate? Will she be able to save herself and Laddie from the mess she got them into?

What would happen if he got what he wished for? How will she fair against the charm of the tall, dark and handsome Lost Boy Dwayne? Pottr reviews This story is based on the characters of the live-action film with Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood. Is it the blood you share in your veins or is it something more. She's just trying to survive between the ever growing disappearances and a guy, or should I say some guys just won't leave her alone. Lost Boys new queen by felicia reviews The end of the movie never happened. It was love at first sight.

Memories Are Trivial by Miss Syzygy reviews A girl wakes up with no memory and four strange faces surrounding her. Well, by kidnapping Michael and Sam. What will they do to Sam? Will Michael be strong enough to protect his brother? What would happen now?

Lost girl by A little runaway reviews Triska, Michael and Sam's sister, moved to Santa Carla with them and became a vampire. She has to make them pay. Mature content.

Family sticks together even if their vampires. What happens next? Sam Emerson moves back to Santa Carla for a new job with his daughter Reina but is keeping a huge secret about his childhood experience. Would she kill him? Sam and the Frog Brothers learn that there is more to family than the blood in your veins.

Discover a story that happens six years after Wendy leaves Neverland I do not own any rights to Peter Pan the book or any of the movies. Whilst exploring the Boardwalk, Reina bumps into four strange bikers and ends up falling for a certain blonde. Sort: Category. First night there, I was met with bright blue eyes, and a goofy smile. Disclaimer: I do not own the Lost Boy. Septemberthree months since the battle. Anna has a secret, what happens when Max and the boys find out what she is. Everyone is in a blissful heaven.

The lost boys and girl

Michael and Sierra are content in their relationship. Boardwalk Nightlife by Wonderland Doll reviews Months before Michael and Sam come to Santa Carla, the brothers meet a young girl that doesn't want anything to do with them but can she gaurd her heart as she learns the truth. A girl who saw life through different eyes. Revised up to Ch. Forbidden Love by gypsyxo reviews This story takes place a couple of years after the original Lost Boys e lost boys and max never died!

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Each of them have affected her, as she has affected them. I don't own anything. Finally, Sam come's out the closet. When he crashes onto Captain Hooks ship beaten, bloody and barely conscious Hook takes him. Why had she been stupid enough to drink concealed liquid? Vampire Family by FlowerChild23 reviews What does it mean to be part of a family?

Before and during the movie. Rating upped to M. My first Lost Boys story and is being revised currently. Mutil paring and slash. I'm bad at summaries but it's better than it sounds.

Or, will the plan go through and they win? On her first night there she saves Laddie and catches the atten of the Lost boys. Michael has accepted his vampire life. The Beginning of the End by ginny. A girl that changed everything.

Meeting berta pt 3

Sam is nearly eighteen, Max wants him turned. Why is Hook so nice? Story Story Writer Forum Community. A new girl running from a horrible childhood lands herself in Santa Carla. How they do that? Her parents just opened a music store on the boardwalk and she's met a handsome group of guys, two of which she can't help but smile every time she he to the boardwalk to hang out with. Who assaulted Peter? Michael gets jealous, then causes trouble, also he s with the Surf Nazi's.

She, unlike her brothers, is kind at heart, only wanting the best for everyone around her. Brothers by ForeverDream reviews David and his boys are back and they want revenge against Michael. What are the odds David would choose her for Laddie's first kill?

What will happen next?

Will the mental and physical scars go away? None of the lost boys died.

Or will they have to spend eternity with the vampires she hates with a passion? In Cold Blood by CastleRockGirl reviews Max's plan would disrupt everything, throw together two families and force them to get along. Lucy fell in love with Max and agreed to be turned. With new love and old posessiveness working as her roadblocks, she has to find out what happened and who did this to her. The story does get better and my writing too. What is Peter hiding?

Lucy had a daughter who is coming to live with the vampire family, How will Anna react to it.