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Magical diaper stories

I had been looking for a house to buy for nearly six weeks, when a femle realtor of mine told me about this victorian home in the older part of the town I was currently residing in. She explained that it was an old daycare and the owner of the daycare had come up missing. She gave me one of her cards and the address and said, "I'll meet you there at and we'll have dinner and I'll show you the house"!

Magical Diaper Stories

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They tried burning it, cutting it, shredding it, and more, but none of it worked, the diaper was unscathed, I can't say for sure what happened to them but one of them came came in looking distressed and gave it to me, and here it lies, forever imprisoned in this glass case. Once back inside his home, he sat the bag on top of the kitchen table, and suddenly saw himself pull the diaper open, but he knew that it was not to remove this cursed thing, he soon watched as handful after handful, the diaper made him stuff candy inside of the diaper, only to be absorbed inside causing the diaper to expand and grow swelling up around him.

This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. That's odd, I Magical diaper stories noticed this before" Joey commented to himself in a whisper. Reaching the end, Joey stood there dropping the newspaper to the ground as his jaw fell open as he stood there staring at just a normal brick wall of an old apartment building.

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The diaper ignored Magical diaper stories pleas and and continued to fill itself with more candy, with each handful, the diaper grew more in size, and quickly began to engulf his legs, soon his waist was swallowed on up till only his arms and head were left.

They couldn't get rid of it, so they tricked it into taking possession of this diaper, in an attempt to get rid of it. While the otter might of enjoyed being given a chance to trick or treat again, this time was different, as he was being controlled by the diaper for unknown reasons.

Joey was whistling to himself as he walked on home from the movie theater, down the sidewalk of a small city one fall evening, as the sun had begun to set illuminating the sky in a bright orange color. This was a great and adorable story!

With no other choice, he ran on back to the alley where the shop was to get Facilier to fix this. If you have enemies, you can set them straight and remind them of their place with these. Joey just stared at the wolf nervously unable stop himself at all as the wolf just blinked some seeing the otter standing there in just a diaper, though Magical diaper stories was if in just a blink of an eye, the wolf's face beamed in delight as the diaper glowed an evil greenish hue.

The sidewalk was unusually empty, but Joey didn't think anything of it, it was halloween night, and the other furs were more than likely home early to get ready for the night. There was the sound of thunder over head, as he could see flashes of lightning outside. Walking up Joey could see a glass case, inside though, was a single diaper, completely black in color save for green markings covering it, but what really grabbed the otters attention, was the front of the diaper.

I'd say this deserves a series. Looking around, he could see the shop was darkly lit, illuminated only by candles burning with the same green flame like the ones outside. On the front, the markings came together to form what he could only describe as an eerie looking jack-o-lantern like expression. After five minutes though, Joey had to stop as it felt like his pants were growing smaller and tighter, as he heard the fabric beginning to tear. It was in vain though, as the shirt shredded up and was pulled inside of the diaper along with the newspaper, with no logical reason, both were absorbed into the diaper just as his pants had been absorbed as well, causing the diaper to again grow in size and in power.

Joey looked at the diaper as it seemed to smirk at him as if to add insult to injury. The otter could only watch as he held the bag open as he crinkled out in only, the now oversized diaper, as he walked up the front door of a house as he could hear hear giggles and laughs of kids and teens outside for trick or treating, as he could only wonder where everyone came from, the street was empty only a few minutes ago wasn't it? Cobwebs were strewn all about the ceiling, giving the otter some chills not liking spiders at all, Magical diaper stories pressed on as he looked at the various items throughout the little store, not noticing a shadowy figure creeping up behind him.

Joey looked around and grabbed a newspaper laying in the street to cover himself up with blushing brightly hoping no one saw him in the diaper.

Thank you for this great entry! The Evil Diaper.

File type : Rich Text File. Download Submission. Entering inside Joey closed the door behind him as he began wondering how he would get the diaper off of him before hearing the newspaper rustle and his shirt tighten up as it was being pulled on down by the diaper. The End Or Is It? Listed in Folders stories.

Not my shirt, this is my favorite! The otter looked about some curiously wondering if he should check out, but curiosity got the better of him, as he soon found himself walking on down the alley towards the source of the green glow. Tonight was to be no different, but things rarely go as planned, as Joey learned this lesson as he saw an eerie green glow coming from the back of an alleyway.

Joey quickly turned around and looked at the figure as he walked into the candlelight, revealing himself to be a tall weasel with dark grey fur. Walking up to the back door, Joey grabbed a fake rock from a flower bed nearby and pulled out a spare key to unlock the door. I just need some cartoons, that always helped me when i was younger. The diaper really is possessed by evil!? He tossed the blankets off of him and found he was back in his underwear and thankfully dry after that horrible nightmare.

Joey was given no time to think on Magical diaper stories question as he suddenly rang the doorbell as he looked up at a tall female wolf as the only words to come out of his mouth was. General Rating.

Joey had no idea what was going on, to him he was a grown otter in just a diaper, but to the wolf and now everyone around him, he appeared as a small otter pup going trick or treating. Panic set in as his heart began to race as he saw what was happening and knew what the diaper was trying to do.

The weasel gave a toothy grin as he walked over to some dusty old curtains and pulled them back to reveal something quite odd. It didn't end there though, in fact it was only the beginning, after filling his bag with candy, the otter was soon walking back home as Joey could only wonder what more this diaper had in store knowing whatever it was wouldn't be good for him. Grabbing a box and opening it, Facilier revealed a set of for sack cloth Magical diaper stories barren of any identifying traits of any kind.

Upon returning to the alley though, Joey soon found that the green glow from the torches was now gone, confused, the otter walked on down to see why. It had only been fifteen minutes, but to Joey, it might as well of been an eternity, of hurrying home before he was caught outside in the diaper, but he finally came up to the fence of his backyard. Joey made his way to the door and began to walk out as the weasel stopped him. I loved the scenes where the diaper tore off his pants and shirt.

Fine then I'll just do this! Joey however had no real plans for the night, as much as he loved halloween, he found he was too old to take part in the holiday of going door to door for candy, instead he just spent the night laying down on his couch watching horror movies. Joey began running on down the sidewalk as fast as he could trying to race back home in time feeling something odd, as he began tugging on his pants some as he ran.

Hurrying on out, he found the streetlights were already switched on, as the sun had long since set. Once the wolf gave his head a playful gentle pat, he soon found himself walking on along again to continue going door to door to trick or treat.

Without any chance to react, the otter found himself walking to the front door of his house, his legs betraying him as he could no longer stop himself as he reached for the locks and opened the front door as he could only see crowds of trick or treaters, as he began walking outside in front of everyone. Feeling calm that it was just a dream, Joey laid back down to watch some cartoons to get his mind off of the nightmare, as he looked through the tv guide, there was a flash of lightning outside behind him, as the evil diaper from his nightmares was clinging to the window behind the couch as the laugh of Vincent Price echoed through out the living room, as the music video on the television came to a close.

Learn More. The shop was suddenly gone with no explanation as to why, leaving the otter stuck outside in just the shirt and diaper he was wearing. This would really make a great cartoon. I get it, you don't want to be pulled down" Joey exclaimed at the Magical diaper stories as he felt it loosen up on him. Joey just leaned against a wall as he held out a paw, just as the weasel was about to place the amulet in his hand, a bright blue flame erupted from the palm of the otters hand.

Slowly the diaper made him walk on out grabbing a duffel bag next to the door. I'll go back to the store and buy everything, I swear! Putting the box away, he then grabbed another item, a round golden looking amulet with a blood red gem, as runic markings were etched into the gold surrounding the gem.

Facilier looked over at the glass case and grinned, "He will be back, they always come back. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Besides, what's the worst that can happen? Not wanting to put up with this any longer, he began to pull and tug on the tapes of the diaper before looking in disbelief as the tapes seemed to vanish, as the diaper was now seamless.

They trap a demon inside of a diaper? I'm going to miss The Evil Dead marathon on tv! Still it's far fetched to me. He soon grabbed the whole bag and stuffed it inside of the diaper, almost instantly it was absorbed and the diaper grew once more swallowing the otter up fully trapping him inside of the diaper as he struggled to escape not wanting to be swallowed up as well, Joey cried out for help as he suddenly fell to the floor.

After the the diaper had swallowed up the remains of his shorts, the diaper began to grow in size and expand out becoming bulkier and crinklier than before. Joey, tried his best to pull the shreds of fabric out, but they got swallowed up as he now saw that the diaper he had seen in the store was now around him, his underwear somehow converted into a diaper with the same markings that the diaper at the store had.

Reaching the end of the alley, Joey could see an odd looking shop front nestled in the back of the old alley confused as to why it was even there. Joey pulled on the diaper attempting to pull it down like he would for his underwear or pull ups but the more he pulled and tugged down on the diaper, the more he could feel the diaper tighten up around his waist, forcing him to give up. The walk home wasn't too bad, since many of the townsfolk were off for trick or treating events, Magical diaper stories otter could make it back to his house as long as he kept to the less busy streets, hoping that his street wouldn't be too active.

Taking a good look, Joey could Magical diaper stories the front of the shop having a doorway inside the mouth of what looked like a stone skull as the green glow came from two basins on both sides of the doorway, both holding a burning green flame. Grumbling to himself Joey grabbed the newspaper, covering himself up again and d his walk back home. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? I thoroughly enjoyed this on many levels.

Rather than falling to the ground, the shreds were pulled into his diaper. Was done just right, just cute and cheesy and spooy right where it should be.