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Make her pee game

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Make Her Pee Game

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Added: Meka Eicher - Date: Subscribe today! Gross just couldn't ignore the urge any longer. Maybe it was the humidity or all that sweet tea, but inafter a decade of playing tackle in Carolina, Gross had finally reached his bathroom breaking point. It's simple math, really: Players drink gallons of water but can't leave the field for even 30 seconds for fear of a turnover happening midstream. Over the years, Gross had tried every technique NFL players and other hyper-hydrated athletes use to surreptitiously relieve themselves during games.

My age: I'm 40 years old
Nationality: I was born in Nicaragua
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Keep a tally of your eroticism points as you play, so you can add up your total at the end and then reply to this thread telling us all how you did be honest!

It would be worth it to look just to see their formatting, and not have to reinvent any wheels. Most stories will be free for everyone like this one though - that is assuming the core idea is liked and that people want more of course.

Huge thank you to lesley for your brilliant work on this. It does recall of being very naughty; some of the scenarios were creative and down right hot, like at the cinema or at the eatery in the mall. I would love too. If successful, there will not only be the option of other writers creating their own versions of these interactive story games, but we will add all kinds of other features.

Mojique episode 11 tomocchi wets the bed xd

However, what you are seeing here is just the beta version of this idea. I didn't read the thread properly. I definitely can't claim credit for the 'choose your own adventure' game idea though, they have been around a while usually in book form where you flick back and forth between physical s.

Haha yeah, that's why I still left in small point deductions, as otherwise always going for the most extreme naughtiness would surely get you the most points every time, whereas when there's a chance of losing points from the riskier options, it's not so straightforward.

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And I like your gender idea too for some future games, although I think most guys quite like the idea of being in a womans shoes for the day when it comes to naughty pee opportunities. I enjoyed playing the game and the writing which is fabulous. Essentially, making it into more of a challenge. I have to agree with the others.

The lead writer on that project set the overall story, with contributing writers penning individual scenes, that they integrate into the whole story. The only form of monetisation I have planned for it is that some stories may be marked 'gold members only' if they have videos from the gallery in it, or if I hire models to help create original content for the story and in which case would need to recoup some of that money through gold membership upgrades.

There are lots of opportunities Make her pee game ideas of where this can go. There's lots of potential options with this concept. I would've like to read our gal connected with one or both of the women she met, Lisa and Maria, for a little pee party of their own. No tricks, decisions or elements of luck involved, just purely you directing the story. You may not need that long it may be over in 2 minutes depending on your choices but it would be a shame to lose your progress half way through because you run out of time.

You can of course replay with different option paths as much as you wish. Follow this update, I would also highly encourage anyone who has already played to not be discouraged by the losing points aspect especially now it is heavily reduced. He did another setting that was similar, but fantasy, which was a little less friendly to use. The idea here seems to be similar, except that he is willing to explore literally every fetish except water sports and scat.

I would only recommend starting if you have half hour or so free. Haha thanks!

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There are some real major detours certain options can take, meaning you can quite literally have a widely different experience on your second play with largely different story content. On longer versions in future, there will be a save button. I also didn't know I had to tally the points myself as I go along.

The idea being that there will be desperation-specific and golden shower-specific, toilet-specific etc games in future, that are tailored to specific niches in the fetish. The beta version was always going to have a few things that needed adjusting. Definitely best to wait rather than have to quit halfway through the story - let us know how you get on with it later though!

Just wish I could spend a day like that, preferably with the leading lady in the story.

While I enjoyed the story and thank you lesley for writing it! Has anyone here ever played Trials in Tainted Space? My fault.

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For gold members I can also create one using the stories, videos and pictures from spywareonya if she and you guys would like. So at the end if I didn't lose everything through a trick question I would have had absolutely no idea how many points i had.

Obviously this is from a gal's POV which is fine an gets the imagination going for us blokes. I am pleased to announce PeeFans is launching something unique to the pee world - the first interactive story game. Under 45 but the thing is that im not into naughty peeing im into desperation and the game is built in a way that makes you score really low if you don't love naughty peeing.

Love the idea. Unfortunately for you you'll have to wait a little for a desperation one, but hopefully you can see the potential.

The good news is that the core story we have here can be expanded with other options if lesley wants to add more, or if she wants to work with another pee writer here and collaborate on extra pathways. The point deduction trap should go though as it cheapens the experience.

You're amazing! Having said that, if other people wanted to make their own, I definitely wouldn't mind - the more the better! So not a brand new concept by any means, but hopefully something unique to the pee fetish. Yes that makes sense.

Make girl pee

It is a sci fi game that has you boldly cumming where no one has came before and trying to earn money and fame in the process. I love this idea personally, and I think a game where you were juggling your finances, time, and relationships while exploring your particular take on the fetish would be a worthwhile project.

Forgot your password? All though I'm not that bold to go pee in many of these naughty places. So as a game I would pick the most naughty to live out my fantasy. In other words, this is just the beginning of this concept.

Likewise, any further feedback is very welcome. However you're spot on that this is just one of hopefully many stories. Luckily a lot of people here do seem to be very into naughty peeing so will hopefully get more out of it. Just allot different amounts of points and a total at the end. That said, a game where you're a guy and meet up with other women for all kinds of pee fun sounds like it could be great too.

Automatic points will be introduced for those not wanting to count or not realising the need tobut I just wanted to get the raw version out to share with you all. But then with some - like this one - the idea of losing points is there to encourage replays through different combinations to try and 'beat your score' and beat other people's scores too.

As said above, future games will Make her pee game in-built scoring. For now though, I would like to introduce you to the first ever pee interactive story game. Of course, the main thing is that you enjoy the story. That's why I've tagged this with 'Naughty' and 'Public' as this is very much a naughty-pee centred story. I think the plan with this new format is that there will be some less 'game-like' versions, where you are just playing the story for pure enjoyment without any sort of points. I tried 3x; my highest score was with my first game a mere However, there should be a way for the game to tally your points and then show how you fair.

I'm definitely in the naughty pee group but wouldn't be as bold in reality as I was in the story.

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This has huge potential and you could make good money of it if you make it a app that you have to buy this could solve the funding problem i think. If there was a fairly simple way to pay for it, I would put up 5 dollars for that in a heartbeat. Oh ok i see. I'm very glad you enjoyed, and like Sweets said the story kind of gives you the opportunity to live any fantasies of Make her pee game your naughtiest self for the day.

It would be great though if in the beginning you could select what sex you were then take the scenarios from that gender's appropriate POV. As I said there will definitely be automatic points either in future update of this game, or at the very least in all future new games that are made in this style. So nothing to copyright I'm afraid, but as far as I know PeeFans will be leading the way in terms of pee stories that you can instantly interact with in this way and control the direction of.

Not only will it be useful for future stories, but in cases like the above then changes can be directly made to this story where appropriate. Really good fun. That said, I have peed in most of the situations presented, just maybe taking the less extravagant approach. I love it.