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Man superglues bum and takes laxatives

Noah Levenstein, played by Eugene Levy, has appeared in eight of the nine released films.

Man Superglues Bum And Takes Laxatives

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This tale of a gal taking revenge on an unfaithful mate is unusual in its violence. In this case, although the deed is accomplished with a minimum of effort, it is nevertheless an act of extreme violence against the male, emasculating him both symbolically and physically:.

My age: 31
My sexual orientation: Male
My body type: I'm quite thin
Favourite drink: Whisky
My favourite music: Electronic
Smoker: Yes

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Sadly, however, the only thing I find are thumbtacks on the toilet seat. By continuing to use WhatToLaugh, you are agreeing to these updates.

Petty revenge stories that show why you should never be an asshole to other people (add yours)

Certainly, if this is what the world plans on offer, then we have a genuine reason to fear the future of humanity. Yikes, he needs immediate help and attention.

But one thing is for sure. However, one thing is for sure.

Cheeky prankster superglues lad's hand to his sleeping girlfriend's bare bum

Meet the man who felt the sudden urge to indulge in some favorite comfort food, right before he planned on doing some uber crazy stunts. And you can bet on it that he surely received them after doing the unthinkable.

With due time, the highly anticipated diarrhea flow arrives. While some call him an idiot YouTuber, others claim he is insane for performing the weirdest stunts on the planet.

As a serious contender for the one position, here is a viral sensation who keeps on getting the fame he deserves. And clearly, in this case, it would certainly be an understatement for obvious reasons.

And when we say crazy, we mean it in its entirety. After gobbling down his favorite Taco Bell Meal, the man drinks laxatives and then decides to make terrible use of super glue.

We've updated our Privacy Policy. But here, it definitely looks like a mere quest for views.

Superglue revenge

Who even does that? And once you hear about his insane ordeal, you just might feel the same way about him.

Next, the man looks towards the camera and explains the sensations that come around soon. And here, the facial expressions on the man say it all. Yes, he uses the strong chemical adhesive to glue his bum or shall we say asshole shut.

You may have seen some dumb things that people enjoy doing in life but nothing beats this man and his Taco Bell meal adventures. Do you agree?