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Master x slave reader lemon

Originally posted by qunmin. So I decided to post it on here. It might be a bit cringy.

Master X Slave Reader Lemon

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What is my age: 29
What is my ethnicity: Hungarian
Service for: Man
Color of my hair: Chestnut
What is my favourite music: Country
What is my hobbies: Surfing the net

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Sanemi smiled happily, such a bright and loving smile as he got ready, ready to kick some demon king ass that it. Pain of the heart. He truly did love this girl. Go back to Kanae. Sanemi gasped before quickly shaking his head. The constant warmth and wetness as the continuos tightening made it feel as though her pussy was lapping at his dick. Sanemi growled in annoyance. However what made him feel the most regret ever, was hearing her cries filled with pain being heavily muffled by the door.

The now named Gojo shivered in anticipation as he tried to reply to her obvious form of degrading. Why do you keep comparing me to her!? Praise loving boar.

Sex slave #3

A soft whine would leave his lips as he merely saw his mistress taking off her underwear instead of all of her clothes. Originally posted by ifimhere. He felt the warmth leaving, starting to panicke, only to moan out in delight, his eyes would close tightly, sweat begining to fall down his handsome face, as he felt her hips coming in contact with his own.

He felt the scars he gained over the years be given such absolute love and affection without hesitation. With all the mental capability he had, he was able to let Something out, although being slightly muffled, his tone of voice immediately stated what he was asking for. However she accepted.

His face was red from emberassment as his hands were tied above his head, a blindfold blocking off his vision. Why was her resolve so weak when it came to him? Oh no. Summary : Why make [character] a virgin if they just end up being a sex god?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

As her eyes closed she could heard the constant begging and tear drops falling onto her face. The sound of soft words slipping from a Females lips was heard, along with the soft whimpers coming from the desperate male in front of her. He tried to reach out towards her again, only for his body to get in contact with the ground from outside. But his train of thought was ultimately cut off as the felt his muscles being caressed by the hand he Adored. Oh how heartbroken she felt, and watching him to be heartbroken as well, only caused her more pain.

However he could only gasp as a soft hand began to rub against his bulge, creating the friction he so desperately wanted. See this in the app Show more. Reader Demon slayer Submissive! Maje me C-Cum pleashe! A soft needy whine left his lips as his cock was soon buried deep in his mistress. Sanemi slightly shrunk back, not expecting that outburst, however out of anger he immediately replied back. There it was. Kyojurou x reader Demon slayer Please be gentle mistress part 2 Demon slayer Switch! He felt the hand at his cheek slowly trail down his neck to his shirt, unbuttoning it teasingly slow as to rile up the male beneath her.

I love you with every fiber of my being……. He rested his forehead against the door as he hit Master x slave reader lemon mentally. She hated herself for having such a terrible resolve. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

Feeling how she clenched to give him a tighter hole, as the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room. Along with his subordinates. His mind only screamed at him to want more pleasure, his body pushing into her, to try and get him more friction for another high of pleasure.

The fight was over something so entirely simple, that others wondered why it happened? Thinking that he can fix this like he usually does, he quickly ran to comfort the male only to have his body pushed away.

Ade her want to cry at the find memories she has with him. He used the door as a support as he tried to open it, only to sigh in absolute regret after realizing it was locked. Originally posted by kyojinicons. She hated that she was still so hopelessly in love with the hashira who played with her hearts for years now. The sound of muffled moans were heard through the dark room, only having the moon to slightly illuminati the area.

It was always a mystery. Are they really a virgin then? However ber treatment to him never changed. She gripped his shoulder tightly. Over and over. Tanjiro x Gender neutral! Request : Hi! And a modern AU if you can! Tears of pleasure mixed with pain fell from his eyes as he tried to plead, plead for another orgasm. Originally posted by paladinights. Every single thing he did for her. My requests suddenly becoming packed is something that makes me smile severely.

He was shocked when he was pushed aside from the female as she walked away. The female smirked as she pulled the blindfold off of Gojo, rubbing at his cheek slightly and leaning down.

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Please let me cum! Originally posted by shounenwayoflife. The stinging sound of a slap filled the air. Her eyes were glued to the ground as he hand stayed in the same position from where her hand made contact with his face. A piece of cake. To Genya, her insides felt like heaven.

Inosuke x Dominant! She leaned to whisper in his ear, biting his ear lobe. It was not a piece of cake. Sure no problem! He felt so entirely sick. The worrying sound of another fight between the wind Hashira and, as he described her, the love of his life. To think, that such a kind, caring and gentle person could ever fall for the brash, always angry and violent Sanemi. She quickly snatched her hand away and took step away from the male she vowed to love with her everything.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Gojo x Dominant! His breathing was uneven as he started to get us shakily. The cause of this fight. Sanemi smiled. S-Sorry I-I…. He tried to remain calm as he quickly held her arms, about to open his mouth to apologize only to have a katana pointed straight at his neck. Pairing : Sanemi x gender neutral dominant reader Demon slayer.

And she hated it. She glared through her tears. You know I only love you Sanemi!

She Chuckles bitterly. From this woman. But time passes by. A simple hug that she gave to her childhood friend is appearantly enough to make the wind Hashira angered. A large blush was obviously present on his face as the feeling of friction against his painfully erected cock caused a soft hum to fall from him, being muffled as he felt a toung slowly entering his mouth.

Why does she smile so fondly after seeing him asleep next to her bed on a chair?

Does the little slave want to say something?