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Meth slamming stories

I did.

Meth Slamming Stories

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My name is Chester Knight. I originally wrote this story earlier this year while incarcerated in the Salt Lake County Jail on a six-month sentence for attempted drug possession. I was approved for early release to a drug treatment program. For their timely and critical support I thank them. For the wisdom to make the choice and the courage to truly love myself I thank, well, me.

How old am I: 33
My sexual preference: Gentleman
My hair: Honey-blond
I speak: French
I prefer to drink: Champagne
What is my favourite music: Heavy metal
Other hobbies: I like sports
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That reassured me when I arrived for the hookup, given that so many of the other crystal meth addicts I encountered were barely holding on to the remnants of their lives. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mark If you or someone you care about might have a problem with crystal meth or other substances, get more information from Crystal Meth Anonymousyour local Narcotics Anonymous fellowship, or answer this questionnaire about your drug habits.

I wonder if you can die of fright.

Crystal clear: stories of people who faced meth addiction

The pounding rush of the drug is in full force and the possibilities feel endless. His arms are at his side but the gun the gun the gun is still pointed toward me. He lived in a house with nice furnishings. I hear him walking behind me. Carefully, I step to my pile of clothes on the floor. When my feet touch his gravel driveway I realize I am barefoot. After my roide break, I start the car again and drive directly to my drug dealer, the only person in the world who would welcome me in such a state.

Blast: the story of an injecting meth addict

He trembles from the impact of the meth. The meth the meth the meth the meth. I must turn my back on him as I leave the room. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Like the weather, say, or our integrity. David FawcettHelp is available. And there is a gun in his hand. But even in my delirium, I have the feeling that something is off.

The terrifying crystal meth story i have never told

Time, after all, is a quaint and needless concept to addicts searching for drugs and companionship. I am blinking through watery eyes and have begun to focus on him. I am working hard, so hard, to remain calm while my body shudders from the force of the drugs still streaming through me.

I finally manage to pull into the street and drive away, and then the panic hits me so hard I have to pull over to catch my breath. I have no response. For all my transparency about my life with HIV and even my drug use, I would not know where to put this frightening event, how to reconcile it, when the fear and the shame will be lifted.

He is sitting across from me and we are naked.

My last ‘shot’ with meth

I am shaking so badly I am having trouble getting the keys into the ignition, like the frantic scene from a thousand horror movies. I step into my shorts, make sure my keys and phone are inside, and grab my shirt. Recovery is possible. He is sweating, and he wipes his brow with the back of his hand, the hand holding the gun the gun the gun. It is then that the dark memory rushes in like a raid. My eyes dart back and forth, torn between backing out of the long driveway and watching the armed man standing on the porch.

When my guard is down, it comes to me. Probing My Aging Penis. I will learn much later that these things take time.

He chased meth until it caught him: one man's story of redemption

I get into my car in the driveway and face him. He has not moved from his spot. I wonder if I will hear the sound of the gunshot before I feel the impact.

He stands there, naked under the porch light, without regard for neighbors who might be awake during the dead of night. My skin is prickling with terror. I sit there for half an hour, not knowing that I will bury this secret episode for a decade, keeping it from my friends and from people in recovery trying to help me.

By Mark S. Related Posts. As he speaks, the gun the gun the gun is moving this way and that, pointed mostly in my direction.

We make our way down a hall and out his front door. It flashes across my mind, an uninvited assault, sometimes when I am beginning to drift off to sleep or, more cruelly, when my mind is enjoying a pleasant reverie. If you or someone you care about might have a problem with crystal meth or other substances, get more information from Crystal Meth Anonymousyour local Narcotics Anonymous fellowship, or answer this questionnaire about your drug habits.

Photo: Uncredited photo of Mark S. King, c Comments.

Seconds earlier, we had both injected ourselves with meth. He stops there and waits silently.

Next. In a few moments, I will have more meth in my body to wipe away the trauma. He is staring at me, his gaze fixed with an intense and completely unexpected contempt.

I met the man maybe an hour ago.