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Mom spanking talk

Andrea is an American mother living in a small, rural town. She has two daughters, who at the time of interview were aged eight and five.

Mom Spanking Talk

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Do I really want to talk about this? That was my first thought. Spanking is a highly controversial subject and I could be opening myself up to a lot of criticism from a lot of sanctimonious people. I was spanked as but not very often. The few times I was, I learned my lesson and then the threat of a spanking alone kept me from misbehaving.

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You hear stories of kids threatening their parents with reporting them to CPS. I know this is in place to protect some children but I have told my girls numerous times: "Go ahead and report me because you will never have another home with as much love, commitment and dedication and be as good as the one you are in now! No racist, discriminatory, vulgar or threatening language will be tolerated. I have and always will stand by my convictions and the choices I've made for my family with no regret or apology.

They have learned to control their actions. It didn't happen often because we would always try to defuse the situation before it came to that point, but sometimes kids just keep testing the limits. Reply to this article Reply.

Moms talk: is spanking out of style?

Make sure your replies stay on topic. The views expressed in this post are the author's own.

I've always referred to myself as the "mean" mom because I expect my children to behave, be courteous, and respectful and sometimes it took extra punishment to get there. Let's go! By the way, there is nothing wrong with "controlling" your home and your children. This post was contributed by a community member.

Of course that is the extreme, but I've seen it happen too many times and I refuse to let my boys contribute to the stereotypical statistics. Thank Reply Share.

Rebecca Olivera: Each of my four boys' personalities are very different and each child was disciplined according to what worked for them at that moment. Mind you, it didn't happen often and I can't even remember the last time I spanked them. It's hard to fathom what brought me to that point. Sometimes kids just know what buttons to push! Stacy Blom: When all else failed and they just kept pushing me to the limit, it usually resulted in a good butt spanking and then they were sent to their rooms. I've heard both sides of the spanking debate and no one would or could persuade me otherwise—my children are my responsibility.

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I have to be in control of myself and my emotions in order to properly control my children. Find out what's happening in Castro Valley with free, real-time updates from Patch.

There was no surprise when it came to spankings—each of my boys knew when they were coming and why. What justified a spanking in your home? Not one method of discipline works for every. We asked our San Lorenzo Moms Council to weigh in on what they thought about spanking when it came to giving their kids the proper punishment. If they break the rules, there are consequences that must be paid. Controlling is to direct, to guide, to hold in restraint—this works both ways.

Be transparent. Did you or do you spank your children?

Are you concerned about being reported to Child Protection Services? For another son, spankings didn't faze him at all but "time outs" were the most torturous, cruelest forms of discipline he could ever imagine. You must know your child, know yourself and your limitations.

Rebecca Olivera: Each family, each child and each individual disciplinary situation is different. The rules of replying: Be respectful. Keep it local and relevant. If I lose control of them when they become teenagers, then they will become a menace to society—causing problems for the neighborhood and to our law enforcement agencies. The views expressed here are the author's own. They even had a few slaps across the mouth for saying things they should not have.

Moms talk: spanking

Rebecca Olivera: Spanking was one of the methods of discipline used in our home. Review the Patch Community Guidelines. I've heard some people infer that controlling is bad, it is not. I mostly remember a lot of hand spankings because I was not one to remove items within their reach and they were taught at a very young age to not touch things.

Stacy BlomNeighbor. Spankings were usually given in instances where there was outright defiance of well-established rules and after repeated warnings in specific circumstances.

Mothers talking: andrea

Community Corner Moms Talk: Spanking Spanking can arguably by one of the most controversial forms of discipline among parents. Want to post on Patch? I've always stood by my personal principles and convictions and don't believe that the discipline I used in my home was abuse. Rebecca Olivera: I completely feel that my many forms of discipline, including spanking, were successful. I felt that if they knew not to touch in my house, they would treat other houses with respect as well. Use your real name, and back up your claims. Parenting is the most difficult job ever— you are responsible for the life placed in your hands and you must stand by your convictions on how to discipline and raise your .

I don't think I would do it any other way because I am very proud of the way my children have turned out and if that meant a spanking here and there, then I'm okay with it! Register for a user. I had an extremely sensitive child who only needed to be given the "mommy" look and he'd shape up. Stacy Blom: Even though I did spank my children, I look back on it now and wonder if there were other ways.

I believe this is evident in the way my children conduct themselves today.

Sound extreme? If I can't get a grip and handle on my children's behavior when they are young, I will lose all control when they become teenagers.

This is a space for friendly local discussions. Stacy Blom: I did spank my girls, if in fact they needed a good spanking. Although, if you ask them now, they'd probably tell you the worst consequence was a spanking from their mother! If not, what other methods did you use? They are respectful, kind and are aware that rules are to be followed.