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Moo fluids breeding

Feb 12, 5, views Minecraft Mods. What means is whether it be vanilla or a mod and it has some kinds of fluid such as Lava. Then it will can have an equivilant cow form.

Moo Fluids Breeding

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The mod makes cows dynamically generate new fluid based on the ones registered in the Forge Fluid registry.

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Fluid cows mod download links:

It makes to disable it or else things would be little OP for how many you can get to spawn. If you set the spawner to exact copy, you can make more of any type you want. I will definitely give this a go. If you use an MFR spawner, and put a fluid cow inside, it will only spawn random fluid cows. So it's a bit of a gamble until you get the right one, or a pair of them.

How to install moo fluids mod /

Thanks in advance! More posts from the feedthebeast community.

I was not if it was disabled or I was doing it wrong. Sort by: best.

If that is the case, you may be able to do the following. Afaik you can only breed the same type of cows with each other, though I'm not sure about making alloy cows.

Reply Share. I already implemented 5-onward in my PO2 game to capture Villagers:. I will try the rancher thanks! Do I just have to wait for one to naturally spawn that I want? Continue this thread.

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Screenshots of fluid cows mod

Breeding fluid cows PO2. Posted by 4 years ago. MFR Chronotyper to separate the calves from the adults, with a fan or conveyor belt or some such. Found the internet! Created Sep 30, Top posts august 24th Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top. It took me only about 20 mins of babysitting it to collect one of each useful flavour of cow.

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Another question, what setup would I use to extract the liquids from the cows without manually using a bucket? Route the calves to an autonomous activator with Soul Vials, capture them. Use this to search for the specific fluid that you are looking for.

Set and forget, and eventually you will have a lot of stored Fluid Cows for the future. I have quite a few fluid cows but of course not all of them are overly helpful I know they try and I was wondering if there was a way to breed the fluid cows to try and get ones that I can use. The easiest way to get the fluid is using an MFR rancher. You can connect it to a casting basin to get the metal blocks, no smeltery needed.