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Mothers who turn sons into daughters

Mothers are more critical of their daughters than their sons, according to a 2,strong survey by parenting website Netmums.

Mothers Who Turn Sons Into Daughters

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At the age of twenty, my firstborn came home to tell us that he was in despair over his male body.

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Like most, their married life had its fair share of ups and downs. Pretty much, it is one of the reasons why Erica and Maison feel that nothing could break them as a family.

The intersection of her joy and my pain bears scrutiny

They saw their kids growing close and happy --or so they thought. However, Erica was insistent that he must first see a therapist. She had been waiting for that moment for three long years! So when Corey, a teenage boy from Michigan, realized that he was trapped in the wrong body, it took a lot of courage to tell his mother about his desired transition and who he really was.

But before everything else, Erica requested Corey to do one thing. It was all too much for him. He had read about people who had endured years of isolation and rejection. It was not that there were no little boys his age in their neighborhood. Erica and Les raised four girls and one boy. When Erica gave birth to another girl, it seemed that Corey was happier than his father. What happened to Corey, she treated not a challenge but as a blessing to their family.

The maison kids

No one had the slightest idea that she was struggling inside as well. Reading about it was already painful, but experiencing it herself was a hard blow. When Corey cried, Erica knew how hard it was for the little boy to say about what he felt.

InErica had married Les Maison. In his wildest surprise, his father and sisters laughed.

Whenever Corey was being shamed indirectly by other people, she would always think of the advice her mother had given her when she came out. However, they always made sure that at the end of the day, they resolved tension and apologized. Although the couple had to take multiple jobs in order to give them a comfortable life, they had no problem with it.

The sydney morning herald

It has always been proven that once a wife and a husband had kids, their lives inevitably changed. His family never made him felt he was alone. Les, on the other hand, found no problem with this. His parents were not wealthy; however, they made it sure that he will have a healthy and happy childhood. Corey was quite confident that his mom would understand him. Some friends in the past knew about his secret. If only there's a way where she could make her feel her most profound appreciation for her kindness, she would gladly do it. Living with four sisters might sound a little challenging for the only boy in the family.

As a mother, Erica wanted nothing but the best for her children. However, she knew it was not enough to show them their love financially. When he looked at their faces, there was no mockery at all. Although he was not aloof to his father, Erica had noticed that her only son was more comfortable with telling secrets to her than to his husband. Worse, some even led to violence. However, when she heard the truth from his son, she was wondering why it still came like a surprise for her.

Others might tell him he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. However, there was a deeper reason why Erica decided to get married and to have. He said the transgender activist Jazz Jennings played a ificant part in his revelation. More often than not, a married couple becomes closer and more connected to each other.

My response to my transgender child

He saw how people of his age come out of the closet and fight for their rights to live free and accepted as any human being in this world deserves. In a shaking voice, he told his family about how he felt inside. One night after dinner, Erica intentionally gathered the family in the living room. So, when her mother told him that she completely understood his situation, he was extremely relieved.

Hiding his true identity had been an extreme hardship for Corey. She, coming out, was proof that she had learned to be true to herself. However, they both knew that the main reason why they put in effort in their relationship was because of their five adorable. Corey was fourteen years old when he defied the odds and told the truth about his identity. When he was two years old, he remembered being so clingy to his elder sister. However, she was not immune to the criticisms.

As they say, a son would likely bond with his father than his mother. However, still, he needed to talk to his father and sisters as well.

Living like most

He knew his son was still young and Erica, who was naturally sweet with their kids, was indeed a likable person. They argued with each other at times. Corey could have fallen into depression if not for her supportive parents who always told her not to worry about what others would think.

During those days of confusion, Corey was extremely thankful for having a happy and tightly-bonded family. InCorey, who began to identify herself as a "she", received a delightful surprise from her mom.

Erica would never forget the day when her son stomped out of his bedroom and told her he wanted to be a girl. However, there were also a few who left him for good.

As a mother, she wanted to make sure mental health professionals clear her son. His mother Erica was like a blessing. More than ever, her children needed guidance and support. At that moment, more than ever, Erica knew what Corey needed. However, he was not sure about his father Les, as well as his sisters.

They were eight years apart. As his mother, she was hoping against hope that her young Corey would never be a victim of gender shaming and bullying. Moreover, Les was happy that Corey, as well as his other kids, was going up kind and respectable. She knew she could never give up. In the US, they're considered a big family.

She and Les do not mind joggling jobs as long as they see that their kids have a good life. As a mother, she had always known him to be soft, almost to the point of being a weakling. There were plenty of methods that Corey can take to transition to female. However, looking at him and having raised him for more than a decade, she knew he was telling the truth. Ideally, individuals dealing with gender issues must first seek support and comfort from their families.

Corey knew what her mother was silently asking him to do.

It was her duty as a mom that she had learned to embrace over the years. Looking at her embracing who she was and going after her dreams were both a delight —and a burden. Others understood him and accepted him for who he truly is. Then, to the shock of many, it turned there was.

Three years later, the teenage boy who was dramatically turning into a beautiful lady discovered why his mother had supported him unconditionally. His parents made it sure they have family time where all they would do was stroll in the beach or camp in the night. There was no doubt that she loved her husband. They were staring at him with a look of pure acceptance. They had been happily married since and were more than just a couple; they were best friends.

How to turn your son into your daughter

However, it was never the case for Corey. Moreover, Erica knew a professional therapist could also help Corey deal with damaging comments and reactions from society. However, the medical field had long discovered many methods that can help people with gender dysphoria come out of the wrong bodies.

Somehow, it helped him saved himself from depression. It was her first estrogen hormone replacement therapy, a ificant part of the process in transitioning into a girl.

Back when there were only two children in the family, Erica and Les can still remember the early years of Corey. Even if the LGBT community had achieved many changes when it comes to the way our society treats its members, most would agree that up to this day, transgender people still face many uncertainties in their future. The bullying was too much that she needed to stop and transfer to another school.

She was aware of the different views and opinions of people about transgenders. Decades ago, being a transgender was not possible. He had toy cars in the past and pretty much every kind of toy that a little boy could wish for. Ever since Corey had learned his alphabet, he knew he had always felt different.

At eleven, Corey finally understood why dolls appeared more interesting to him than those water guns and toy cars.