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My daughter saw my dick

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My Daughter Saw My Dick

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Will that cause more trauma? Do i just keep moving forward and not talk about it with her? Is talking too.

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Do i press charges?

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So the convo is done we get in the car and drive home. She loves him so much, what do i even tell her when she asks to go see him? This has happened multiple times. Does he need to be punished or is he punished enough living with himself? I love my mother more than anything but I she nearly ruined my life as much as my father. Do i just keep moving forward and not talk about it with her?

Think of it like this: you watch a care get crushed at a dump, you think that weird, interesting, cool. If you want to ask me anything else about that feel free to message me anytime!!! And that he thinks it messed her up and that is why she is imagining it happened more then once. If you find nothing, no video files, no links or browser history that is questioning, I say force him into counseling that you attend and work it out so he can get back to trying to be a father and seeking redemption. I feel terrible. I feel bad because I nervously laughed at first when I read the title. You need to call the cops and he needs to stay away from children.

He has to give it to you immediately without any typing or closing anything. I had to pee but all the bathrooms were locked so i found a hiding spot and told her to be the lookout. He asked if he could talk to her i told him he can in front of me.

And runs back to the park and plays. Does she need counseling? Then you move on. If he is willingly keeping his distance though and doesn't appear to be an immediate threat to anyone, my opinion is that this could be handled without police, statements, and any additional trauma to your daughter. So we get her from inside and he does a speech about privates, nobody looks at or touches hers and vise versa, he also tells her that there are no secrets we keep and to tell mom and dad in anyone touches her.

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If she doesn't seem traumatized, counseling could possibly make it worse. But if someone stopped and told you that there was a little girl in the trunk of that car and you watched someone murdered without knowing it, now you have nightmares and fears and trauma. What if the other children are in a similar situation to your child?

They will remove the other kids and interview them as well. I want it to be a positive and good thing. My daughter has an appointment with a psychologist on Thursday for a statement. Is talking too much about it harmful to her psychology? On the way i ask her so what did you and your dad talk about?

I think it was denial. Does he need help? I think the person who may need counseling is him. This is wrong, this My daughter saw my dick wrong. She loves him so much. She blows off the conversation and just wants to hurry back inside to keep playing. My poor baby. Before he did he told me he was going to tell her that he was sorry that he let her touch him and that was wrong and it will never happen again. I did not know he showered with her. He will not stop doing that. One thing that may help you decide, honestly, would be to show up at his home unannounced with a simple demand, you want to look at his computer.

I want to say it was a laps in judgement but how could you laps that?

Edit: update: i went to the police, they are confident they can have him arrested in a couple hours. Thank you. Take your time and search.

If he is what you fear, he'll have things, videos, pictures, links to things, browser history. We get home, and reality is setting in for me. Goodbye i know you will be strong for her, just let me know if you take any action. I took her to the park today.

It is to keep the dangerous behind bars till they are rehabilitated and ready to re society.

If he is living alone he won't be too careful and you'll find something. If she wasn't herself violated and thought next to nothing of it, making it a big deal could cause the trauma you are afraid of. He lives with his roommate three other children l.

She will never see him again. So i allowed him to pull her in another room and talk. Have you called the police yet?! Do i force my daughter to make a statement against him? Your daughter needs counseling! Also you get full access to everything where his computer is, thumb drives, hard drives. If you find something though, them you know that what happened wasn't just a lapse in judgement in a moment of weakness, but that he planned it.

Right now, she may not know the girl is in the trunk, if you get the analogy. You know what, I'm not even going to keep reading past the first paragraph because you should have called CPS before I could even finish reading if this was actually real.

I asked is it diaper rash medicine or is it something else. He calls himself scum and pleas for forgiveness. I get to his place, i tell him the whole story of what she said, he keeps insisting that he just wanted to let her not think it was a big deal what he was doing and that is why he let her help. That's terrible!!! Call the cops now! Jail, the purpose of, is not punishment per say. Neither you nor your daughter owe him sympathy after what he did. There is a range. Call CPS. If he is truly sick, which it sounds like he is.

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Then, you go to the police. I would have to imagine that loosing his daughter forever, for any father, is really the worst punishment they could ever get, worse than jail time for certain. Will that cause more trauma? This would be to explore was this a momentary lapse of judgement and reason, or something darker.

Please never let him be alone with her. I told him when i get back from park we need to talk more about this and make clear boundaries of right and wrong and then talk to her. As i was finishing up i noticed she had her head bent down and watching me pee. Also, you have my respect for asking for advise and trying to do the right thing. Her father and i are separated. Last time: call. There is something wrong with him and he definitely needs help. I asked how many times has she massaged him she said a lot and he lets her put diaper rash medicine on it.

If he isn't going to have any more contact, and he isn't regularly alone with other kids, his risk of repeating is diminished. I called him immediately and knew i had to approach him calmly and not attack him to get answers. Everything my mother did regarding that situation was wrong.

My new question: what do i tell my daughter? Still keeping calm i said how much is a lot, she hold up three fingers. To have her know in full comprehension the truth of my ignorance and gross disregard of her well being. I believe since he is a part of her, that if any expression of hate or disgust towards him she will feel that about herself.

Again: call the cops.