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My first bbc stories

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My First Bbc Stories

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for Free! My first BBC 10 Votes

How old am I: 32
What is my ethnicity: Zambian
Sex: Woman
Color of my hair: Redhead
I prefer to drink: Lager
Hobbies: Diving

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Then he would talk real nasty to me as he slammed me up and down his huge cock, this went on for hours. I got nervous because so many sleazy men were trying to open my door.

Then he stopped and pulled out, and I felt like I just took a gigantic shit, there was so much cock inside me. We were both real sweaty I told him I had to leave and he then told me I had to make him cum 3 more times before I could leave so I did.

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Eventually he stretched me open so much, I was able to fit most of him inside as he doggy fucked me. I told him I was a tranny but he just said, "Don't worry bitch, you look hot!

I waited alittle and I started to leave and that is when a big black man grabbed me from behind, held my hips and pushed me back into the room. Switch to full web version.

My first bbc - sex stories

And boy was I a sore lil slut the next day I could barely walk. Live sex. I felt those big full balls bouncing against me.

He said "please I dont want to hurt you but I will if you scream! He walked over, popped a couple of pills into my mouth and and started to push his huge cock into with them and it didnt fit at all.

My first bbc

I liked what I saw but still scared he said to me "I'm really high" so he said "dont mess with me" He told me to sit on the bench in the small room and open my lil mouth. I felt dizzy and euphoric and his cock started feeling real nice inside my throat so I began to suck on it while he thrusted his thick muscle inside my mouth.

He lifted my hips up and started pushing his huge like 10 inch cock inside my tight little ass, it hurt me so bad, when his big penis head popped in, and i screamed but started cumming instantly, so it wasn't bad after that. I went clubbing last week with my girlfriends that I work with and they recommended a hip hop club in a seedy part of town.

I started walking to the subway station and when I passed this adult bookstore and decided to go and see what nasty things I might get into. He got about half inside and started I start cumming even harder and then started to fuck me even harder. He moaned. I began tightening my lips around it, impressed by the veins and the heavy throbbing sensations of that huge black pipe, thrusted in and out of my mouth.

My first BBC fuck.

I recognized hiim from the club, I guess he followed me. He made me get on top of him while he sat on couch and this is when it really got hot cause he would push me all the way down that cock and hold me there till i almost screamed.

The pills went down though. He began groaning, his balls tightened. Black guys kinda scared me I decided to head home on my own. I decided to dress like a real lil slut this night, a black minidress, lacey thigh highs and garters and black fuck-me pumps.

Add To Favourites. About half hour later, I felt something kick in, I think it was mollys he gave me. Oh it was so much pleasure!

He pulled his rock hard prick out and stuffed his big swollen balls in my mouth. I jumped up and down on that precious black cock, gripping his balls because I want to make him cum inside and fill me up with everything inside them. The black stallion mounted me, I guided that pulsing dick, and he plunged it back into me and pounded my ass and I screamed with pleasure, he held mouth and arms.

I looked forward to getting home and playing with my little dildo I was really horny that night.

I was being hit on constantly by these hot black guys but I wanted a white guy, or at least a latino. He was so strong I couldn't pull myself off as he buried his dick all the way down to those heavy balls. He was very sweaty also. He threw me on the floor on my back and I spread my legs apart, beckoning him to fuck the shit out of me.

My first bbc

I didn't know what got over me, I grabbed that beautiful shaft and stroked while I suck on those balls like two scoops of chocolate ice cream. He held my head down into a pillow so no one can hear! That was the story of Tyrell Jones. My girlfriends hooked up with some cute black guys and took off leaving me there kinda by myself. I walk in and start walking around and decided to go in a booth and closed my door, maybe check out some hot girls or something. I was alittle scared but we went anyway and well, and we were really having some fun there!!!