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Naked game stories

A girl went out naked at night and had fun Parents are away, time to run around naked

Naked Game Stories

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Age: I'm just over forty
What is my nationaly: British
My sexual orientation: Gentleman
My sex: Girl
Hair color: Golden
What is my body features: I'm chubby
Body piercings: None
Smoker: Yes

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Her Kegel exercises have always paid off! Then it teasingly slid back up to the top of my cock again. for Free! They were standing behind me stark naked and laughing like crazy. There was great laughter and cheering and the mood grew into an even more sexual party direction, as if it needed any help, since all those hot girls were walking around topless.

Chip would be in charge of grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage brats, and planned on smoking a bunch of baby back ribs. Her tongue and mine intertwined in a sensual dance. Evidently the topless thing was contagious as most of the arriving girls also shed their tops as soon as they saw what was happening.

She had sure been hanging around a lot. Looking at each other and we started to laugh.

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Jennifer, holding onto my now very erect and throbbing cock, led me into the house, through the kitchen, into the hall and into my bedroom, closing the door behind us. We needed to clean up. Jennifer started pussy contractions as I pumped myself into her. Of course they eagerly sampled it as they prepared it. She squirmed all over my face. Score 4. We sent out our crazy invitations requiring bikinis for women and banning bikinis for men.

The Grand Finale "Buz goes out with a grand bang as his last college party turns naked. They stripped off their bottoms and we all watched with great delight as two guys and two girls played Naked Twister. Then I licked and sucked her puffy wet cunt lips and made circles around her clit.

Even without touching her nipples with my fingers, I could feel how hard and erect they were. Actually, I think it was more of feeling of Naked game stories very nostalgic, but I thought I was depressed. After nearly bringing me to an orgasm, Jennifer pulled herself up and mounted her crotch in my face for me to lick her horny juicy pussy. I knew at that point, the party was going to be just as raucous as we had hope it would be.

Her breasts were rubbing and bouncing against my chest. My hands which clasped her by the buttocks and could feel her butt muscles tighten and her torso pushed back and forth.

Once we were cleaned up enough to re the naked party, we discovered that everyone was aware of the fact that we had just fucked and began kidding us. Yes, we were standing naked in front of a crowd of naked friends, but what more exciting circumstance is there than that? Thank goodness it was.

Can you believe all those thoughts shot through my head in a split second as my shorts were down around my ankles? That would certainly turn out to be true for several of my friends, especially my fraternity brothers.

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Published 7 years ago. I fell back onto the bed with nothing on of course, but my sandals, which I was desperately trying to kick off my feet. I moaned loudly as her wet tongue slid down the shaft of my cock and lapped its way around my nuts and then pressed hard against my scrotum. I turned and looked at Jennifer and Brittany, the two who were guilty of jerking my shorts down.

The girls baked marijuana brownies and brought all kinds of potato chips and cookies. We both collapsed from exhaustion. We were both covered in sweat and quite messy with cum. Party Naked! I licked her cunt until she exploded into a convulsive orgasm.

I had made a huge pot of brown sugar barbecue baked beans. Recommended Read. I was sure hoping Jennifer would, and soon too. Some of them though, had to get a few drinks into their system first. I gladly did as she rode my face like a sex starved nympho. She cracked up laughing and tossed her shirt off too. About then Katie, Mary Beth and Nikki came around the corner bringing the marijuana brownies and other stuff. Jennifer, Brittany and Renee were making a huge tub of party punch with several bottles of vodka, orange juice, Hawaiian Punch, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and apples cut up and floating in it.

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More and more people began to shed their bottoms as I just stood on the porch watching in amusement. After the sun went down, more and more people began to put a few clothes back on. So Jennifer and Brittany decided to go ahead and take their bikini tops off right there. It felt great to be back inside her pussy. Jennifer was crawling up on me, kissing me and slowly sliding her wet warm tongue down my body, slowly down my chest, across my muscular abs until she was teasing the end of my cock with her wet warm tongue.

Absolutely no banana hammocks! It was my all-time favorite pussy and I cherished the moment. I was horny as hell and wanted my cock inside her cunt.

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I happened to be one of the few in my group that was actually going to graduate on time. I looked down in shock. Jennifer took my cock in her hand in front of everybody and stroked it. The three of them got pretty drunk early on. Of course, Renee followed suit. Then she leaned forward and planted a big wet juicy tongue kiss on my mouth, even getting barbecue sauce from my lips onto her face.

I pumped and pushed into her as her legs which were outstretched very wide seemed to sway outward with each of my thrusts. In my bedroom with the sun shining through the windows, Jennifer and I began passionately kissing. About then my swim suit was yanked down to my ankles. Soon after that bit of excitement and revelry, our other friends began to arrive and found the girls topless. Knowing it would be our last, the gang decided on a final blow-out party. We had beer kegs, and of Naked game stories, Vic would be bartender, with the liquor.

The Grand Finale. With a cold beer in one hand and a barbecue smoked rib in the other, I stared in wonder at all the craziness as people shed their clothes. So, I was a bit greedy at the moment, but all the blood was in my pecker, not my brain! We set up volleyball nets, a couple of horseshoe pits, a croquet course, put out a cornhole board and a Twister game which, of course, would become Naked Twister!

I had course overloaded for a few semesters, taken night classes during the summer, and even taken a couple of exams that allowed me to exempt two classes Naked game stories credit. By mid afternoon, there must have been a hundred or more people crowded into the backyard, on the porch and inside the house. The sight of their hot naked bodies sent my penis immediately to full attention.

With the wooden privacy fence and Leyland Cyprus trees that surrounded our backyard, we did have complete privacy from prying eyes.

Early Saturday morning, my immediate closest group were getting everything ready for the party. I had been toying with the idea of making a move on Jennifer. The bed beneath us was squeaking and banging up against the wall. They were quite amused and soon ed in the revelry tossing off their bikini tops too. Well, by then everyone was naked, so what did it matter? The crowd of laughing friends that had gathered around watching this, erupted into a loud laughing cheer.

This is what I wanted — Jennifer to make make a move on me.

In fact, it was quite heartbreaking. Kelli was over at the counter making coleslaw. Famous Story. I felt her erect clit as I softly flicked it with my tongue. Though most of my close friends were seniors like me, several still had longer to go. My friend, Psycho, was in that group. Jennifer was shouting and moaning very loud and I was too. The girls then stepped out onto the back porch to exhibit their liberated breasts to Vic, Chip, Mack and myself while we were firing up the grills.

We got up and eased over to my bedroom door and I opened it to see if the bathroom was empty.