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Nudity at sporting events

Naked basketball sex game 8 min. Submerged underwater with a dick inside her 6 min.

Nudity At Sporting Events

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The video is like 30 minutes but could def be edited down into smaller clips. Do you guys have a file share site? Sex Above The SkyDome 2.

I have it on dvd but not sure what's the best way to get you the video. Some of the footage is jumpy and features scattered bits of audio alternating from in-game announcers calling a game, oblivious to the fans boning in the stands, to creepy silence, to Van Halen's version of "Ice Cream Man.

Most of it contains nudity and hardcore sex—including an extended version of the infamous Skydome sex romp—so we'll be airing portions of the "C-Roll" footage at night.

Our tipster told us that he burned his first copy onto DVD almost 10 years ago—from an old Betamax tape passed along to him from an old friend working in broadcasting. Hey, I got some real old school "C roll" video that's been passed around throughout the years that you may want to use for your site. He said it'd been passed around from vet to newbie for more than a decade, always dubbed "C-Roll" by those in the industry.

Check in at 8 p. Until then, enjoy the C-Roll Stash :.

Also, if you have more footage like this—hopefully shot later than — the same offer still standsand we'd love for you to. Simpson Cameo 6.

We asked that you send us tips about similar footage, and one reader mailed us DVD compilation of stadium smut that's apparently part of broadcasting lore. The A. About Depin Store.

There is some pretty good stuff on here. Remember that classic footage of a Fenway Park threesome from the early '90s that mysteriously appeared on YouTube last month?

The Red Sox's clip u had a few months ago is on here, as well as some other classics. It's actually 21 minutes, and some of the silly montages of girls flashing or people having sex at sporting events are clips you probably came across while late-night trolling some of the internet's early file-sharing sites Kazaa, anyone?