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Old men wearing panties


Old Men Wearing Panties

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Not full-blown drag, just a teddy, fishnets, and some heels. I just want him to parade around a bit, and just for me. My first boyfriend was game, but I was so insecure with my sexuality at the time that I let it go. Is there a name for it? Frank-N-Furter, a noted research scientist who also enjoyed dressing straight boys up in fishnets, teddies, and heels. And this fantasy makes you more sexually and romantically marketable than you seem to realize, LWAM.

Years: 19
Ethnicity: I'm ethiopian
My sex: Fem
Figure type: I'm quite thin
What is my favourite drink: My favourite drink white wine
Hobbies: Surfing the net

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I look for these features on most all purchases now as it just completes the femininity of the product. My biggest problem is finding any that I like the fit. What is your preferred style of shopping — online or brick and mortar?

Regardless if they were crotchless or not, she would always wear her panties to bed and we both enjoyed it. These purchases included short and long slips, full length nighties and matching robes, teddies, camisoles, vintage RHT Hanes stockings, nylon slippers, and open toed sandals. It is just so comfortable and sexy and again, the adrenaline rush that hits while typing this is exhilarating.

I really Love picking out the pair for the day. Pink is my favorite color, polyester is my favorite fabric. Do you remember the thrill of that first time you slipped into a pair of panties? While stationed over seas for 3 years, my ex would send me her nylon panties to wear.

I like the Cheeky Satin Panties in all colors, the lace Brazilian Panties too along with their matching bras.

At 19 I had been married about a month when my wife caught me. The variety is endless so get to wear whatever I want, whenever I want. Every day it is fun to decide on what panties to wear. It was such an erotic experience when I reached my climax watching myself in the bathroom mirror. Terry, it was good to read that a 68 year former USMC member also wears panties.

Do any of you like to wear crotchless panties.? You know I love hearing your stories. How old were you when you started underdressing? I had to remove my trousers to have a dressing done on my leg, and the nurse could see everything, not lace panties, but very obviously a girlie g string. Okay, so there are my thoughts on the topic. FT underdresser 19 to now After years of not wearing lingerie, I commenced again after getting married in my mid twenties.

I got out of them before heading to work but rushed home at lunch to put them back on and wore them the remainder of the day.

It transformed me into an alluring female persona who put on red lipstick, wore a black wig, and was dressed in nylon lingerie from my shoulders to my toes. I tend to only wear knickers at the weekend as I work on a building site and my work trousers are low slung and always reveal underwear. Glad to know there are other men that Love them too. I was a late starter, having begun with underdressing in middle age.

I felt like I was in seventh heaven.

LOVED it. I loved the Kelly green satin with the black lace trim and the black bow on the front. I think it is cool that you have no problemss in letting others see your panties sticking out from your jeans. Is it like that for you? Unlocked a passion and confidence and embraced my feminine side. LOVE them. Next day she asked me why I had both m and g underwear.

I bought a nice faux crystal garter belt there last week which matched my XDress res satin hipsters and bra perfectly! I made the transition during the last year to wear panties fulltime. Its quite an erotic juxtaposition. I just do a bit of a shuffle and adjustment, and carry on. I was so amazed by the choices. As for shopping, I have invested a lot of money with XDress in the last 8 months because it is an easy site to order from.

The great majority of us got our start in cross-dressing with panties. It started by accident when I was 15 and accidentally grabbed a pair of my cousins panties from the dryer. I had an embarrassing experience in college that made me regress for several years. I stay away from cotton as it is Old men wearing panties too ordinary and not as sexy as the other fabrics. I think some of my friends suspect that I wear panties but are not sure. Not so with panties. That lingerie combination commenced a rapid unquenchable desire to purchase and collect more and more nylon lingerie.

Not quite ready to be the one breaking gender stereotypes on a building site! Nothing like pantie swapping. For a while my spouse permitted me to wear one of her black nylon nighties when we were intimate but she finally stopped me from using it. The second step in my secret world was to purchase an underwire 38 B bra with pretty lace and one that matched with my cute black nylon lace panties.

The wonderful world of panties!

Her panties had a double layer of nylon in the crotch no cotton in the lining back then and I always kept my privates shaved to enhance the feeling of the nylon. The feeling of the silk on my bottom was heaven. What a fun topic! Lace is probably second. So I have found that girls sizes are just right. I then began dressing in nylon lingerie of hers and later of mine when she was not at home. Their staff is very supportive of the XDress community. Are you a full-time panty wearer or limit it to weekends or special occasions? I do like my panties skimpy and minimal, and generally recognize the styles that will Old men wearing panties everything in place for the best part.

COVID restrictions has increased the ability to wear panties on a daily basis but unfortunately I am not able to wear everyday. I find that shopping in stores appeals to my feminine side, plus it is just a bit risky, making it all the more fun. The feeling of the satin for the first time still brings a rush of adrenaline just thinking about it. How about you? I started young, around 8 years old.

Wearing nylon lingerie of all kinds made me feel and look sensual and very desirable.

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From that moment on, I was hooked! Lacesatincotton, polyester.

Good for you! Roxanne, I also love nylon panties. I love wearing girlie lace panties.

So much fun! I put them on and was instantly hooked. First, a shout out to Nathan, who suggested a blog topic about lingerie. I hope you are well and wearing something pretty. They had a double layer of nylon in the crotch. Thanks, Nathan. Of course, you could expand that to uh, tighty whities or boxers. I like the way they fit, not perfectly, and the way they feel, sexy. I to wear panties everyday. And the fabrics!

Caught the panty theif

I have been wearing panties on and off my whole life you could say. Over pairs. The panties and bras come in discreet packaging and it is simple the order.

More to continue later. My panty collection now may make some women jealous.

That weekend we bought me a bunch of panties. I too wore panties during my military career. Fell in Love the first time i put them on.

This is a very good blog! I am very fortunate to have a very supportive wife, and we go panty shopping together. Especially when they are in pink and have a bow in the center waist. No answer for male underwear. I like a lot of different styles but my favorite is satin.

After five years, my husband finally revealed his fetish

Some folks, once they are adults, limit themselves to underdressing under their everyday male clothing, while others of us progressed on to bras, hosiery, and finally outer clothing. Of course, you can also find male thongs, usually in, of all places, swimwear. My life has completely changed in the last year since trying on my first pair of my girlfriends knickers.

I have worn them to be in bed but not to sleep wink!