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Panty training husband

Not only does this take away his masculinity and totally humiliate him, but it has practical benefits as well. Panties are in my opinionthe best type of underwear a cuck should wear while locked in chastity.

Panty Training Husband

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Summer Sale Ends Soon! You may even be thinking that you would like to have it in your own relationship, but you have no idea where to start. Have no fear ladies, all is not lost. Your male submissive is easier to train than you thought it ever would be. These s will inspire, educate, and teach you how to turn your macho man into a sissy husband.

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After his fifteen minutes, the alarm went off alling the end of his timeout.

In the evening he got home before me. After the session, she told david he may keep his new panties as a souvenir in exchange for his underwear that she was keeping — ha ha! I imagine the younger woman is his wife. I told him to show me he still had his panties on. I say the above a bit tongue-in-cheek, but my actual feelings on the matter require a strapping as well.

It is a way I keep balance in our relationship. When I was done, he got on his knees and dried me off. Ha ha! If he gives her any trouble she will Panty training husband with him in front of Mom when she returns. I hauled back on the strap and ripped it down across his lower ass cheeks. I told him part of his panty training was doing that every evening and allowing them to hang dry overnight.

The reason for the strapping today was due to what happened yesterday in the scene.

I told her that about you in my s to her. I started a countdown timer on my iPad. I kept a little diary each day. He did so and put his nose against the wall in the living room the usual spot for timeout.

I have him sit far back on the seat and I hold his penis and aim the stream onto a ketostix to test his ketone levels. We had a healthy dinner together. Thanking me submissively for the strap. No swats for any of that. I am a sadistic little kitty. It is always on my say-so. Ask and ye shall receive.

I then got made-up and dressed as he showered. All the while we were having this conversation, his marked up ass was waving in the air, begging for his next stroke. He had hardly moved the entire time. Panty training husband can use him for her housework while he is there. I slipped his panties down his lower legs and off his feet.

I selected the medium sized dildo for him today, the same one that June used to mouth fuck him with yesterday. June Panty training husband not wearing any panties when she straddled his face, and david stared at and had naughty thoughts about her pussy. I had him stand nude on the scale to measure his weight and body fat percentage. I cleaned up the kitchen and then went to surf on my iPad in the living room where I could watch him. I asked about the experience. So disappointing. He gave a little groan as he put them on. I like teasing him like that. I could find no fault with that. I have had it for a very long time and am well-practiced in its thorough administration to his backside.

I was teasing him, of course. I was also imagining his ass writhing in agony as I strapped him, and also my giving him a nice long hard ass fucking after. As you read about in my post, Fangirl Dominates Hubbymy husband was lucky enough to have been dominated in my presence by a lovely young blog fan named June. Why would a girl like her ever want somebody like you? Not with your words, but with your cute bare behind. I took my time, stripped to my bra and panties, and fastened my strap-on harness around my hips. He wiggled his ass and then promptly stuck it right up for the next stroke.

Husband training

We then went to bed, and I made him lick my pussy until I came a few times. On each stroke my pussy tingled and my panties dampened.

When he was done and had dried himself off I was there holding his skimpy little white thong panties for him to step into. However, he must pay for the privilege.

On the way home with david, he and I discussed it. Weight held steady at Good boy. He saw me in my bra and panties, holding the much-feared tawse, with a large strap-on around me that he knew he would be fucked with after his strapping. He even took in her aroma and felt her juices dripping on his face. Do you understand that?

This is what was forced on my husband by a young lady in my presence the other night, and was continued by me for a very challenging week for him with a highlight that included my sister witnessing and participating in his very shameful, humiliating, and embarrassing panty training. I do sometimes allow him to enjoy other women. It is what it Panty training husband. Every day after timeout I planned on giving him his spanking, but this first day would be a bit different. Each stroke was carefully aimed, and came down from on high with a full swing of my arm and my body driving into it.

We went upstairs to the bedroom. I put down my strap and went to caress and admire his red marked up bottom. The first had already left a beautiful rectangular mark! I cooked something quick. I put three pillows down in the middle of the bed and had him drape himself across them.

During this session she put david into a skimpy pair of panties to add to his humiliation. After dinner I told him he could leave the cleaning-up to me, but that he needed to spend 15 minutes with his nose against the wall. We met June on Tuesday and I figured he was plenty spanked and dominated for the day. I promised him the strap for taking such liberties! So all we did on the discipline front is that I supervised him hand washing his panties in the upstairs bathroom sink and hanging them up to dry there.

I wanted to see if i could turn my hubby into a sissy

His panties were still on at this stage. Maybe after the week is over and you man up. I reminded him to strip to nothing but his panties for his timeout. He may enjoy when I allow him to, but he must also pay me my price, which would be a heavy one. But was there any going back?

I got a thrill that I was able to order him to put his nose against the wall for fifteen minutes wearing nothing but a skimpy panty, and he would actually do it without complaint.

He dropped his pants so I could inspect. I have a little routine with david in the morning given he is dieting now see Fat Loss and Spanking. They were on.

On Wednesday morning we got up together. He looked over at me, his bare bum raised high.

He got another ten from me and his strapping was complete. He shaved while I showered. I took my time between strokes, allowing the pain and the after effects to fully sink in before delivering the next and the next and the next. I would never lie to June about something like that. A week of panty training?

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He yelled out and collapsed into the bed. I guess he was feeling submissive. She is telling her Mom how he got a bit snippy with her and is now being panty trained as a consequence.

He did get a stroke and a squeeze, though, for his troubles, and hence was harder still by lights out. Here it is. He said they were very uncomfortable and he was picking at them all day long.