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Pantyhose tg captions

November 23, May 9, July 29,

Pantyhose Tg Captions

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Wednesday, April 12, An ideal marriage divinely arranged:Callie shares fortune with Lucy. An ideal marriage divinely arranged:Callie shares fortune with Lucy writer:bestwinking "It's time,let he feeds you,we will have together,you will be the excellent mom,and I will be the excellent nanny. Bob's cock starts pumping her firmly.

My age: 48
Ethnic: I was born in Spain
Hair: Gray
I understand: English, Arabic
In my spare time I love: Swimming

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Eventually, as Hailey did as well, I just kind of vanished. I'm not sure when I first discovered the world of TG capping, which may indicate when I started looking at them. I like wishing stones. And then I kind of vanished.

Now, onto the cap. But this pick leant itself quite well to a medallion of Zulo story :. I've been sick for a few weeks, so sorry for the disappearance.

Monday, 29 September Extra Income. First off, a big thank you to everyone who voted for me in Hailey's Feminizer caption challenge :. Probably why I like hypnosis caps a lot. For some reason, the idea of becoming a clone or copy of someone is not one of the more appealing TG ideas to me. Hey all! After all, A Tights Spot is one of my favorite, or even just my favorite, TG caps blogs and Hailey was a big encourager for my dipping a painted toe into the world of capping.

This one is probably a bit unusual for me: it's possibly a bit dark, and I generally prefer to have person who is TG'd not be the person driving the transformation. So for those out there with similar loves, I hope you like this one :. Thought of this one the other day If any of you reading this has an idea or a picture you would like capped, feel free to contact me on my : alterarachobia gmail.

I am very busy offline at the moment, so the muse has not struck that often I really could use a day off myself ; Thanks for all the support you've given so far :. In my last post I mentioned I tend to like Pantyhose tg captions where the TG'd person has less control, if any at all, over being transformed. Tuesday, 12 May Rejected. So I am hesitant to promise or commit to anything here.

But Capping is something I truly do want to do, as much as life has gotten in the way before this, so I can at least promise that it is an area of my life I want to do more with. That's also where I got the name Brittany from, later Miss Brittany. Friday, 10 April Lurker.

Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Saturday, 13 September Glutton for Punishment. I was pretty busy this last week, so what better way to return than by entering Hailey Pixley's caption contest? Wednesday, 6 May Twinned. It's not over: there's still much I need to work on before things are better in my life.

And I have also been working on my real life issues myself.

Eventually I did start. This is a bit wordier than most I've done recently, but I hope those who see it still enjoy and vote for yours truly if you like it :. But in light of my re-invention, I think the idea of seizing a new identity and trying something new is appealing. But I still have a lot of those pics, so I am hoping I can start moving through them and making my own caps. Hailey has a major thing in common with me: a love of hosiery in our TG caps.

Tg and stockings caption by bestwinking

Stop by and check out mine and the other entries. Older Posts Home.

I am also going to post my cap here. I don't use the Medallion of Zulo very often.

Tg captions maggies tiny house pinterest captions

Hailey was always quite a vocal supporter of trying to become a capper myself. But, like I think many are, I started off as a 'lurker': someone who never comments on anything. And, to be fair, this transformation is pending. I talked to Hailey quite a bit and was a frequent commentator and er.

But they certainly affected me, and certainly prevented me becoming as frequent a capper as I wanted to be. I've used some before, but in particular here I am using The Grellstonewhich I first found in an interactive story on writing.

My big commenting period was on Hailey Pixley's original a Tights Spot.

Betty sparkles tg caps

Magical transformations are also something I like for this as they are quite thoroughly beyond people's control. I didn't even lurk anymore.

But this coincided with a period of my life where I wen backwards and started becoming more of a lurker. So, a little history. Saturday, 11 April Celebrity Crush. She did use some, but I think my enthusiasm in finding a kindred spirit may have been a bit too much.

Pantyhose tg captions control

Things were happening offline which I was struggling to deal with, and struggling to admit I was struggling with. A short cap, which I don't often do, as I think other people have more of a knack for it, but I felt like trying one. I may not have one, but it was wonderful to gain so much support. Back when Hailey and I used to correspond, I fairly inundated her with pictures. But I found out just yesterday that Hailey is back.

While I never disliked Miss Brittany as an identity, Betty Sparkles is one that came to me during this process of working things out: and it is what I prefer to go by in this space now.