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Passionate love making stories

Nauk pulled back and inhaled deeply savoring my sweet scent, as my arousal increased so did the aroma of flowers within the air. My own sweet scent is one that is a mixture of spring flowers.

Passionate Love Making Stories

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Dexter meets Priyanka working in same call center. Their love blossoms into lust and sex. She tells him, "It's the best sex I ever had," before break-up.

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I reached and parked the bike outside her house.

Rekindled love

I get a message around 11 am from her asking if i am coming. She asked if i needed anything to drink. Then she removed my tee and i did hers. I will share my experience to you guys. She got the water and sat next to me.

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I asked her for one more glass of water. Though we have never interacted in the organization, it laid platform for us now to open up each other. My tool started growing to its full capacity. She moaned and arched her neck backwards. She used to stay in Indira Nagar in Bangalore. I greeted her with flowers i had bought and went inside.

I slowly moved from her ears to cheeks and then slowly came near her lips.

Passionate love making with colleague

Rather she asked me to make myself comfortable. I freshened up and went out to her place. As we continued kissing, my hands were playing with her nipples. My heartbeat was increasing as the day progressed. I slowly moved my hands to her huge breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. As i did that, she moaned. Slowly the kiss turned out to be more passionate and our tongues got into the play.


I went and rang the bell. I have had many escapades with different set of women. I made her lie down on the bed and i kissed her neck. And later during tea time, we looked at each other and smiled. I could feel the soft boobs crushing into mine.

Love making

Slowly her lips opened invitingly. On Saturday morning, i was with my friends. She closed the door behind me and then showed me place to sit.

I have a lot of appetite for sex and had fewer chances in my life in comparison to my appetite. We discussed our exes and how the life was and what the circumstances we broke up were and all that stuff. We left for the day and wished bye to each other. She also got turned on and reciprocated. I took it as the key and slowly slid my hand inside her tee and in one click the bra got opened. I took the upper lip between mine and kissed it. I am working in a highly reputed firm in Bangalore. We just broke for few seconds and looked at each other and started kissing even more passionately.

This story tre past into and I just happened to bump into an ex-colleague of mine who incidentally happened to be in the current organization as well. She used to live in a single bedroom. I walked behind her on pretext of looking around and when she was filling the glass with water, i slowly moved close to her and put my hands around her waist.

While removing her tee, since the bra was already open, everything came of together and she was topless. It became more intense once we moved to the bedroom. She clasped her hands around me. I held her tight and smelt the fragrance on her neck. Slowly we moved into the bedroom without breaking the kiss or leaving each other.

I continued gliding down from her ear to her neck and shoulders. My heart was pounding and asked for a glass of water. There were no chairs around and only bed was there on which i have positioned myself on the edge. I put my chin close to her shoulder and then started smelling her ears and neck. I was very apprehensive. She was waiting for me to take initiative.

In the meanwhile i took the glass from her hand and placed in on the kitchen slab. She obliged and went inside kitchen to get water. She hugged me feeling shy. She used to stay alone. I did not know where she lived. I said ya… Be ready and one winking smiley. I went near her and i could smell the perfume. I love boobs and love to suck them. Slowly i started sucking her lip. I was involved with even married women. What will you serve me?

This is my first entry to iss. Hi everyone. I pulled her close and her huge assets crushed into my chest. So finally i decided to take the bold step. Though little short average Indian women in height she made it up with good figure and the tight clothes she used to wear which used to accentuate her structure. I have been an ardent reader of this website and finally i am sharing my own experience with you guys. She was north Indian, fair, well endowed with nice pair of boobs of size 34 c. I would prefer having sex at least twice in one single night. So i am accessible to women who would like to explore most passionate and erotic experience.

The door flung open and there she was in a white v neck tee giving away very little visibility to her cleavage. She guided me to her house. Though i said yes to her, i was skeptical as this would be the first time i might be going ahead with a lady without being in relationship.

Hope you will like it. The grip around her got tightened as i pulled her close to me. I moved the hair aside so that i can see her neck and cheeks. We spoke general things and then laughed on our chat the day. I called her for directions. She could feel my tool harden and touching her.

Erotic story of a couple making passionate love

After some months of constant interaction, we slowly started discussion about our past. I slowly turned her around and hugged her. Her name is Sheetal name changed. I have been working in Bangalore for over 9 years.