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Pokemon harem fanfiction

Even Ash was surprised at how quickly and easily it had been to bring Miette, Trevor, and Shauna into their love nest. Shauna and Trevor had been fawning over the idea together, both eager to so long as the other was. Serena did step in when Miette ed though, making it clear that she would only be allowed to come aboard if she

Pokemon Harem Fanfiction

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My age: 33
What is my ethnicity: I'm thai
My orientation: Hetero
I like to drink: My favourite drink champagne
Hobbies: Shopping
My piercing: None

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I'm a beginner in writing so please bear with my mistakes. But I. For everyone who has an idea for a short chapter popping up and they want to share it, hit me up on my discord and I will share it. I don't own the Pokemon franchise.

Please leave your thou. He reincarnates into the pokemon world as a pokemon.

You are now a Harem God Zane! I don't think someone done this type of Pokemon fanfic. It is owned by Nintendo.

Oh, he also has a system. Nothing really special to tell about him, he was just an average kid with no particular talent or any kind of hobbi.

This is just a fan. The End Just Kidding. Also last thing, I am debating on harem.

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Vex Masters was just a regular high school student. I am going to stop this novel here and going to writ another with same story as this one in fanfic section with name :- Pokemon : start of a legend. Search by title, author, translator Related Searches: pokemon lemon fanfiction pokemon mag pokemon magcargo pokemon manga Not enough ratings. I've read a lot of fanfic in web novels as well as other sites, so I thought to try writing my own fanfiction.