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Poop panties stories

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Poop Panties Stories

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Welcome, Guest. Please or register. Go populate it and stuff. Home Help Register. My 2nd story.

What is my age: I'm just over sixty
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When the girls are at school, Annie works out at one of the more popular gyms in town.

Emma put her music back on and closed her eyes trying to think about how great it will be to see her family in just a little while. This story is sort of a fantasy of mine that I have enjoyed putting to paper. She has straight blond hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Your toothbrushes, Soaps, Shampoos, and all your toiletries? Hi Everyone, I am a new member to the forum, but I wanted to share a story that I have been working on. She is very fond of her ass though which she likes to show off by wearing yoga pants almost everyday.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. Today, Annie has decided to wear some black yoga pants, white cotton panties, and a tight t-shirt for the road trip to Buffalo. Forums New posts Search forums.

She likes to wear tight yoga pants that emphasize her new physique in an alluring and sexually deviant way. I do not appreciate the attitude right now Carolyn. Carolyn has a tendency as the youngest to push boundaries and question everything.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Emma was nervously looking at the ground ashamed for having been caught by her mother for having another accident. If you guys enjoy it I can submit the second half of it. Emma has been a bed wetter since she was 7 years old. Sometimes when Annie picks her up from school, Emma is quite desperate to use the restroom.

Media New media New comments Search media. Emma would ultimately shy away from the discussion and pull back. Emma is quiet and lacks confidence in addition to constantly overthinking everything. Thread starter Damienkev Start date Jan 9, Tags desperation goodnites messing wetting.

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She believes that at 15 years old, she is an adult and should be treated like one which le to the hostility between her and her mother. Emma hates using the bathroom in public. Emma was enjoying her music but she felt her stomach hurting, and she needed to pee. Were about to be stuck together in the car for a while so lets check our negatively at the door. Okay Honey? Carolyn is wearing a cashmere sweater and a tight pair of jeans with a lace thong that she begged her mother to buy her from Victoria Secret. Carolyn is a good sister but her jealously can sometimes cause the two to argue a lot.

Carolyn had also begged her mother to buy those jeans for her birthday this year knowing just how great her ass would look in them. It can be really inconvenient to have to constantly get her mothers approval on everything she wants which sometimes leaves the two arguing. Things have been hard for both girls since their father left. She is looking forward to the trip with the girls because Annie can show her new hard body off to her family who have been worried about how she has been handling her recent struggles.

She looked out the window at the falling snow and wondered why her sister was always so mean to her. Hopefully this phase is almost over for Emma, as she continues to blossom into a woman, only a year away from going away to college. Carolyn and Emma had fallen asleep while their mother Annie continued to drive and listen to her audiobook. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Carolyn is 15 years old and is jealous of the attention that Emma gets from the boys in her class which le to her to flirt a lot. She often leaves the gym with her panties a bit heavier because she becomes extremely turned on by the wandering eyes of all the men sneaking glances.

Although she no longer wets the bed as frequently, she still averages a handful of incidents each month. She has long dark hair, hazel eyes, and has a cute little freckle under her right eye that her daughter Emma also has. The girls left their home in Burlington Vermont about 45 minutes ago and have about 5 hours left until they reach their destination. Carolyn is rather Poop panties stories, she is 5 foot 8, and pounds.

I enjoy writing short stories in my spare time and wanted to try writing more explicit things to try and advance my writing. Emma awakened 2 hours later to horrible stomach cramps. Emma is about 5 foot 5, pounds and petite. Despite Poop panties stories effort she has put into her physique, she has not had much luck dating because of the stresses of being a single mother.

She has dark hair like her mother that falls just above her shoulders, and small breasts which she hates. You see, Carolyn secretly loves that her older sister has bedwetting issues because it makes her feel better about herself. She is constantly making new friends and enjoying the company of others outside of school.

You are using an out of date browser. She can now show them that although times have been tough, she has been taking care of herself and meeting her goals. It does feature some teenage characters as well as an adult character so I understand if some of you do not want to read it.

Emma has had almost no friends come over in the past couple months and has quit the track team. Annie is 40 years old, and looks very good for her age.

She is beautiful, and when she feels confident, becomes a chatterbox. Log in Register. Damienkev Contributor. Women however have desires, and Annie has a strong sexual appetite but is able to release those urges by teasing the men at the gym. The girls are excited to be spending Christmas with family as they haven't seen them since before their parents divorce. She chooses not to bring it up to her daughter because it can be a really awkward conversation.

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She got that from her father, as well as his bright blue eyes. Emma has been wetting less, but Annie has noticed a couple a times recently that Emma has been hiding a few incidents from her. Annie worries about Emma and wonders if she will be able to overcome her shyness in order to really blossom into an adult. Annie is also more worried about how her social habits have regressed after the divorce. She took to potty training rather quickly with very few accidents during her toilet training.

Search titles only. Install the app. It is unfinished as of now but I would appreciate some direction and or criticism as to how I can enhance the story. The Road Trip- Story. Her urge to pee was almost unbearable.

Her breasts are rather small but have the ability to become quite perky when she is turned on. What are you the pee police? Her new found confidence in her body has made her feel 10 years younger and 10 times hotter compared to how she felt before she was married.

Messages 4 Role Other Private. After her 7th birthday however, she started to wet the bed habitually. It has been an unseasonably warm winter in Vermont and the girls have been enjoying the ability to wear autumn clothes just a little longer.

Annie always worried that her daughters issue stemmed from her being a bad mother, but that is just her anxiety talking. Carolyn snickered at her sisters situation, something about her sisters problems helped to boost her ego. Log in. New posts. She is definitely wetting much less which has led to Annie allowing Emma to go to bed without wearing protection.

The set up is a bit long but I tend to enjoy stories more when there is some extra background information. Recently though, Emma seems to have been handling her situation much better. She is 5 foot 8, and about pounds, with a slender frame.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. She maybe the youngest of the family, but she takes pride in not the baby. Annie is afraid that if she does attempt to date, her progress with the girls might Poop panties stories. Search forums.

Emma is wearing a pretty blue dress that highlights her eyes and an old pair of panties with Elsa from Frozen on them that Poop panties stories has had since she was 10 years old. Since her father left, she has been reverting back to some antisocial habits that she had when she wasas well as some babyish habits. Annie divorced her husband a year ago for his infidelity and she has spent a lot of time getting in shape in the hope of finding another man. The girls are getting ready to leave and have begun packing up their car with their luggage before leaving for Buffalo.

Annie has been working tirelessly to make their days brighter and more gleeful but sometimes she feels like she is struggling to reach them. She had been so good for a while but in reality, she has been just better at hiding the evidence. There was an awkward silence for about a couple seconds. Annie is driving, Carolyn is sitting in the front seat and emma is sitting behind her in the backseat listening to music.