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Redheads love bbc

Over the past seven years, Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds has been taking pictures of people from around the world with ginger hair. With the ginger hair you can see that connection. Scotland is an international hot spot for redhe and Kieran had no trouble finding and photographing them in his homeland.

Redheads Love Bbc

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The Edinburgh University-led research has been described as the largest genetic study of hair colour to date. Related Topics.

Image source, jam noorlander. The team also looked at the functions of the genes they identified and found some of them work by controlling when MC1R is switched on or off.

The University of Edinburgh. Prof Ian Jackson, of the medical research council human genetics unit at the university, said: "We were able to use the power of UK Biobank, a huge and unique genetic study of half a million people in Britain, which allowed us to find these effects. It had been thought red hair was controlled by a single gene, MC1R, with versions passed on from both parents.

Eight genes linked to red hair have been discovered by scientists, helping to shed light on how redhe inherit their distinctive locks. The researchers also uncovered differences in almost genes associated with blondes and brunettes.

Prof Albert Tenesa, of the university's Roslin Institute, said: "We are very pleased that this work has unravelled most of the genetic variation contributing to differences in hair colour among people. Genetics Edinburgh University of Edinburgh. However, not everyone carrying two red-haired versions is a redhead, meaning that other genes had to be involved.

When they compared redhe with people with brown or black hair, scientists identified eight ly-unknown genetic differences that are associated with ginger locks.