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Sex in a hot air balloon

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Sex In A Hot Air Balloon

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What is your sex location fantasy? Is it the backseat of a car?

How old am I: 20
Where am I from: I was born in Colombia
My sexual identity: Tender guy
Eye tone: I’ve got bright green eyes
My gender: I am fem
My figure type: My figure features is quite strong
I like tattoo: I like my tatoos on knee

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Filed Under: sex. Then there was the weight issue.

Sage could never live it down. Well, there was no internet, so they had to do something to fill the time. So, that was an easy fix — a curtain allowing her to walk right into the basket.

Georgian London via io9 Have a tip we should know? Have a tip we should know? She simply knelt down and re-fastened the curtain securely. Follow The Mary Sue: Twitter.

At least that was the official story. People on the ground saw something that seemed to them a great deal more suggestive. That would also allow for a nice picture to be taken with the two men and Sage inside.

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Georgian London via io9. Lunardi invited Sage aboard his hot air balloon for his next planned flight in June ofand she graciously accepted.

In the case of actress and model Letitia Ann Sagea hot air balloon. But there were a couple of things to be considered when trying to fly a hot air balloon containing more than just one passenger.

Want to the mile high club? here's your chance in a hot air balloon

He performed this feat in front of a crowd of , and along with his partner George Bigginhe earned himself a slew of fans and admirers. One of those fans was one Letitia Ann Sage, celebrated by 18th century London for her beauty and acting skills. Biggin steadied her. Things were different in Sage provided the following version of the timeline of events:. Like a weight issue.