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Shadow over denerim

As she stuffed clothing and weapons into a sack, she could feel him staring at her with That Look on his face, and she had no desire to face it head on, at least for now. He seemed… disappointed, or disapproving, but not quite as severe as she had first imagined. Nathaniel stepped closer to her as she grabbed another tunic from the back of a chair, grabbed her wrist to stop her from stuffing it in the bag with the others.

Shadow Over Denerim

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It was a long time before Fenris moved from the couch.

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Since the Inquisition knows all about them, I'm hoping you'll help. First, I feel I must apologize.

Dragon Age Wiki Explore. Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents. We have not yet met, but allow me to extend my greetings: I am Queen Anora, the ruler of Ferelden. First things first: an apology.

I don't know what they're up to, but I need to find them and drive them out. Like rats—but with magic and nasty sneers.

The operation becomes available after relocating to Skyhold and having the Inquisition 's Influence reach level 5. I wonder if they were going to poison me? I owe you a great deal, Inquisitor, and hope that my support is meaningful in your opposition to these cretins.

War table operations Add category. Shadows over Denerim. Something something grateful something.

Isn't that always the way? Universal Conquest Wiki. Allow me to send her to Denerim to quietly hunt down the Venatori spies.

We have them in the royal palace, or so I'm told. If Alistair is king and Champions of the Just has been completed:.

Shadows over denerim

Well, that was bracing! I feel like we should have met, seeing as you were camped in the western part of my country MY map.

All of Ferelden would be grateful. Do you like this video? I just wanted everyone out of Redcliffe, and didn't care who was responsible for what.

Register Don't have an ? Shadows over Denerim is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dragon Age Series. The rise of your Inquisition in Havenand its destruction by an unknown force, was initially a cause for alarm Indeed, I have reason to believe this cult has infiltrated the royal palace in Denerim.

Seeing as the Inquisition knows far more about these cultists, I would ask for your assistance in hunting them down before they do here what they did in Redcliffe. I don't even want to know what they're up to—one Archdemon per age is really all Ferelden can stomach, thank you very much. That went far better than I'd expected, to be perfectly honest. When I arrived at Redcliffe Castle, things had progressed to the point where I simply wanted the Rebel Mages —and everyone associated with them—out of our lands.

Tropes present in this fanfic include:

Now I wish I'd done otherwise. We wouldn't have found them without you. Cackling, no doubt. Play Sound.

A pitched battle with evil mages disguised as kitchen servants, fireballs flying and swords flashing I won't be eating anything coming out of those kitchens for a while, let me tell you. The help your people provided led us to four spies, one of whom worked in the kitchens Incontestable proof that this cult and its leaders are enemies of Ferelden. Send forces to aid in the manhunt. That was annoying. Seeing as your Inquisition knows far more about them, I'm hoping you could help us find these cultists and ask them all to leave. Now that time has passed and the breach has been sealed, I have come to learn more of what you represent As well as the true threat you face.

But I digress.

First I have one army in Ferelden without a by-your-leave, and then there are two? If Anora rules as Queen alone or with the Warden as consort and Champions of the Just has been completed:. Anyhow, I'm grateful for the Inquisition's help. Explore Wikis Community Central.

[dai spoilers]what war table mission would you have liked as an actual mission?

His cult of Tevinter followers is supposedly in the royal palace. Seeing as the Inquisition knows far more about them, I would ask for your assistance in hunting down these spies before they do here what they did in Redcliffe.

If Alistair is king and In Hushed Whispers has been completed:. I offered the rebel mages safe harbor in Ferelden only to have them drive my uncle out of his town, so I'll admit I wasn't in the best of moods when I first met you. These cultists VenatoriI think they're called?

Edit source History Talk 3. Cancel Save. With pointy swords.

Denerim siege

Not only should we help, but everyone should see us doing it. Nasty little cultists.

I have just the agent in mind for this.