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She commands me and i obey

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She Commands Me And I Obey

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I'd like to say that it was different from any other democratic circus, but the deaths at the end only seems poetical. One thing I loved about the story were the character's names. They evoke such strong imagery. I knew it was set prior to Leckie's Ancillary trilogy, but I think I was put off by the convoluted names of the characters. Anyway, after seeing reference to Breq's actions in the story, I decided to try again.

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They were called the Hundred, though Her-Breath-Contains-The-Universe had counted three hundred and seventy-two of them.

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On game days flowers decked each statue. Residents of Noage Itray could look up and see the ballcourt hanging ten miles overhead, four meters wide and fifty long from goal line to goal line.

The air would be heavy with their scent and the muttered prayers of worshipers as they streamed past, into the stands. Stands stretched along each side, row upon row of seats slanting up and back.

Noage Itray was the largest and wealthiest of the four stations in its Precinct—the second oldest of the four Precincts. If you do not consent to us sending you cookies, then your browsing functions may be limited on our site. Under the ballcourt stands, proof of that antiquity, stood ranks of life-sized statues serving, crouching, springing to meet the ball.

We use cookies on this site. Today the space echoed coldly, the stale remains of incense barely perceptible, the Hundred staring into empty, silent space. Thanks for pointing this out!

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