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Shitting makes her cum

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Shitting Makes Her Cum

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My age: 35
Orientation: I like guy
Tone of my eyes: Warm green eyes
What is the color of my hair: Gray
My favourite music: I prefer to listen easy listening
Other hobbies: Fishing
Smoker: Yes

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Education: Upgrade your skills for a dramatically new world. Also, letters on sex-positive terminology, urethral-electrode sounds, masturbation, orgasm denial, and straight guys who demean gay men.

For : shitting makes her horny

Most are on Internet message boards, but some have made it into the medical and scientific literature. After I have a normal bowel movement, I pull up my jeans. No, no, no: the word you want is spooge. The spasms are quite intense, and enjoyable.

Shitty orgasms: the men who claim they cum when they poop

So that is what gave me the idea to suggest that your stepson could perhaps use a similar approach. While I have the utmost respect for the modern-day Samuel Johnsons at Urban Dictionary, I refuse to acknowledge spooch as a synonym for semen or the male climax. Savage Love: Massage therapist's bewildering erotic disclosure creates a very uncomfortable situation Dan Savage advises a reader who was shocked by the revelation.

I shared your letter with Dr. Debby Herbenick, a research scientist at Indiana University, a sexual-health educator at the Kinsey Institute, and the author of Great in Bed and numerous books about sexuality. Yup, I don't think i've ever shared this with anyone else either before!? Please check your browser settings to ensure that it is not blocking Facebook from running on straight. I agree to be contacted by the Georgia Straight.

I need your help. I finger my bum to complete and intensify the orgasm.

Sh*t happens — including during sex. here’s how to deal

Straight female with a question. There is certainly an arousal factor from watching someone of the opposite sex pee since the urine exits from the genital region. But today I found myself in the very same position This experience today is actually what brought me to this site, in hopes of finding out whether or not I'm crazy and the only one out there that is experiencing such an "episode"!?

It caught me off guard at first, but I suggested using a washcloth. Do other people have similar experiences? I haven't thought about it until now, but I do look forward to my end of shift toilet time because it is usually quite enjoyable in a weird way.

I find myself just standing there in the bathroom, holding my pants up with my hands frozen on the zipper, eyes half closed, gently pressing my jeans into my crotch while my clit just hammers out an unsolicited series of intense orgasmic spasms. It hurts my feelings! I am not complaining. What drives me crazy about these people is that they eat meat. For women, the three most often used places to masturbate are the shower, the toilet as my above comment alluded to and the bed.

Open the damn door! One result of this is a hard poop. I also have not talked about it except here as it is a rather private experience that happens during a not so pleasant to discuss bodily function. More Savage Love Savage Love: It's a good idea to sext with ex while on a fantasy date, not on a real one Also, letters on sex-positive terminology, urethral-electrode sounds, masturbation, orgasm denial, and straight guys who demean gay men.

It's definitely not something that I talk about with anyone especially since it is something having to do with pooping!? I'm a nurse, and Dr. Herbenick's explanations make sense regarding poop-induced orgasms.

These people ain repairin shit - with ashley adams

When I first started my nursing career out of college a few years ago there was a male patient, about my age, who was bed-ridden for a few days. I've heard it said that sometimes a bowel movement can feel so good when its happening, and maybe this has something to do with it. I was waiting for a friend outside Living Topics. This is directly related to the recent BM because it happens only after one.

I tend to get his as well.

He has a thing for scat, though, and that has thrown me for a loop. Follow Herbenick on Twitter at www. What do they think is wreaking It was outside Colony on Granville this Thanksgiving Sunday. We were pretty friendly while he was there and one time he admitted to me, and was very embarrassed to ask, but he was horny and needed to masturbate but wasn't sure how to do this in the hospital bed. Thank you for your patience as we work towards bringing this back. I plead with you! Similarly, people describe genital orgasms from stimulation of nearby parts, and nerve crosstalk is thought to be part of that.

Fall Arts. Search is currently unavailable. Facebook comments not loading? So all in all, I'd just like to thank the others that were kind enough to open up about something that most everyone is quite discreet about…as its nice to know that I'm not alone concerning this issue! Another possibility is to use a wash cloth or paper towel to catch the semen.

Poop-induced orgasms are more common than you think

For example, some people can have vaginal pain from bladder problems. My year-old stepson leaves his spooch on the goddamn toilet seat. In essence, the genital and excretory parts are smooshed closely together, and some nerves like the pelvic nerve service more than one part. I experience something similar to the OP, but when I'm passing a hard stool. You always take questions from BDSMers and cuckolds and other hard-core sexers, but will you take mine?

Porn video for tag : scat orgasm

Regarding watching your boyfriend pee, how about offering to have him watch you pee. Would you break up with someone due to one extremely squicky kink? Film Festival begins at Rio Theatre featuring real people in their own real porn Savage Love: A year-old trans woman wonders if she's a creep for hooking up with year-old Mayor Kennedy Stewart: A False Creek South where all can stay and a new generation can Check out some Thanksgiving weekend images of the Northern Lights.

I experience several of these clit spasms during a bowel movement, more so when I'm relaxing after straining and the poop is not moving. Logistically, it baffles me!

COM Former Vancouver home of Canadian music icon Doug Bennett proposed as protected heritage property Surrey mayor Doug McCallum's story about hit-and-run takes a surprising turn 10 things to do in Vancouver this weekend, October Lizzo lights up the Internet with see-through dress at Cardi B's birthday celebration Is the heavy rain coming to Metro Vancouver another of climate change? But he pees in public restrooms in front of other men!

I left the room, he did his thing and I later took it from him and placed it in the laundry, knowing full well what was contained in the washcloth. Get daily newsprebuys and contest updates. Teenage boys are not famous for their attention to detail or for cleaning up after themselves. Thus, feelings and messages carried in the nerves can get a little muddled. It looked as though I were up to something in there alone then kinda laughed to myself…like I had some kinda secret!

Straight Talk: Daily Newsletter. Regarding the 13 year old stepson who masturbates, perhaps doing this while he showers might be helpful.


How do I tell him to clean up after himself? Being a part of his pissing experience would turn me on and arouse me! He claims he does this because he is pee shy. That also happens. When I do that, the crotch seam presses on my clit as I begin to close the zipper, and I get what I can only describe as an intense mini-orgasm. Amanda Mar 9, at pm I'm a nurse, and Dr.

I thought I would post replies to the other two questions as well.

Shitting makes her cum

That might break the ice a bit. Many nurses who do hospital work hold off their bathroom needs until end of shift.

Dan advises one member of a gay marriage to have guilt-free sex with a coworker after his partner declared he was no longer interested in sex. As the poop comes out it stretches the anus and puts pressure in the pelvic region. I may unsubscribe at any time. Long-time reader, first-time letter writer. Logistics: your stepson faces the toilet seat as he would when he pees and has himself a wank.

My boyfriend always closes and locks the door behind him when he pees.