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Sissy games tumblr

My goal is to create enough stuff that people like so that I can end up on lists like this someday! The Broken Sensor: Simple game about becoming a slave.

Sissy Games Tumblr

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Many of these will be older ones, apologies to the more current writers. They left a mark!

What is my age: I'm 33 years old
What is my gender: Female
My figure type: My body features is quite muscular
My favourite music: Electronic
Body piercings: I don't have piercings

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How far away they want to go depends on how mean they want to be to you! Escort Dreams: Great game where you play a sissy whore. All they have to do is find a nice safe spot to hide that key on a car somewhere in the neighborhood. First let me start that this is for sissies without owners, owners can determine there own training schedule. Or, even better, they can just leave it where it is. Recently, she posted some new audios and one in particular is absolutely sublime.

Great games for pervs Cursed: Life simulation game where you are turned into a woman. At this point you are going a whole month in chastity only a week at a time between full cleanings. Tales of Lust and Delacroix 1 and 2: Good games where you play a male turned female possesed by lust incarnate. Posts Likes Have a wager challenge, game, or dare either for me specifically or for everybody?

But, the more frustrated and desperate you are, the better. I just wrote letter saying what a cocksucking whore i am. Just Sissy games tumblr back and enjoy.

It could still take you ages to find the key. Conclusion This is an easy and a fun one and Miss Cherry is impossible not to love. As always, enjoy! You can also, depending on your body do this with the weekly just not allowing orgasm more and more but allowing a weekly cleaning. The experience is intoxicating. Submit your idea Archive. Recently Liked. Chastity Training First let me start that this is for sissies without owners, owners can determine there own training schedule. Tell me what you think and where you are in the process! It could be an hour, it could be a year. Sissy chastity training.

Source Unknown. So you see where this is going, it is taking each step slowly allowing you to clean and maintain health and decreasing your allowed orgasms. You can set it for any length of time and when it locks the only way to get it open is to break the case. Your only cheating yourself of your proper training. Source 1 The Game And so, this game is as simple as it gets. Remember this is your choice, and listen to your body, it will tell you if your ready to move on. For sure! You may continue at your own choice increasing the months till your at 6 and 6.

Make sure if you move on your device is able to be cleaned while inside. You may maintain this for a while before moving on. This is an easy and a fun one and Miss Cherry is impossible not to love. It is the job of Sissy games tumblr keyholder to take the key to your chastity and put it in the magnetic key-holder and go for a walk out in your neighborhood.

You have been in chastity without orgasm for a year. Tales of the Drunken Cowboy: Good game where you have to fight against bimbofication. And, just maybe, you live somewhere with street parking where people park in a different place every night! And sleeping is like impossible, Miss Cherry is so hot and makes me a better sissy while I tried to sleep. I love it. Fantastic way to work your way into serious chastity time.

Some of you may be familiar with the incomprable Miss Cherry from some of her many works around the internet.

After my first listen to it, I was instructed to listen to it on repeat nonstop while I try to sleep. All of you little limp clitty sissies are gonna just love this one. The Collar: Great game where you play a man turned woman, lots of good sub content. When you do you are to eat it like a proper sissy should. It includes all my info and links to my exposure posts. Once they get back to you, they can send you on you merry little way frantically searching around the cars around your neighborhood for the actual, literal key to your freedom.

If something does not feel right stop and assess your health. It is a timed locking device. Many good pics. It seems like this may be a fantastic time for your keyholder to have you try out those heels that you have that click really loudly while you walk. Games by Kimberly Rex: Features transformation and bimbofication. Put on headphones, lay back, and do exactly what Miss fucking tells you to do. Every day you should be cleaning as best as you can for proper health.

The Broken Sensor: Simple game about becoming a slave. Her voice is simply amazing. Hope you enjoy. Bodywerks: MC game with lots of pics and transformations.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Check out her post of the audio on Reddit. You will love every moment of it. It says that whoever finds the letter can blackmail me for sex. When out of the chastity you are to clean the device and your genitals to proper maintain health and cleanliness.

Tons of gifs. All while dressed like your cute, sexy, slutty little sissy self. One Sci-Fi and one Fantasy. Source 1. You are to resist playing unless it says you can. Sissy Game 9: Just how bad do you want out, anyway? She especially enjoys recording various audios on Reddit. I bought a locking device on Amazon called the Kitchen Safe. This is just deliciously evil. Apple Bobbing: Transformation.

They can just tell you after the fact that your key is out there hidden somewhere! Beach Angles: You are transformed into a woman on your vacation. And so, this game is as simple as it gets.