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Skyrim twilight sepulcher statue

Once you enter the Twilight Sepulcheryou will come to a large hall where the spirit of a Nightingale Sentinel stands watch. When you approach him, he will initiate a conversation:. Who are you?

Skyrim Twilight Sepulcher Statue

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The clearing in front of the iron door that serves as an entrance is strangely devoid of harvestable vegetation. The remains of a of stone pillars imply the approach was once far grander than it is now. There is a vacant beehive hanging from the rock face to the right of the entrance. A waterfall to the left forms a brook across the path before ing a pond on the right. You begin in a well-lit narrow tunnel that opens into a large cavern after two turns.

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Darkness returns

Agent of Nocturnal Leader of the Thieves' Guild. A random War axe can be found next to the body.

Main All s. After you get to the Twilight Sepulcheragain a follower may not enter the place, you will encounter a Nightingale Sentinelthe ghost of Gallus.

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Darkness Returns quest. With the key returned the Dragonborn can now take on the role as Agent of Nocturnalbut for now has to choose one of the three options:.

This article is about the quest Darkness Returns. Thieves' Guild Darkness Returns Prerequisite.

Darkness returns

Edit source History Talk 0. Thus ends the main quest line of the Thieves' Guild.

Skyrim Wiki Explore. For other uses, see Darkness Returns.

Cancel Save. He will tell you that his power is fading since the Skeleton Key was removed, and warns of the Pilgrim's Path that the Dragonborn must overcome. Obviously, as a former Nightingale he is relieved to see the key return, and hints at additional information available right in this cave. On the east side of the cave the remains of Nystrom together with Nystrom's Journal yield some cryptic mostly useless, actually hints on how to navigate the Pilgrim's Path.

Register Don't have an ? In the middle of the circular room with three niches, place the Skeleton Key into the Ebonmere Lock to have both Nocturnal and Karliah appear.