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Slave leia fanfiction alternate ending

Bound by Evil is part of the Fates fanon series. Written by T. C Michealit's set on Leia Organa, who is captured by a sadistic and lustful Dark Jedi who forces her to turn to the Dark Side, Leia endures more than what she had bargained for but will have to come to a choice on weather she'll stand on her ground or turn to the Dark Side.

Slave Leia Fanfiction Alternate Ending

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Once she was dressed, Daisy couldn't wait to show her new friend how perfectly this outfit had fit over her body. When she took a final look at herself in the bathroom mirror, she felt that she was playing out the role of Princess Leia after becoming a slave to Jabba the Hutt. Daisy played with her chain, soon realizing that it was tough and heavy enough to truly choke a big slimy Hutt monster to death just as Leia had accomplished in the film.

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The dissonance is startling and stomach-churning. The slave-Leia approach to these issues is clumsy and sexist, but the questions themselves are neither of those things. Having suddenly discovered her own desires, she has to fit them into her own conception of her own gender.

Reuse this content. What do you want to do, and who do you want to be, for love?

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Or should she be a gratuitous, over-the-top male fantasy? What would you do for love?

Slave Leia fascinates the fandom because of sex. At the beginning of Return of the Jedi, Leia, who up to this point has mostly been dressed in utilitarian but recognizably female attire, suddenly starts switching wardrobes.

Introducing a new generation of jedi

Almost by accident, Star Wars stumbled briefly into material with some consequence. Obviously, a good part of the motivation for the slave Leia costume had to have been fan-service. First she disguises herself as the male bounty hunter Boushh. In a romance, the declaration of love would lead directly to bliss and the conclusion of the narrative.

The galaxy's status quo must change

Thu 5 Nov . The 'slave Leia' controversy is about more than objectification.

Star Wars. Does Han want a comrade? The scene from Return of the Jedi has made many — including Carrie Fisher — uncomfortable for years, but should Disney disown it completely?

The sequence with the giant bloated Jabba the Hut is a not-even-concealed Orientalist harem fantasy, complete with desert, chuckling dissipated bloated pasha and hapless princess decked out in fetishwear and chains. The specter of adult relationships and adult sexuality causes Lucas, and his film, to freak out, erupting in a cacophony of fetishes: bondage, submission, Orientalism, tentacle sex and rape fantasy.

Which is perhaps why Disney has decided to back away.


To love Han, should she be a man like Han: brave, dashing, reckless? Then she switches to the sexed-up slave bikini. Leia may want to be the person Han knows, whoever that is, but she may also want to be someone else.

Noah Berlatsky. Luke may be leaping around with his lightsaber in the foreground, but the backdrop of the Jabba arc is the Han and Leia romance.

And so she tries on different outfits. She knew who she was before she loved him, but who she is now is less clear. Photograph: Allstar Picture Library. Does he want a slave?