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Slutty daughters tumblr

Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex.

Slutty Daughters Tumblr

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Am I finally a slutty enough cow for you? I see the porn you look at. This is wrong and fucked up. She would dress slutty to distract the other card players, allowing her father to constantly cheat so that he always ended the night as a big winner. They both loved their reckless life on the road and the rush of cheating professional card players out.

How old am I: 39
Sexual preference: Man
Gender: Fem
My Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
My body features: My body type is quite strong

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What are some specifications you look for in said Kinky Daddy? I want to make sure she is ready for white cocks so I would make sure to be rough on her! I would make her lie down and slowly and lovingly kiss all over her body. I need an affectionate man willing to mindbreak me behind closed doors alongside all his friends and colleagues.

I got to stay there for free, he took care of me, I took care of him. I came the hardest I ever had, closing around him and milking his cock.

Slut daughters and more

He should treasure me and all my kinks, and my girly friends! I even stopped enjoying sex. He should want to fuck my friends and I in the middle of sleepovers that he lets me host in his living room.

After that I would kiss her pussy the way I want mine to be kissed before I take a big white strapon and slam it deep into her cunt. I would have ana as a mess on the floor just like I am a mess after a BWC is done with me. I despise it, the little push against my gag reflex, the stupid drooling, his mocking laughter.

Your wedding ring looks good on my finger doesn't it? I begged him to pull out but he told me to shut up, finally sinking all the way into me and releasing a thick torrent of cum. He should be confident enough to call me names without stuttering and be able to look me in the eyes while he pounds my pussy. If you don't want to make a mess in your pants, you have to jack off all over my tits. You stay quiet and sweet for me, yes?

Mother daughter sluts tumblr

Other times, I just laid back and let him do what he wanted. He pulled out and quickly pulled the tattered shreds off his cock. He kept thrusting and soon I realized that he was going to cum. And so it went, for the next few weeks. I enjoy charming!

My secret life of being a slut

But part of me wanted it. I used to be all about cuckquean humiliation. I had no money, he knew this. We have spent a looooongggg time talking about how we wish we could be fucked and used by big cocks together. I moved out of my parents house when I was 18, and landed in a nearby big city.

This post is especially important because this girl is a really good friend of mine! Right here, right now. He held me against him that night and when I woke, his hard cock was already inside of me. I stopped smiling and laughing. One night, a few months into this relationship, we were fucking.

One time, he laughed as I cried about how he was raping me. Later I'll let you cum deep in my pussy.

I stopped having fun. However, last year I started chatting with someone here that began to lead me down a dark extreme path. Recently Liked.

Daddy's slutty princess

By Zerns. I reminded him to pull out but instead he pinned me down by the wrists and hammered away. Take off all your clothes and jewellery and put on the rags I've left you.

Part of me wanted to sacrifice my future to service the needs of this man. Gaslight me into wanting to be bred over and over. It got to the point that almost nothing else got me off not even cuckquean humiliation which is my favorite kink.

I know some of you are wondering what has happened to me. I thought he was going to roll another one on when he shoved himself back inside of me. This has even spilled over into my real life causing me to be sad, angry, frustrated, depressed, and such.

Recently I have reflected on all of this and blocked those negative influences that were pushing me down a path I wish I had never gone. I refused at first, but he slapped me so hard my ears rang and told me I knew better than to deny him.

My slut daughter tumblr

I do, keeping my eyes soft and docile, letting my arms hang, relaxing my jaw. This is Ana and we have been friends from a loooonnngggg time, it helps that we are both absolute sluts hehe. He promised that, if I got pregnant, he would move me in with him. He reminded me, constantly, that he had trapped me in his apartment with no means of escaping.

They don't even acknowledge each other, they both just look immediately back to the camera for Men's approval and their next direction. Use me as your punching bag and doormat. To finally cum inside of me and mark me as his own. I was young, broke, and dumb, so I Slutty daughters tumblr what work I could find and floated from couch to couch.

He fucked me several times, laying on top of me, cock pressed against my cervix, holding my legs open. A kinky man who uses the most sadistic methods of using my body to make himself cum. I think I would start out by kissing her sweetly then pushing her on her knees and giving her a slap. He thrusted lazily into me with each spurt, telling me how good it felt to finally fuck me bare. He liked that I cooked and cleaned for him, and we had great sex, so it worked out well.

I stopped enjoying tumblr. I long to find someone else like him, who will trap me in a relationship with his .

Daddys whore

I ended up hooking up with a guy via a dating app and eventually ended up quasi living with him. This is my house now and you'll learn to be my obedient handmaiden. I helped him pack, he made me help him naked. I in essence stopped being happy. Thanks for asking! Our last day together, he had gotten a promotion to move several states away. I bet I can make you cum in your pants in front of your wife.

Force me into marriage and be completely dependent on you. He was a pretty normal looking guy who worked for a tech company, so he made decent money. This is what all cunts and whores out there need to be like if you want to be noticed by us Men.

So here it goes. He made me beg for his baby. I was terrified of becoming pregnant with his child, of being dependent on him. He made me beg for the honor of being the mother of his. He gets the gag from the bureau and my stomach drops. I take care of you. It was the first time a man had ever ejaculated in me.

My slut daughter tumblr

He told me to shut up again. He must be hung. He was on top of me, thrusting into my tight pussy when I felt the condom snap. No matter when or where he fucked me, he came in me. My ideal daddy also pampers and showers his favorite pet in cum comfort after all the crazy sex is over, of course!

Properly conditioned whores. Outside of that, he should be a joy to be around. I'm going to enjoy getting my tight pussy fucked whilst you watch and cry. I need a true man like this! Hiiiii everyone, you know I have been sharing a few friends lately and promoting their blogs. He knew he was my only access to that sort of thing. My experience with pregnancy risk sex. I sometimes begged him to pull out, knowing he was going to ruin my future. So hard already.