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Spanked by my mother in law

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Spanked By My Mother In Law

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Eddie Jenkins was furious with his wife, Linda. She had just returned from a shopping trip with her mother, loaded with unneeded clothes, all placed on her credit card despite his determined efforts to limit their expenditures.

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She felt that my attitude was wrong and should take it very seriously! Well she said, I need the spankings I said, can't really say why, but I need them, and a serious spanking, and for a reason. Might as well take them off young man my mother-in-law said, and I soon was bare from the waist down, the wall she pointed and I stood while the two talked. My mother-in-law by accidents found them, really made the mistake and not hiding them in the bathroom very good. The others agreed and despite some weak struggling by me I found my self face down over her ample knees!

She was a tennis player with fantastic legs, dark skin and black hair. She is really good and said nothing to her daughter. She hung up the phone and smiled at me, mother told me the secret to a sound spanking, and that little pee pee of yours will be getting my attention prior to your spankings. The second day there, a Saturday, the subject was brought up, I felt uncomfortable, but admitted to my desire.

My wife told me it would be good and so I spent a long weekend with her, just the two of us. Hands at side she said sternly, trying to cover myself.

I would masturbate just visualizing her spanking me. Given a choice of my wife being told or take her punishment I took her punishment. We also got a cooling off period of a week or so of no dates. She showed her Mom the picture and I was soon that male, naked, both women holding a hairbrush and soon over my mother-in-law lap and then my wife.

My wife informed me that she does not put up with much and best remember that. Married, but wife not into, does not know I have such magazines.

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Sitting around the breakfast table in my pajamas drinking coffee I said something without thinking, she smiled, between us I said, she said yes. I have seen these pictures a couple of times, very good, and really filled a void at times in my life. When we got married I was informed there was no -in-law it was only Mother. Well police said matter was closed and back to her home we went.

Daughter-in-law spanked by mother-in-law

This comment, taken from another blog, is typical. Now sister in laws I am all over that scene but not MIL. Nice post. My wife travels for business and so when she was gone for over a week I visited my mother-in-law after work on a Friday. I wonder why? Slowly I lowered my pants and underpants and turned for her to see, oh very nice dear she said.

I was then taken to the kitchen, face the wall, and was there when my wife returned. She did smack my bottom but it was really very amusing and I could harly hardly believe my unasked question ,was being answered!

To the bedroom young man I soon across her lap I received my first spanking from my wife and like her mother, was very good. It may just a male thing, desire, need, but it is a strong feeling and hard not to act on. We went to visit her mother right after that spanking, squirming in the car. I was not supposed to be in the house as both of parents worked.

Of course, we were making out every day on the couch. I did as told, she pulled a chair to the middle of the room. That happened to me when I was in HS. It was summer school. Thanks Ron. My mother-in-law has been widow for many years. She was easy to talk to and we talked about a lot of subjects. She told her daughter about me masturbating and I cringed.

She was mad and soon had hold of my penis and reminding me it was her to play with. A half hour later I stood before her, she examined my red spanked bottom. We had a great talk, she is a good cook and I went home. Oh I did get another spanking, worse after cumming. My mother-in-law reminds me of a 50's woman, old school, strict, many times I would dream of her spanking me. Her Mom said she was going to be paddled and if we wanted to continue dating I would be paddled also.

She sternly said off with the pajamas and I found myself soon naked, erect before her. The opportunity occured during a family argumment about politics ,which I never take seriously! Mother-in-laws are wanting to run their daughters lives and marriage. Sex life is great, but still have this deep desire.

Son-in-law spanked by mother-in-law

My MIL was a beautiful lady. They being older, care less about your privates, don't listen to your ple to stop. Do you masturbate young man, yes I said, very disgusting she said. In my case, my mother-in-law is very open, with the times, and most of all understands. I stood up and soon was naked, erect, and she said is this what you want and softly said yes. Standing in the front room my wife told her mother about the spanking and then my mother-in-law wanted to see.

I danced around the room until told to face the wall. I had a little too much to drink after getting home and was picked up by the police, who in turn called my mother-in-law. Not in my DNA for this scene. I especially recall the male standing naked before what I assumed was his wife and mother-in-law both holding hair brushes and the next picture he was over his mother-in-law lap. My mother-in-law would smile and look at me and say a trip to the bedroom could do you some good, nothing more. Her Mom surprised us.

Long, Long overdue young man and soon I was over her lap and given a very sound spanking. I slept in the next morning, knew what happened and walking into the kitchen the look I got, knew I was in trouble. She smiled. She smiled and say she knew.

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They cannot stop be a Mother and with a son-in-law, he is just her son. I can also remember being told off by a girlfriends mother for bringing her home late and somewhat dishevelled after heavy petting.

I was picking her up and taking her home. She was a very attractive woman in her forties and I could gladly have gone over her lap for a dose of hairbrush. She then saw me trying hard not to laugh and she reacted by saying she should smack my bottom for winding her up!

It was shortly after we got married, my mother-in-law wanted to get to know me better, bond, she being a widow. Stand up young man and I slowly did, cute she said seeing my erection. I stood there afterwards hands at side, she scolded me. My wife mentioned she was spanked many times, her mother wanted to insure her daughter was brought up properly. I kept this picture hidden, then forgot about it, my wife found it. Told to go to her bedroom, remove the pajamas and wait, I did and when she came in, no talk, she pulled a chair out and with a hairbrush gave me the spanking of my life.

That being a very naughty little boy she said, and what do you think happens to naughty little boys. A spanking I said. When we get home she said sternly, sure enough I was told to get to the bathroom, get undress and wait for her. She smiled, time to see if you wish to continue this desire and I was over her lap.

For : spanking mother in law

It was several months later, my wife went to her college reunion and I was invited her to my mother-in-law for the week. Soon she was stroking it and was not long before I cum. It was not much of a paddling, we both bent over the couch and got a few licks. I have not thought about it with my MIL, but for a while I did fanatsize about a spanking from a very attractive friend of my MIL, for whom I can still get excited in my head.

Nothing was said to my wife, I thought, she was home only a week or so and I stepped out of the shower and she stood there, Your Mother told you, she smiled and said yes. Anything is possible, but I wonder how many times a man has been spanked by his MIL? My MIL is a rather imposing woman but has a good sense of fun and I had often wondered about going across her knees for a smack bottom!

I was still in my pajamas and she was dressed, and I was getting an erection. My wife said he squirmed the trip over. I stood crying in the middle of the room, she called her mother, told her what she did and then thanked her.

Memories are good. Let see if you really like to be spanked or just read about it. She soundly spanked me, I squirm, kicked, pleaded, and soon layed across her lap crying. I then was told to sit on her lap and squirming I did and finally admitted to her I've been wanting a spanking from her.