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Spanking for speeding

Irene was driving to Ashland, Kentucky. She could not get past her desire to get to the mall before the end of the blue light special.

Spanking For Speeding

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Deb's Dilemma By Barb.

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Spanking is not a kink, not a fetish, not a lifestyle, but rather, a healthy and honest means of communication. Contact me lurvspanking gmail. You are commenting using your Twitter. Emma blushed and looked down, her hands nervously twisting. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. That… monster was pouring spank after hard spank on her round cheeks. She clenched her teeth and tried not to give the policewoman the satisfactions of the moans of pain, but failed miserably.

Emma’s speeding

Comments welcome and discussion encouraged. So bratty… no tickets in exchange for a spanking. I believe spanking between consenting adults le to closer and more intimate relationships. Cars were flashing by on the motorway by the dozens. Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. It was now in full view to all the people driving along the road, and she heard people yell encouragements to the police officer through their car windows.

Cars were still zipping by, some of them honking as they passed them. Emma sniffled and did as she was told. The policewoman rubbed her hands together, sore as they were, and cleared her throat. When the officer finally relented, the poor girl almost fell down on the hood of her car, sobbing, rubbing her poor, thoroughly punished bottom. Like Like. Spank Me Hard! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Fantasy Spanking Fiction. The Spanking for speeding was intense, the shame unbearable, and still she went on.

Loving My Disciplined life Happy to Submit.

Spank Your Wife. The policewoman looked at the young German girl in silence while tears rolled down her face. Like Liked by 1 person. She looked back at the officer over her shoulder. Well who was having the last laugh now? She had cringed and yelped as she had pulled her jeans up over her burning, crimson behind, and again as she had sat on the leather seats, her bottom sore and swollen.

View all posts by Kalidwen. required Address never made public. They all love to be spanked. Emma was wincing and clenching her round cheeks as the spanking began anew with renewed fury over her bare, exposed bottom.

Emma tried to get up again. I mean, France? She tried to cover her behind and only got harder slaps for her trouble.

Nice turn! She was young and well off and thought herself above the rules and laws. You are Spanking for speeding using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Facebook. She pulled her top down a little and pushed her breasts up. Lowering the music on her radio, she put on her nicest smile, opened her window all the way and purred :.

You are commenting using your Google. That dumb German bimbo thought she could get the better of the French police? It was the third time this month that her car was pulled over by the police for speeding. She is indeed! The hood was warm to the touch. Let your mind free and respect will follow.

The young blonde girl opened the door and gingerly stepped out. Name required. It was crass but it worked. A few minutes later, she was back in her car, trying to fix her makeup as most of it had run down her cheeks. Speed is limited. So far, not a single ticket, she knew how to take them. The first slap interrupted her, her head jolting up in surprise.

Spanked for speeding full video

She struggled to stay still, rising on her toes with each hard slap. Emma nodded and ruffled through her bag to find her purse. Emma took a quick look in her mirror, pouting her lips and rearranging her hair. With her hair cut to shoulder length, her big, flashy sunglasses up in her hair, the fancy clothes and car, she was everything the French woman despised.

Spanked for speeding ticket

Like this: Like Loading Published by Kalidwen. She had never been so humiliated in her life!

Notify me of new posts via. Because, nothing says 'I love you' better than a red, sore, bare bottom. The spanking went on for what seemed like an eternity to the poor Emma, her roasted bottom on display and sending wave of heat and pain up her core. The woman, on the other hand, was enjoying herself fully, dishing out pain and justice with every hard blow.

The policewoman rolled her eyes. Notify me of new comments via. The slaps came in quick successions, heating up her bottom through her tight jeans. There are surprisingly few of those.