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Star wars the old republic starkiller fanfiction

Well, it looks like you've stumbled into the right cantina, buddy!

Star Wars The Old Republic Starkiller Fanfiction

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Stripped of his memory and his possessions, the young Mobian must now come to terms with his new circumstances Available at FanFiction. Net here.

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The crew of the Accuser knew her standing on the super weapon and both Sith women were very vocal about it. He had not been mistaken on what his eyes had beheld just then. When she learned about its inception and creation she had a very strong word with the commanding officer of the weapon - Darth Nox, otherwise known as Vitani Aria. My girlfriend and I see Piett being a lot like Quinn hence Nat making her rather big blunder.

Captain Firmus Piett looked across the bridge of his ship to Lord Therin. We are to capture the ship and retrieve the plans.

It's an interesting exercise when you're co-writing a story with someone half a world away and while Arianna-Vitani and I both speak the same language we spell certain words differently. Pausing in his pacing he looked out of the window of the bridge at the gold and orange planet of Tatooine. Nathrrya, on the other hand, lost her temper once and it was enough for the crew to understand she was not to be trifled with.

Imperial… The irony. Man did this take longer than we thought it would. They were so close! The room was so utterly silent that it was loud. He had walked across the bridge to stand next to Nathrrya but far enough away to respect her personal space.

She made a sound like a quiet snort through her nose as she thought about it.

The old man was hanging onto his sanity by a mere thread and his delusions were obvious to those with a brain. I do love the references to Malavai too. It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox. The dialogue is great, and I enjoy the exchanges between Piet and Nat very much.

The Death Star reminded her too much of the Silencer. With any luck they can blow that damned thing out of the sky and I only pray Tarkin is on it when it goes boom. Somehow he had the idea that his secret Force-sensitive assassin, Mara Jade, was a secret. She lifted the corner of her lips in a silent snarl. Nathrrya would never forget that. He frowned - there were going to be quite a few AWOL reports in his very near future and they were going to be plentiful.

Navigator Pressly blinked in stupefied horror and slowly sat back in his chair. Yeah Nat never liked Tarkin to begin with, now she really has a reason to want him dead. It's not so strange to see both spellings of some words from time to time.

It was obvious to him that they were far from being free of Imperial pursuit, even after effectively maneuvering out of the paths of several Imperial Star Destroyers. The rebels or Nat? I like writing Piett as he's enough of a blank slate you can write him however you want him to be within reason. All rights reserved. OfficerDonNZ As the title suggests this is an alternate take that my beta reader and I have come up with.

She was younger, more energetic, and perhaps a little more bold in her communications as she was constantly arguing ideas and commands. Everyone there were in shock and were trying to comprehend what it was happened and what they all had just witnessed.

Glad you enjoyed it Luna! Then the man grimaced; there were quite a few aboard the Star Destroyer that were either from Alderaan or who had family planetside. She turned to the captain. Chapter 2 is all but ready, just some spelling and grammar things to sort out.

She was a well-known Sith assassin that climbed the ranks in the Dark Council over four thousand years earlier. So here is the first chapter to see what you all think. Lord Therin was not going to be pleased. But unlike Lord Vader, neither woman had yet to choke any of the crew to death.

Apparently the rebels had the schematics for the Death Star. She stood at the centre before the great window of the bridge with her hands clasped behind her back, her head bowed slightly, and looked to be deep in thought.

All he knew about her was her name and the fact she was a Sith like Lord Vader. You are about to leave this website Close Continue.

I'm really enjoying this take, it's a cool premise to see what a warrior from our time would do in Luke Skywalker's time. Seems like I traded one warring galaxy for another four thousand years later. Oh, I think Nat hates him more than just a little bit, and I don't think he's going to be long for this world. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. What she was pondering he could only guess at.

She thought back to the Cold War when the Silencer was commissioned and built. In her eyes it was a Force-forsaken battle station and a complete degradation.

You are about to leave this website

This was to have been at the end of the last story post but wasn't ready in time. Good, she thought bitterly. He felt better seeing the determination in her eyes.

But there was no hiding the slight fear that came off her. This is not meant to keep you from following the link you've clicked on. To say anymore would spoil things. As I was saying to Frauzet, AU seems to be catching on.

Her female companion, whom he never could remember her name, was also a Sith and very skilled in the use of a double-bladed lightsaber as well as dual-wielding them. Question is who's going to get Tarkin first? If you do not wish to follow this link, simply close this message. Log In Play Free.

To go to thisclick the link below. No one doubted her capabilities. Anyway enjoy and see if you can find the Mass Effect reference It's not that well hidden. An Imperial-I class Star Destroyer has dropped out of hyperspace just behind us. It's wonderful, and I look forward to more and seeing the differences the time frame change makes. While the younger Sith woman threatened it she never laid a hand on any of the officers or crew.

The red headed Sith woman had a very low opinion of Emperor Palpatine. They were almost at their goal. The doors to the bridge opened and he turned to see Princess Leia Organa enter.

Lunafox I'm happy to see that you went ahead and posted it! Piett raised an eyebrow at her. The statements and opinions expressed on these websites are solely those of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, nor are they endorsed by Bioware, LucasArts, and its licensors do not guarantee the accuracy of, and are in no way responsible for any content on these websites.