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Subnautica mind control fish

The Mesmer is an aggressive carnivore mainly found in certain caves or low-light biomes. It is dangerous to go near it, as it has the ability of hypnosis. Mesmer has a small and colourful body, with purple main body and 4 large skin panel wings capable of closing and opening, much like a peacock.

Subnautica Mind Control Fish

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I was just playing, and I was dicking around in the kelp forests looking for silver I'm about 13 hours inwhen my camera suddenly automatically turns toward this blue star-looking fish. All I hear is the digital assistant say "It is your primary directive to swim toward that fish. They're a better trip than Acid Mushrooms! My favorite thing about Mesmers are that they have a lot of positivity in their own body image.

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Assessment: Draw closer. The Mesmer is a small, colorful fish with three de patterns; its four large skin panels are bluish-white, and are capable of emitting a green bioluminescent glow at night, with dark violet stripes, and are surrounded by a thin translucent blue film.

Model of Egg from Sketchfab. Small, carnivorous lifeform with a unique hunting mechanism that enables it to hypnotize its foes. When attacking, the Mesmer's head opens up, revealing its soft, slimy body, and four pink stalks topped with sharp teeth.

A Mesmer in the Mushroom Forest.

Its head is bulky and speckled with white dots, ending with a teal maw. The patterns on these panels radiate and ripple when the creature is mesmerising its prey.

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Tiny lenses on the surface can be tilted independently to create mesmerizing patterns which flood the victim's brain with enticing messages, interpreted in whatever form is most convincing by the target. The Mesmer is an aggressive life form belonging to the Fauna category.

Universal Conquest Wiki. View source. Its binocular eyes feature horizontal "S" shaped pupils, and yellow sclerae.

Behind its head, right above and below, are two smaller blueish fins. Getting Started Map. Explore Wikis Community Central.

The messages are as follows:. Model from Sketchfab.


History Talk 1. Concept art. The player can have a hard time breaking free from the Mesmer when it is using its hypnosis, and can only break free if they swim far enough backwards, or look away. A Mesmer with its mouth open, showing its fleshy blue innards. Cyclops Prawn Suit Seamoth.

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An alternative way to break free is launching the Mesmer with the use of a Propulsion Cannon or a Repulsion Cannon. Subnautica Wiki Explore. The Mesmer is capable of manipulating the player's mind, causing them to hear the PDA telling them to approach the Mesmer.

These stalks surround its true toothless mouth. The Mesmer's body is ridged, shimmers purple, and ends in two small teal-coloured flippers in place of a tail, which it uses to paddle itself through the water. It can be found in deep caves of certain biomessuch as the Kelp Forest and the Bulb Zone. Note that if a Mesmer is killed while using its hypnosis on a creature or the player, its hypnosis will not cease, and will continue until the player runs out of oxygen, gets out of its pull, or is attacked.

Register Don't have an ? It will also use this as a hunting strategy to catch small fauna.

The Mesmer using its ability on a Hoverfish. Shoal of Fish. Outer Wings: The mesmer swims using a of wings which can be angled up and forwards on approaching its prey.

Swim closer Swim closer now It looks so friendly Do not resist Don't struggle Go closer ". It can also be seen using this behavior in self-defense against other larger fauna, fauna of the same size, or even against its own kind. Advanced Materials Basic Materials Electronics. Both of these options may prove difficult for some players, because the effect of the hypnotism automatically makes the player gradually move closer as well as make the camera drift back to face directly at the creature if it is off center.