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Susan launius injuries

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Susan Launius Injuries

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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Actallowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a practice permitted by copyright statute Address:. Q: And directing your attention to sometime around June 30 ofdid you go to the residence at Wonderland Avenue in Los Angeles? A: I was laying down on the bed and I believe I was watching TV and it seemed like there was a bunch of people coming in and out.

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Around AM, on July 1, two days after the Nash robbery, it is believed Holmes, Diles, and a of unidentified men entered the Wonderland house and bludgeoned to death Launius, DeVerell, Miller, and Richardson; the weapons were believed to be either hammers or striated metal pipes.

When asked to elaborate, the policeman explained: "A trash can only has two handles". DeVerell was a professional overhead crane operator, who was also a heavy heroin user and had been arrested 13 times in relation to his addiction, which is part of the reason why he stayed in the gang. In the years following the Wonderland murders, McCourt was reported to have moved to Colorado.

However, the events of the next several days would reveal this was a Pyrrhic victoryprecipitating a chain of events that led to the demise of the Gang. The autopsy performed after his murder identified numerous injection scars on his inner forearms, in addition to hyperplasia of the lymph nodesa common of narcotics abuse.

It determined that he was an unwilling participant who was forced to watch the attack. Susan A. Murphy Launius, 30, while not an official member of the gang, was married to gang member Ron Launius and had a drug habit. Launius was known for remaining composed under pressure.

To avoid leaving any identifying traces, the men had ly dipped their fingers in a product known as "Liquid Band-Aid " so as to not leave any fingerprints behind. Richardson's official autopsy report documented that she possessed intravenous drug injection site scars. Archived from the original on October 29, The Palm Beach Post. By the time Holmes had become involved with the group, Miller had been arrested seven times, been treated for breast cancer, and six months before had had a double mastectomy.

My Life with Liberace.

After a key witness for the prosecution died in an unrelated police shootout, the murder charges against Launius Susan launius injuries dropped. Retrieved December 5, The New York Times. John Holmes was arrested and charged with four counts of murder in Marchafter his handprint was found in one of the bedrooms. He spent considerable time in the Colorado prison system, but when he was free he operated a successful mobile phone franchise.

LuLu Press. David Lind characterized him as an otherwise decent individual who had been lured into the drug world because of the easy money and indicated that DeVerell experienced periods of self-loathing for his actions, during which he expressed a desire to stop dealing and using illegal drugs.

The Wonderland Gang mainly trafficked in the burgeoning cocaine trade of the era, but despite its role as the most influential and feared cocaine distributorship of its time in Los Angeles, some of its members were heroin addicts. Lodi, CA. Forensic Sci Int. PMID Colorado Springs Gazette. Thorson claimed to have witnessed Nash order Diles to beat Holmes, and said Nash threatened to kill Holmes and his family, until Holmes identified the people behind the robbery.

Launius' wife, Susan, suffered severe brain damage in the attack but ultimately survived and recovered, although she was left with permanent brain damage and lost part of one finger. By the time of Susan launius injuries Wonderland murders, Lind had been incarcerated several times for armed burglary, forgery, assault, and assault with the intent to commit rape. When questioned, neighbors said the drug-fueled Wonderland parties often included loud, violent screaming and disruptive noise, so when they heard the murders occurring, they simply believed another party was taking place.

Specifically at the time of the murder, Lind testified in court that he was at a motel in the San Fernando Valleyconsuming drugs with a male prostitute.

Wonderland: before the murders

Early in the morning of the robbery, Holmes visited Nash's mansion ostensibly to party and to buy drugs, but on his way out, left the patio door to the kitchen unlatched. Scott Thorsonwho was buying drugs at Nash's home, wrote in his memoir My Life with Liberace that Nash had ordered Diles to bring Holmes to Nash's house, which Diles did after finding Holmes walking around Hollywood wearing one of Nash's rings. Miller and her live-in boyfriend, Billy DeVerell, were the usual residents; Ron Launius and his wife, Susan, were house guests. He spent days in jail for contempt of court.

Miller had two adult daughters and was the ex-wife of a Beverly Hills attorney. Main article: Wonderland Murders. The house was notorious for round-the-clock mayhem and debauchery. New York Publishers. Originally, McCourt was deated to take part in the home invasion itself, but a day or so before the event, conspirator David Lind who derisively referred to McCourt as "Titmouse Tracy" [ citation needed ] took away McCourt's handgun, and McCourt was relegated to driving duty.

July 4, Lodi News-Sentinel. Lind Susan launius injuries Launius had become friends while in prison and promised to deal drugs together upon their release. Although the Wonderland Gang was mainly known for its drug sales, which concentrated on cocaine and the occasional heroin deal, the gang also gained revenues through burglaries and armed robberies of rival drug dealers.

Barbara Lee Easton Richardson, 22, was David Lind's girlfriend and sported four tattoos : images of a flower, a mushrooma butterflyand Minnie Mouse. Palm Beach, CA. Associated Press. The two bedroom split-level house was leased in Joy Miller's name.

The murders

Holmes was acquitted in Juneafter a three-week trial. InNash was charged in California state court with having planned the murders, and Diles was charged with participating in the murders, but both men were acquitted in As of JanuarySusan Launius is both the sole survivor of the Wonderland murders and the only living member of the Wonderland Gang.

She is the sole survivor of the brutal Wonderland attack the night of July 1, ; [4] she suffered severe head injuries, amnesia, and a severed finger [4] following the attack. David Lind, ordinarily a resident of the Sacramento area, came to Los Angeles in the summer of at Launius' behest, to aid in their growing drug-distribution business.

Reportedly, at the time of his death, [4] police investigators throughout California, largely in the Sacramento area, had 27 open homicide cases they believed were perpetrated by Launius. Drug gang in Los Angeles. Although neighbors would later report having heard screams, no phone calls were placed to the police until PM on July 1, over 12 hours later, when furniture movers working at the house next door heard Susan Launius moaning and went to investigate. Rolling Stone. Following the robbery, Holmes ended up back at Nash's home.

Holmes actually went to Nash's three times that morning. Ronald Lee Launius [4] was a United States Air Force veteran of the Vietnam erawho had been dishonorably discharged and convicted of smuggling heroin from Vietnam back to the United States in the corpses of American soldiers. Any other assailants who might have participated in the bludgeoning attack on the Wonderland Gang Susan launius injuries neither been identified nor prosecuted; their fate and whereabouts are unknown.

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Lind's position in the drug underworld was and remains murky due to allegations by rival drug dealers that he worked as a police informant. The first time, he forgot to unlatch the patio door; the second time, he did so but returned to the Wonderland hideout only to find some of the gang members were extremely high on heroin. As they were handcuffing both men, Lind accidentally shot Diles in the back after Launius bumped into him, injuring the bodyguard.

It was this last line of "business", particularly the armed robbery of Eddie Nashthat ultimately led to the group's sudden and violent end. The robbery was an inside job set up by Holmes, who was a close associate of Nash's, and whom Nash regularly Susan launius injuries to as "my brother". William Raymond DeVerell [4] was Launius' right-hand man and a voice of reason. Adult-entertainment legend John Holmesfamous at the time for his portrayal of the detective character Johnny Wadd in a series of pornographic films, was a frequent visitor who would purchase or scrounge cocaine from the gang.

Lind and his girlfriend, Barbara Richardson, rode down to the Wonderland house on Lind's motorcycle and slept on the living room sofa. June 9, Long Time Money and Lots of Cocaine. ISBN LA Times. David Clay Lind was a biker, heroin addictand member of the Aryan Brotherhood who befriended Launius when the two men served time in prison together. A California police officer described the blond, bearded Launius as "one of the coldest people I ever met". Inhe reportedly had been wanted by the Colorado Springs Police Department for "assault with a deadly weapon and failure to comply on the original charge of distribution of a Schedule II controlled substance".

The Wonderland Gang was a group of drug dealers involved in the Los Angeles cocaine trade during the late s and early s; their home base was located on Wonderland Avenue in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles, California. Colorado Springs, CO. October 29, LA Weekly.

s vary as to how and why Holmes arrived there; according to some sources, Holmes went there himself to try to make himself appear innocent, [13] whereas others claim Holmes was kidnapped by Nash's henchmen when they recognized him walking around wearing some of Nash's jewelry. Los Angeles.

Launius, DeVerell, and Lind performed the invasion and robbery, while McCourt waited outside in a stolen Ford Granada and served as lookout. His associate, David Lind, once said of him: "You could put a gun to his head and his pulse would never break 70". Not to be confused with the Wonderland Club, an online child pornography ring busted by Operation Cathedral. Inat Launius' behest, Lind traveled to Los Angeles to the Wonderland gang and assist them in running drugs.

After the members recovered, Holmes was worried that the patio door may have been locked again, so he returned to Nash's a third time, purchased some crack cocaineensured the door was unlatched, and notified the gang that the home was ready for invasion.