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Swtor double braids

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Swtor Double Braids

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In this subculture, women are primarily a way of keeping score and displaying status. She favours practical clothing with sturdy boots, trousers and a vest both full of pockets, and a big cowboy-style weapons and tools belt with a large gun on each hip. But her parents somehow convinced her to stick with the droid thing, which actually was a workable business. This made way more money than repairing and improving droids as an itinerant fixer.

And as a pretty young Captain of her own freighter, Mytasha is valuable goods. Marital Status: Single. Her goal is travel, fun and commerce, not combat. She embarked on a general engineering cursus in college, reasoning that it could give her a foundation as both a small starship flight engineer Swtor double braids as a droids hardware engineer.

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents, two unnamed brothers. Unfortunately, it was a trap. She also spent a lot of time hanging around the underground music scene of other planets, discovering new bands and styles.

Captain Shiv is a particularly dynamic and confident lass, trusting her talent for having talents to always come on top of bad situations and achieve her goals. Riggs told Shiv how to contact his boss. She has never even seen Cathar, and the closest connection she has to the homeworld are some cheap adventure movies she saw as a girl.

The bill would be astronomical though, even if she does a lot of the engineering herself as planned. Whilst her clients tried to delay Rogun, they also provided Mytasha with information to track down Skavak, largely by infiltrating Separatist turf to steal data. Mytasha is a small-ish young Cathar with a raspy voice. Most of her dreams are now about procuring a cool, sexy light freighter and extensively modify, upgrade and improve it for flight performance, stealth, combat, reliability, comfort, built-to-specs technical amenities, versatility, etc.

This History section is original rather than something covered in the game, and is only one of the possible, imaginary takes on the Smuggler Player Character. Mytasha Shiv is purely a product of the diaspora. She deftly ran the blockade and landed next to an isolated warehouse, Swtor double braids her clients would hurriedly get the containers and run.

Print Friendly. Tell me more about the game stats. Since this is a RPG, Mytasha is but one possible version of the Smuggler, who is extensively customisable. Ryll is a type of drug that is mostly used for pharmaceutical purposes but is heavily regulated due to its potential use as a narcotic.

Real Name: Mytasha Shiv.

Captain mytasha shiv, totally not a smuggler

Shiv is one of those flamboyant scoundrel types — sassy, witty, sarcastic, thrill-seeking and self-aggrandizing. Though she used to sleep around with a lot of musicians she liked, Mytasha has had little romantic life since she became a smuggler. Mytasha operated a seaspeeder with robotics supplies and tools as an itinerant aquadroid repairwoman, but rapidly grew bored with it. Though the Esseles was utterly outmatched, Shiv and Shilo plus their allies Aric Jorgan and a droid repurposed by Mytasha forced the Captain not to surrender, repelled Imperial boarders, recaptured the Esseles that had been stormed by Mandalorian mercenaries while they were busy… then launched a strike against the Imperial battleship, destroying its tractor beam and enabling the Esseles to escape.

In contrast she is friendly toward women from the scene, both out of solidarity in a difficult and dangerous industry and to occasionally provide Swtor double braids to exploited ones. Important bits include :. In many cases, one might think that two random Cathars are from related but different species. Planets with large Cathar populations often ended up devastated by invasions.

This is a serious menace. Whenever she has tried her hand at a new craft she has emerged as being at least fairly good. Furthermore, her adventures took place while a young Republic Special Operations trooper, Jaevna Shiloeliminated a large chunk of the Separatist leadership and exposed their Imperial masters. Cathars have great recuperative powers, sharp retractile claws, and often demonstrate considerable ferocity in battle.

Cathars were nearly exterminated when their world was attacked by Mandalorians. Being Cathar, she also has retractile and surprisingly sharp claws.

However, the Esseles transport ship they were on was attacked by an Imperial star destroyer commanded by Grand Moff Kilranwho wanted to capture a Republic ambassador aboard. At this point it seemed she would ditch everything to become a speeder bike deer instead.

The singer one actually stuck for a whole year as she performed with a high school band, with okay .

Or perhaps different Cathar tribes simply became distinct as they had few exchanges due to the hostile terrain and faced different environments. These were, truth be told, really bad. The Mandalorians wanted to face the reputed hand-to-hand combat prowess of Cathars in battle, but with all-too-common Mandalorian hypocrisy they bought field artillery to a knife fight. It is part of the Extended Universe, which is no longer considered canon since Its strength is to offer eight distinctive story tracks one per character class. She also volunteered for basic paramilitary defense training with the Jodakan militia — since she wondered what it would be like to become a commando.

Mytasha is quite witty, and her dialogue is full of patter, jokes and amusing repartee — often punctuated with gestures and expressions that border on miming. This man, running contraband from a nearby Loyalist fort, was almost as affected by the betrayal as Shiv. After deciding that she now wanted to be a pirate, then a music recording label mogul, Mytasha discovered her vocation as a pilot, and then as a droids programmer. Many Jodakan products are delicacies, the government is well-run, and the capital on Dineth Island is a semi-wealthy city with a robust starport and good amenities.

Here is a version of the Smuggler track, covering the first ish levels before class specialization kicks in.

Appearance option: double braids

Increasingly determined to murder the fur out of Skavak, Captain Shiv nearly tracked him down. Her artisanal kits to turn droids into combat-capable units were a robust seller, and she occasionally smuggled passengers and weapons — leveraging the technical skills she had developed to spoof shipping manifests and customs identifications. This is a men-dominated industry, and many of those have a subculture of acting like dashing, suave rogues oozing with wits, charm and skill.

Even though their population was much reduced for a while, Cathars evidence a broad ethnic diversity. The boss of the warehouse, one Skavak, was secretly working for the Separatist side of the civil war. In a cold rage, Mytasha executed the informer — after she told them that Skavak was headed for Coruscant.

That one stuck for a whole three years, during which she proved a gifted student. She did want to be a comedienne, after all. Mytasha eventually agreed to run ryll. This was met with considerable scepticism. Thanks to her considerable stealth and combat skills, Captain Shiv was highly successful — and made some money on the side by taking payment from the Republic military Swtor double braids mess up with Separatists.

Female Smuggler voiced by Kath Soucie. Though she often seems chiefly motivated by greed — and frequently presents herself as a complete mercenary — this is because she has considerable expenses. Her vocation then shifted to huntress of large creatures using a vibro-knife, then explorer, then heavy isotope music star, then artillery expert yeah, that one was puzzlingthen Jedi, then comedienne, then medical doctor, then singer. Captain Shiv loves her gadgets, and carries an amazing amount of them on her weapons belt and hidden among her clothing.

Group Affiliation: None. Nekev is the main exception to the latter rule — the Rattataki is bisexual, but people have learned that talking crap about gunship-on-two-legs Nekev Nisrok is likely to get you slaughtered before you can blink. Cathar, their homeworld, is dominated by savannahs where mighty predators roam.

Cathars are essentially lion people. Slicker than a greased Hutt. She was approached by a Rattataki named Nekev Nisrok who wanted to be smuggled to Hutta. And a superior power of recovery.

Mytasha originally wanted to become a dancer. Though ocean farming on a remote low-pop planet may not sound like the most exciting thing in the galaxy, business is actually pretty good.

Appearance option: double braids

The two became friends, and Mytasha even agreed to take another passenger, a friend of Nekev named Meeyelle Mahrto Tython. They are famous for their nobility, fighting prowess and traditional hunter lifestyle. She thus prefers to associate with droids she modified herself, and with a few capable female friends — preferably straight to avoid rumours. Sharing Related articles on Writeups.

Her sentences occasionally have a slight sing-song quality to them. Fortunately, a Republic general offered a free direct flight to Coruscant for her and Shilo, so the two heroes of Ord Mantell could appear before the Senate. It might be the same situation as with Humans and Near-Humans.

During the trip to Hutta, Mytasha and Nekev decided that they would associate in an undetermined future as Nekev could build custom weapons for droids converted to combat roles.

After dropping Meeyelle — a nice young Jedi who would also become a friend — on Tython, Mytasha returned to her scheduled trip. This lead to widespread abuse, both of actual molls and of women who find themselves in desperate positions — such as war widows on Ord Mantell who have lost everything and get approached by men from the smuggling underground.

She perennially insists that everything she does is entirely legal, ethical and honest and that she is simply a legitimate entrepreneur offering useful services. Captain Shiv had been hired to smuggle a shipment of very expensive blasters to Ord Mantell, a planet plunged in a nasty civil war over secession from the Republic.

Aquaculture on Jodaka used a lot of undersea droids, which required ificant maintenance and repairs. She did eventually opt for a robotics and cybernetics curriculum, but somehow managed to also acquire a sports and tourism piloting .