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Tentacle rape fanfiction

The ringing of the telephone woke her. Claire turned to check the clock.

Tentacle Rape Fanfiction

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Including some nsfw fanart here and here. Loki, Thorki au. Humanity has suffered a loss—a complete and inexplicable loss of every female alive. But it gets worse two years, literally taking them all by surprise. Loki, mpreg, egg-laying. Loki, tentacle porn.

Years: 27
What is my sex: Woman
Sign of the zodiac: My Zodiac sign Taurus
My figure features: My body features is medium-build
What is my favourite drink: Ale

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The tentacle had turned into a liquid state and poured into her womb before once again turning back into a tentacle, licking against the inside of her womb. Treated as an object by the slime and ravished like a tool, the woman took no notice of herself and indulged in how ludicrously good the sex felt to her.

New tentacles rose up and wrapped around her dangling breasts. She had turned into a plaything that thought of nothing but pleasure. Pain accompanied her humiliation, but Frederica, who wound up desiring it herself, held no more doubts. Yet with all that, her body, something that had been repeatedly softened from the absolute pleasure, was unable to endure this sensation of a foreign substance entering this deep into her for the first time and froze up.

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It was weak, but as her rocking exposed even her anus, it was a salacious invitation. Both of her hands bound to the rock wall and her hair stuck against her skin due to sweat, the girl let out a seductive voice as she stuck out her well-shaped bottom—this girl Tentacle rape fanfiction Frederica. So that even this would be pleasurable, it would slowly and deliberately continue.

In that way, while twitching, while in pain, she weakly shook her hips. Her breathing was shallow, quick, and heated. It caused her womb to be stretched further, but Frederica was powerless against to stop it. A Decrease font size. On the contrary, it was that intense and yet she continued to thrust her hips. Like the first time and like everything up till this point, until the slime was satisfied, it would happen over and over.

A mere two weeks passing since the first time she was first raped, the woman, having grown addicted to the pleasure, continued thrusting her hips. The slime knew that she had reached her climax, but its tentacle continued to violate Frederica without lessening its intensity.

Inside the cave of obscenity v2 — ch 3 pt 1

At this point, she was little more than a beast. The tentacle that had moved into her womb d moving in and out as it had been doing up till now. It kept going even when Frederica reached her limit, raping her nonstop and causing her to wake from cumming. Relaxing her gripping hands, she tried to fall.

A person that humped a vulgar monster like a slime on their own was enough of a beast for anyone to see it as such. She had relished the feeling of her womb being pounded against the entire time. A, ma, zi—!! But this was a totally different sensation than it had been so far. As long as this slime gave her this pleasure that she would absolutely never have the chance to savour from a human man, she would give her body to it.

Frederica was exciting herself simply through her own wild imagination. A Reset font size. Her body was surprised from this sort of sexual stimulation it had never felt before. Recent Posts. Not caring about what she felt, it simply continued violating, violating, and violating. Her lips curved into a smile and her ly wide-open eyes shut, wettened by tears. Squeezing while massaging them, the tentacles rubbed her hardened nipples.

She opened her eyes wide, thrust her tongue out of her mouth and dug her nails into the rock face.

Tentacle rape - a hoi4 fanfic

The proud, willful mage had long since broken. Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 3 Pt 1. Obscene juices pouring from her vagina, she shook her bottom as though to ask for more stimulation. Even while raising her voice to the point her throat almost gave out, she continued to thrust her hips. The Black Ooze would simply continue to ravish Frederica forever. A beast that walked on two legs and pretended to be a human. The opening to her womb clamped down against the tentacles regardless of what she herself wanted to say about it. Enduring her relentless climaxes even while her body was exhausted, her waist quaked from being unable to withstand the violent assault on her womb.

Only her mouth. A Increase font size. Even if she cried, screamed, fainted, or slept… even if she pleaded and begged to be spared. Even so, she continued frantically shaking her hips. However, just now was different. It kept making her cum even if she pleaded.

Even so, for Frederica, that was fine. With a tentacle drilling into her vagina playing the role of a pole, Tentacle rape fanfiction of that force inevitably pushed against her insides, concentrated at the entrance to her womb, each painful impact assaulting it.

Plunging into her vagina and poking against the opening to her womb, it suddenly began to stimulate the area around its entrance. By intentionally denying it with her mouth, she felt a masochistic pleasure. She recalled the first time she was violated by it. Positioned like an animal, her womb that was even now being kneaded from within grew hot. Her rear was sent into spasms and she had to brace her legs despite being unable to put any strength into them.

Tentacle rape fanfiction

Her waist, propped up by the tentacle inside her, went into many small spasms. Screaming much like a dog, Frederica was toyed with. Her hair was disheveled and her breasts shook up and down fervently and she used all the strength she had to grip the surface of the rock wall with her hands.

Pushing its tentacle into the standing girl, it continued ravaging her as though to lift her into the air from below. Before pleasure, fear invaded her mind. Her thoughts were clouded by the pleasure, drenched in it. Hahn, ah—hahiiin!!

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She had stumbled upon supreme satisfaction. Far within those depths, was a place where the ceiling had collapsed, allowing a shaft of sunlight to beam down on the hair of a blonde girl. Her freedom had been taken from her by the paralytic poison and it kept bringing her to her climax just by her prided chest. Not used to the feeling, She tried enduring the violent sensation that was half a step into being pain while screaming.

Pushing, squishing, spreading her womb, making it softer. This time, she was placed on all fours.