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Thigh highs at work

Over the years, there have been quite a few assumptions made about "thigh highs," many of them being false. I've found that people either are not familiar with the term, or just have some misguided perceptions of our fabulous fashion accessory. At any rate, I would like to try and set things straight.

Thigh Highs At Work

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Thigh high stockings, sometimes called hold-ups, are a unique undergarment, because they straddle both the world of exotic lingerie and the world of practical hosiery.

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Wearing thigh-high stockings at work

The one time I attempted it, I had an entire thigh high rolled down to my ankle before I made it the 2 blocks from the subway to my office. Always checked the height and weight of the package when you buy thigh highs. I love thigh hi stockings and have become addicted to Levante brand specifically Velatissima style that have reinforced toes for longer wear and have a great array of colors that are sexy sheer. Are thigh-high stockings at work acceptable? Are some more appropriate than others?

Oh, my. No lotion after your morning shower, on your thighs. The industrial belt from Sock Dreams is very… erm… utilitarian-looking. And the chub rub — even with only having to toss one leg if it got a run in it, the cub rub was unbearable and made worse since the elastic muffin-topped my thighs.

No danger of rolling down! Reminds me a of a former boss who was wearing a wrap-skirt while traveling in Morocco: Said wrap skirt fell to the ground, exposing her and her th0ng to the passers-by. I have no problem with them staying up. All I can think about is the scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when he gets on the bus and notices the driver staring at his legs, because his thigh highs had come down and were showing his hairy legs. Oh my gosh, thank you!

I was wondering if you might consider doing a post on thigh high pantyhose that are functional and work appropriate. They always slide! I was attracted to it for the same reason, utility, but it completely ruins the sexy effect garter belts and thigh highs should have when undressing for bed. I hate the constricting feeling of pantyhose.

One lost its sticking power and slid down my leg. How could thigh-highs not be work-appropriate? The answer is usually yes, but he whether or not it is common or beneficial is another question. Try Stockinggirl. They stay up, and look great. Transparenze are my go-to. I walked around clutching at it through my skirt and taking baby steps until I could get to the bathroom and take it off.

A thigh high hosiery infographic

I may have to try these. I had to pull over and take it off on the street. Remember the thigh highs need to be above the top of the slit. I wear a lot of thigh high socks under my pants in the winter, and I swear by roll on sock adhesive. Easily remedied, just dip a finger in water and run it along the silicone. What about wearing either knee-length Spanx or Thigh highs at work knee-length leggings, then tucking the tops of the thigh-highs under then leg hem? I just buy the Hanes type ones from department and drug stores, and I wear them probably about a dozen times each before I toss.

That said, shout out to Sock Dreams for weekend thigh-high socks and super sexy nylons! Some of their des are a little more suited to the bedroom or the weekend, but they have some conservative des that wear well, stay up perfectly, wash up nicely, and look great for the office.

I tried to wear them like the model, but the circumference was too big and they gaped, so I had to pull the allll the way up. That and the whole pantyhose thing was no longer an issue in my office. Thigh highs did not occur to me at all. Totally secure. I love thigh highs but you do have to be careful of the slit in the back of some skirts.

Reader N wonders….

Dim Up Sublim Tights are excellent. Avid thigh-high stocking wearer here. I got mine from Sock Dreams. Patent and Trademark Office. Problem is I live in USA and have trouble finding them. I have the Commando thigh-highs and they are surprisingly long.

If it is obvious you are wearing thigh-highs with or without a garter beltthen your skirt is either so short or so tight that either 1 you work in an establishment that condones visible undergarments OR 2 your problem is the skirt, not your choice of stockings. Blast from the past: this year-old Chicago Tribune fashion Q-and-A actually recommends layering opaque tights under thigh-highs.

When should you wear thigh highs

Agreed… but what I have noticed is that some women do not take into the slit up the rear in pencil skirts. Also, is anyone else thinking of the Clueless outfits? I am tall and have fat thighs. Sidenote: I actually quit wearing them because no matter how new they were, one always ended up sliding down the leg by the end of the day.

The stretch lace supports well for a femininely styled garter. NOT for DC summers. You should probably be washing your socks every wear anyway… [ protected]. Great question!

They were the weirdest fitting thigh highs, but they would work nicely if you want them to look like tights or if you have thighs that are larger than what most sizing s for. Christine UK. I had lovely lace-topped thigh-highs that I wore to a conference.

Kat Griffin is the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Corporette. Coffee Break: Charm Bilfold Wallet ». The trick to not having the roll or slide down is to not ever moisturize your thighs before putting them on. Co- all of this.

If all else, wear them with a garter belt. I do carry the bulk of my weight in the thigh region so maybe it was a fit issue. I have that as well, but it does mean the socks have to be washed every single wear. I found them in a boutique in Amsterdam I gather they are an Italian brandand fell in love.

Believe it or not I found a great garterbelt at shopnational. You can about her here. Any ideas girls? My advice would be the size that you wear.

I hate all waistbands, including those on tights and pantyhose, but I have issues keeping thigh highs up. Comments How could thigh-highs not be work-appropriate? Which are your favorite brands?