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Timestop sex stories

A mother and daughter entered my classroom for the parent teacher conference. I was a calculus teacher at wontorn highschool. Stacy was an average student.

Timestop Sex Stories

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Introduction: A nerdy high school guy gains the ability to stop time. Nothing good ever seemed to happen to me. I suppose I was a modestly good student, at least, but outside of school there was absolutely naught going on in my life.

Years: I'm 35 years old
Available for: Kind gentleman
Iris color: Misty hazel
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
Favourite drink: My favourite drink brandy
I like to listen: Rap

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Finding none empty, he again sat down next to Margaret. In fact, it was the first time in ages he could remember walking out of the bathroom without having his sister outside waiting to come in. Still smiling, he sat up, turned off his alarm and headed for the shower. Looking at Margaret, he picked up her books on her lap and placed them where he had been sitting. Warren walked back to the guy. He was just walking into the bathroom when his sister leaned out of her room and started to yell at him.

He watched as she flushed a dark red. His mom was sitting at the edge of the kitchen table just finishing her breakfast. After some effort, he found it, but couldn't read it from where he was. Seeing, and misinterpreting, the look on Warren's face, Margaret frowned a bit and turned her body back to face the seat, turning her head to look out Timestop sex stories window. Margaret was not overweight. Warren then enjoyed his breakfast, knowing now he could shut his mother up whenever he wanted simply by making her think she was envisioning her son naked.

The leg actually got pushed back quite a bit, and Warren had to pull it back to where it had been, then he got back in the position to trip over it. He pulled the side with the tag up her back. Her freckles went down her neck, faded over her shoulders, and finally disappeared down the top of her enormous boobs.

He then took a long hard look at Margaret's body. There was a car just a little behind him out his window that looked like it was parked on the highway, but the driver still looked like he was driving, as he obviously just had been.

Warren reached his hand out and pressed a couple fingers into Margaret's stomach. He gave her a brief smile, but kept walking by to grab a bowl of cereal. But her stomach was almost flat. He had only intended the dream as revenge, but if it had the effect of getting her unable to look at him, he wasn't going to complain.

This took some time, as it was the first bra he had ever unhooked. At the same time, Warren fell forward a couple steps as if he had tripped but caught his footing. It simply looked like a bunch of cars had parked on the road. Day 3 — Friday Warren was fucking Ms. It was in her empty classroom, her hands were on the board, he was thrusting into her from behind, both were moaning in pleasure.

Register here to post. It didn't look like a traffic jam, as the cars weren't as close as they would be in that situation. He stroked it a few times, remembering his dream about Ms. However, as he started remembering his dream, he also remembered he could actually make this a reality.

Her boobs were still held up in the air as if in a bra still, the line where the bra cup cut into her boobs where they began to overflow clearly visible. He had always assumed that her shirt and been pretty much pressed against her stomach, just a little loose, which made her look overweight. Apparently she had gotten over whatever she thought happened the night before. But after wandering around and looking out some more windows, Warren went back to his seat to return to the original reason he had stopped time.

If you have ideas about where the story should go or things that should happen, send me a message I read comments, but I don't take them too seriously, I find PMs to be a better form of communication. Pulling her shirt out so he could look down inside of it, he tried to find the tag on Margaret's bra. And yet here he was in pain rubbing his leg because of Warren, who tried to keep his laughter in his head.

Warren stood up and looked over towards Margaret. As far as he could see on the highway, there were cars, simply stopped on the highway. Things didn't get figured out because of Julie, she hadn't helped out in anyway. After getting dressed, Warren went down to the kitchen. But when he had seen her shirt bend in as she had pulled her books into her, the first time he had ever seen her do that, they pulled her shirt in much farther. He watched as his mom stared at him for a couple moments, her eyes again going wide as she quickly looked up and down his now clothed body. He could even make out the bottom of her ribcage beneath her bra.

Then he just stared.

She gave him her normal smile as she walked in the room. He was probably about six foot two and also big due to a combination of fat and muscle. But only a moment after that, Warren smiled, thinking about how he could make that dream actually happen in a couple hours.

Unable to resist, he put his hands over her boobs, quickly discovering that each boob was well more than a handful. What shocked Warren the most about the girl's stomach though, was that with it being so flat it made her chest look even larger.

In fact, she was the one that had caused the problem in the first place by complaining about Warren's friends. Sure enough, his fingers sunk in about three inches past where her shirt hung before actually touching her stomach. Posted Sun 9th of August Report. He wondered is his shower really was that much quicker, or if his sister just didn't want to see him, but he didn't wait around to find out.

He decided to hold off on jerking off for the day, instead saving up for when he saw Ms. Though he didn't rush through the rest of his shower, Warren still finished much earlier than he Timestop sex stories did.

She was wearing her usual white button-down shirt and plaid skirt. He wasn't positive what had just gone through his sister's mind to cut her off, but he was pretty sure it had something to do with the 'dream' he had given her the night before. He heard the door open and close soon after.

But going down her body, it got a lot better. Getting on the bus later that morning, a leg darted Timestop sex stories into the aisle to trip Warren. If you don't like the concept, don't read it. Carefully, Warren pushed Margaret's upper body back against the bus seat and pulled the front of her bra up over her chest. So he tried to unhook her bra. Then he started up time again.

Then she suddenly jerked her head away. Her chest extended at least four inches out from the rest of her body, and that was with a bra that was obviously too small as her boobs were indeed overflowing the top of her very generic-looking white bra. His mind kept replaying Margaret pulling her books seemingly into her stomach.

Interested, Warren walked to the back of the bus and looked out. It was a rather large eleventh grader.

I suggest you read prior parts before reading this. After a couple minutes, he couldn't take it anymore and simply stopped time. As usual, he could see the outline of her bra through her shirt, with her boobs seemingly overflowing her cups. But it actually looked like she pulled them unnaturally deep into her stomach. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts?

He quickly stripped off his clothes, hid them behind the counter, and restarted time, then quickly stopped it again. Getting into the shower, Warren's hand out of habit went straight to his hard dick.

She had a wide frame, that was definitely true. After a lot of effort, he finally got it.

‘time stop’ stories

Warren slammed his fist into the side of his bed, pissed that his dream had been cut off mid-fuck. Carefully, he pulled Margaret's body forward so he could reach behind her. For those of you that read and enjoy this, I'm not sure where the story is going. He then put his clothes back on and started time up again. Only now they were all stopped.

After freezing time, he backed up a bit, and then kicked the leg in the aisle as hard as he could.

‘timestop’ stories

Warren looked up to see his mother, finished eating, staring at him, not moving. But the view out the window caught his eye. The guy just glared back at Warren, who turned around, smiling, and went looking for a seat. The bus had probably been going at least 55 mph when he had stopped time, and being on a highway, there were several other cars that were probably going even faster.

Margaret's face may have not been much too look at — her big frizzy blond hair unable to hide her big ears, the freckles covering her face unable to hide her crooked nose, and oversized braces or some other kind of dental gear Warren didn't know about that covered the insides of the girl's mouth.

Time freeze stories

Once again, Warren's curiosity drove him further. Having thought this out waiting for the bus, Warren purposefully tripped over the leg, freezing time as he did so. Even with Sandy the day before, he had just pulled her bra up, not unhooked it. Then it all disappeared as Warren's alarm went off. Angry at her for again defending his sister, he decided to shut her up the same we he had the night before.

Below her chest, her shirt pulled in an inch or two and went down to her lap. This story is about a guy who has the ability to stop time.